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Defiance by Frank Grace

2D, thinking: (That’s it, I’m gonna do it. The next time Murdoc is mean to me, I’m gonna stand up for myself. I won’t take his abuse sitting down anymore.)
Murdoc: “Hey faceache, I–”
Murdoc: “But I just–”


Here they are!! ….i bet Crusty Rusty told DM to change the pics because its obvious how miserable he looked in the pics of the first article, he doesnt look any less misterable in the edited article with new pics but he still isnt holding her hand properly AND he looks uncomfortable af

Thanks - I hadn’t seen either of the Daily Mail headlines. Here it is for those who didn’t see them either.

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Louis and Harry were both in Donny and yesterday morning they drove to London and spent time in their London house then Harry dropped Louis off at the airport with lots of kisses and good luck's and Harry have Louis tons of his warm hoodies, beanies and pants so Louis would remember Harry while he's away in Jamaica without H cos we know that Jamaica is LARRY'S GET AWAY HOLIDAY PLACE but crusty rusty made Elounor stunt there


sometimes i forget how young some of you guys are on this site. listen, don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re still a kid making mistakes and trying to learn. like yeah, you’re still responsible for your own actions but you’ll never be in the same boat as the rusty crusty adults on here who refuse to learn and change

               “ OI,     DON’T BE A BABY.     The snorin’s not that bad of a price ta pay for snugglin’ up ta THIS ”     Tattooed hand gestured ‘pon his lanky body clad in ratty clothes drowned in the stench of weed and whiskey,     his profile still buried in the crook of Jesse’s neck.         “ Besides,     yeh had enough a’ liquor ta survive sleepin’ with a dude,      arseface. ”

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Liam Payne: Ass Appreciation Post

Before any of y'all start crawling up my butt, especially Liam’s, yes I am aware that Liam’s ass does not compare to Louis’ or even Kim K’s but idgaf, I ain’t here to talk about anyone else’s ass except Liam’s, nor am I here to compare it to others. I believe Liam’s ass is very under-appreciated, as much as Liam is himself, but I already did a post on that, so now I’m doing one on this. And yes, I am very well aware that I am a fucked up person for doing this, but like I said, I don’t fucking care.

Ok then…

Hopefully, y'all will appreciate Liam’s ass just a little more. 

**Photos and GIFS are not mine, credit to their respective owners**

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I'm single bc NIGGAS AINT SHIT AND LIKE TO WATSE TIME AND UNTIL I GET TREATED LIKE THE NUBIAN PRINCESS THAT I AM IT WILL REMAIN THAT WAY. 🗣 😂 But the other side is I think I ask for wayyy to much from a teenage boy my question to you is shld I limit it down, I kno my self worth nd all but I'm only 19 I'm certainly not doing the best I can in a relationship y shld I expect them to ? like I do the most 😩 shld I wait to found someone to deal with that or change myself🤷🏽‍♀️ oh hum

Hell no! Never lower your standards for these dusty ass, rusty ass, crusty ass, lying ass, doodoo head niggas!

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Meh, Blue, just Meh. but guess what fuckers. I'm still here. Regardless of the meh, not going anywhere :-) (Soz Crusty/Rusty fuckers!) x


Power Outage

Request: Hey, could you write a imagine were there is a thunderstorm and the power goes out and you get scared but Justin comforts you and makes it fun?!

Excuse my long period of being gone for like 500 years, lol! Sorry for whoever requested this that I am now writing it, but whoever you are I hope you enjoy and I am truly sorry again. 


“Oh my gosh! We should watch Texas Chainsaw, Jay.” I looked from Justin’s chest as his arm wrapped around my waist tighter. 

A deep chuckle comes from his soft plumb lips, his hand giving my butt a little squeeze. “You know you’ll have nightmares for the rest of your life and I can’t have you crying every night. I hate to see you cry.” He whispers. 

“Come on.” I whine, sitting up from my comfortable position. “I’ll repay you later if you put it on.” 

I watch as he licks his lips before getting up from the couch and putting the movie in quickly. He comes back over to his spot pulling me into his side. “You better remember to repay me.” His lips hover over my right ear sending shivers down my spine. 

Justin’s POV: 

“Baby girl, its only been twenty minutes into the movie and you already have your eyes closed. I am turning it off now.” Just as I am about to get up off the couch she pulls me back down, almost ripping my arm off my body. 

“Don’t! I am fine besides it should be over in an hour or two, just sit and cuddle with me.” She demands and I kindly obey, sitting back down with her. 

A loud thunder sound comes from outside making y/n jump and let out a little scream. Another one comes which is louder and it causes the power to go out, that time y/n screams louder her head digging deeper into my chest. I feel her shaking, little sniffles coming from her making me forget how she was terrified of the dark. 

“H-he’s going to ge-get u-us.” She stutters holding a tight grip onto my sweatshirt. 

“Who baby girl?” I ask. 

“Leather Face.” 

I laugh quietly hoping she didn’t hear me. “It’ll be fine, I’m going to protect you and I will always protect you.” 

I feel her nod her head and soon her crying stopped. “Now, how were you going to repay me? I mean, I did put the movie on for you.” 

“I’ll show you.” Her lips tickle my neck as a giggle escapes from her. 


Oh my god! I was so rusty, crusty and dusty at writing this, so sorry babes! Anyways send in some more requests and I’ll keep writing them. 

p.s. I should be able to respond faster than before since I have been on summer break for quiet some time. :)))

Supernatural Drinks

For your Supernatural themed soirée or to help you cope with season finales, here are some drinks and cocktails to aid in your inebriation. 

French Connection
1 pt. Cognac
1 pt. Grand Marnier
Serve in a Snifter glass and prepare for an alternate dimension.

Silver Bullet
2 oz Vodka
‘splash’ Scotch
Serve on the Rocks. Will not cure lycanthropy, but you may be howling at the moon later.

Dean Martini
2 oz Ketel One vodka
Shake & strain, serving in a Martini glass and garnish with an olive. Wearing a suit from the 40s is not required, but highly encouraged.

Little Devil
1 oz Gin
1 oz  Rum
.5 oz Triple Sec
1 pz Sweet & Sour
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. There’s a little devil in all of us.

Black Devil
2 oz Rum
.25 oz Vermouth
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass and garnish with a black olive. Sip with class and cackle maniacally while petting your invisible dog.

Angel Martini
1.5 oz Vodka
.5 oz Frangelico
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. Because even Angels are a little bit nutty.

Angel’s Delight
.5 oz Triple Sec
.5 oz Sloe Gin
.5 Cream
‘splash’ Grenadine
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. For our “lover not a fighter” Angel: Gabriel.

1 oz Whiskey
1 oz Amaretto
5 oz Coffee
Serve on the rocks while looking over your shoulder. Repeatedly.

Angel’s Tit
.75 oz Crème de Cacao
.75 oz Cream
Layer in shot glass and garnish with a cherry. Toast (or not) in honor of all the angel twits out there making life extremely hard for the Winchesters.

Adios Mother F***er
.5 oz Vodka
.5 oz Gin
.5 oz Rum
.5 oz Blue Curacao
Fill with Sweet & Sour/ 7up
Serve on ice in a collins glass. Perfect for unwinding after a difficult exorcism.

Rusty Nail
1 oz Scotch
1 oz Drambuie
Serve on the rocks. Rusty, crusty, and scotch whisky? A drink for your favorite salvage yard hunter and resident paranoid bastard.

Shady Lady
.75 oz Tequila
.75 oz Melon Liqueur
Fill with grapefruit juice
Serve on the rocks and garnish with a lime or cherry. Choose wisely.

Silk Panties
1 oz Peach Schnapps
.5 oz Vodka
Fill with cranberry juice
Serve on the rocks. Keep it a secret that you only reveal to yourself to prove that you are yourself.

1 oz Rum
.5 oz Dark Rum
.5 oz 151 Rum
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz orange juice
Serve on the rocks. Salt & burns are not recommended after as you will be highly flammable.

1 pt Light Rum
1 pt White Rum
1 pt passion fruit juice
Juice of a lime
1 tsp of sugar (optional)
Shake & strain into wine goblet. Toss empty lime shell into drink if feeling sassy. Leave out the sugar if you’re feeling bold.

Eye of the Tiger
1 pt Light Rum
1 pt Malibu
1 pt cranberry juice
1 pt lemon juice
1 pt orange juice
1 pt Simple Syrup
.5 pt Dark Rum
Shake (except the last ingredient, the Dark Rum) & serve over ice in a highball glass. Sprinkle Dark rum on top and garnish with an orange slice. Lip synch to said song on top of a black 1967 Chevy Impala.

Angel Face
1 pt Gin
1 pt Apricot Brandy
1 pt Calvados
Shake & Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with lemon. Said to be a strong, “dry and bracing” drink but with a touch of nutty sweetness.
AKA: Castiel

Soul Kiss
1 pt Red Dubonnet
1 pt Sweet Red Vermouth
1 pt Dry Vermouth
1 pt orange juice
Shake & strain into wine goblet and garnish with a slice of orange. Drink while waiting for your OTP to come on screen.