prior to you know what in 1981


There was a woman standing in front of her, she looked stern. She was holding a folder in her hand. Then she started to talk. “Lily Evans? You are Muggle-born I see. Hmm. This won’t do Ms Evans, there’s no way you are a witch.” 

She paused and looked at Lily from head to toe, Lily felt a cold shiver down her spine. “Mudbloods like you don’t deserve to be witches Ms. Evans. I’m guessing this is your wand? Very well then” and with that she snapped the wand in two. “You are a waste of magic blood Ms. Evans, you have no right-”



“Jamie, help me” begged Sirius.

“James, help I– this hurts” Remus was crawling.

“Prongs, please, please help me” Peter looked so much in pain James’ insides hurt.

“Potter, you need to help me, I can’t take it” Lily was on the verge of dying, tears were falling down like rain.

It kept morphing from one to the another each one looking more hurt than the one before.

“You promised Jamie, you promised–”

“–to keep us safe. James,–”

“–Prongs, you said we wouldn’t get hurt”

“I trusted you Potter. I tr–”



“I told you we couldn’t trust him Prongs, he’s a Black after all” said Peter looking disapprovingly. 

“He acted like he changed Wormy, I’m sorry I genuinely thought he was different” replied James, he looked disappointed. 

“Well, once you go Black, you never go back, do you Sirius?” demanded Remus, his amber eyes were burning with anger. 

“You shouldn’t have left us Sirius, you can get away but you can’t get rid of the blood flowing in your veins boy.” said Walburga looking crazier than ever. “Je t’ai dit deja, nous sommes tous que tu as mais maintenant, tu n’as rien, pas des amis ou une famille.* You are alone Sirius and you will be a–” 



Sirius was lying on the floor bleeding from the bite marks around his neck, tears coming down his face “Why, Moony? Why did you do this?” asked Sirius.

James pointed at Remus shouting “This is all your fault, after all the things we did for you, after everything Sirius did for you, how could you Remus? How could you bite him on a full moon?”. 

Peter then looked him straight in the eye and said “You are a monster Remus, I wish we never met you, look at him! Look at what you did to–”



“I knew you weren’t good enough to be friends with us, look at you and now look at us. I don’t even know how we thought you could hang with us Peter.” said Sirius, he looked scary.

“Look at your animagus Peter, a rat. I’m a stag and you are.. just a rat. You are nowhere nearly as strong as we are.” added James.

“We see how struggle with your classes Peter, we are tired of helping you get the simplest things in the brain of yours.” Remus didn’t look like himself, he looked unusually stern.

Then it was Sirius again, “You are not worthy enough to be our friend Peter, you never were and you never will–”


*I have told you before, we are all you have but now, you have nothing, no friends or family.


Okay so I was just thinking about the three siblings, and what they drink as babies.

-Emma ->water: like the flowers drink, also like tears (depression), she’s the more calm one.

-Samuel ->milk: this is what babies usually have, he has the most “normal” life of all three brothers, and its the only one that gets married.

-Albert ->wine: there’s smth seriously wrong with Albert, psycho asshole

When We Were Kings  *part one*

Pairing:  HimUp 

Rated:  PG13

Length:  3.6K

Kim Himchan is addicted to a lot of things.  Painkillers.  Whiskey.  Jongup.

He never did figure out which was the hardest one to live with.



-Positive List Title-

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