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Fic Rec Day - Pokémon and Pokémon Special

I reblogged that fic recommendation list yesterday, and, hey… it can get quite difficult to get readers. While most of the stories on this list are going to be relatively well known in their respective fandoms for that specific pairing, I will try to get a few not-so-well-known stories on the list as well.

Not written in any particular order. No major spoilers in terms of plot (but I will talk slightly about the general idea of the story to allow you to gauge whether or not you would want to read said story).

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Pokemon Games - Evil Team Plots Breakdown

- Mt. Moon
- Cerulean City
- Route 24 (Nugget Bridge)
- Celadon City  (Game Corner)
- Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower)
- Saffron City (Silph Co.)
- Viridian City (Viridian Gym)

- Azalea Town (Slowpoke Well)
- Route 43 (Lake of Rage)
- Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)
- Goldenrod City (Radio Tower)

- Petalburg Woods
- Rusturf Tunnel
- Slateport City (Oceaninc Museum)
- Meteor Falls
- Mt. Chimney
- Weather Institute
- Mt. Pyre
- Team’s Secret Base
- Mossdeep City  (Space Center) *
- Seafloor Cavern

- Jubilife City
- Valley Windworks
- Eterna City (Galactic Building)
- Mt. Coronet
- Veilstone City
- Route 214
- Celestic Town
- Lake Valor
- Lake Verity
- Lake Acuity
- Veilstone City (Galactic HQ)
- Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar)
- Distortion World *

- Accumula Town
- Striaton City (Dreamyard)
- Wellspring Cave
- Nacrene City
- Pinwheel Forest
- Castelia City
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City (Cold Storage)
- Chargestone Cave
- Mistratlon City
- Twist Mountain
- Iccirus City (Dragonspiral Tower)
- Desert Resort (Relic Castle)
- Tubeline Bridge
- Opelucid City
- Pokemon League (N’s Castle)

- Flocessy Ranch
- Virbank City
- Castelia City (Castelia Sewers)
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City
- World Tournament (Plasma Frigate)
- Lancousa Town
- Opelucid City
- Route 21 (Plasma Frigate)
- Giant Chasm (Plasma Frigate)

- Glittering Cave
- Route 10
- Kalos Power Plant
- Poke Ball Factory
- Frost Cavern
- Lysandre Labs
- Geosenge Town (Flare HQ)

- Hau'oli City
- Berry Fields
- Verdant Cave
- Route 5
- Route 6
- Diglett’s Tunnel
- Memorial Hill
- Akala Outskirts
- Route 10
- Malie City
- Route 15
- Route 17
- Po Town (Shady House)
- Aether Paradise
- Exeggutor Island
- Ultra Space

* = Third version only.

My opinion on the quality of these plots are as follows:

Plasma = Skull > Galactic > Rocket > Neo-Plasma > Aqua/Magma > Neo-Rocket > Flare.

Pokemon ORAS Mega Stone

I’m OCD about these, and I finally collected all of the stones, so! I figured I’d write out where to find them.

Abomasite - Route 123, near the Berry Garden.

Absolite - Inside the Safari Zone (north-west region). You’ll need the Acro bike.

Aerodactylite - Once inside Meteor Falls where you find Steven, jump down the ledges, keeping to your left. You will need Waterfall.

Aggronite - From Wanda’s boyfriend in Rusturf Tunnel after Rock Smashing the boulder in the way.

Alakazite - Available as soon as you reach Slateport City. Bottom left side of the market.

Altarianite - Show an Altaria to the person outside the Trainer Fan Club in Lilycove City.

Ampharosite - At the end of the New Mauville cave.

Audinite - From Looker after saving him in a house in the eastern part of the Battle Resort.

Banettite - Summit of Mt. Pyre.

Beedrillite - Inside the Abandoned Ship’s Storage Room in Sea Mauville. You’ll need Dive.

Blastoisinite - Front of the S.S.Tidal.

Blazikenite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Torchic as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Cameruptite - Omega Ruby: Given to you by Team Magma Admin Tabitha during the Delta Episode. Alpha Sapphire: Upon arrival at Battle Resort.

Charizardite X - Use Strength to push the boulder near the Fire Stone inside Fiery Path.

Charizardite Y - Go downstairs in the Scorched Slab. The stone is in the bottom left corner. You’ll need Surf.

Diancite - Visit any Pokemon Center with Diancie in your party.

Galladite - From Professor Cozmo in Fallarbor Town after the Delta Episode.

Garchompite - From Aarune inside the Secret Base Club tree-house in Fortree City after reaching the Platinum Rank for collecting flags.

Gardevoirite - From Wanda at her house in Verdanturf Town after Rock Smashing the boulder in Rusturf Tunnel.

Gengarite - Inside an isolated house on the shore of the Battle Resort.

Glalitite - In the center of the Shoal Cave basement during low tide.

Gyaradosite - In a fisherman’s house on Route 123. You’ll need to get here from Mt. Pyre. Talk to the Poochyena to receive the stone.

Heracronite - South-east area of Route 127. You will need Surf.

Houndoominite - Next to the sand bed in Lavaridge Town.

Kangaskhanite - Behind the Pacifidlog Town Pokemon Center.

Latiasite - Omega Ruby: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town. Alpha Sapphire: The Latias that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it.

Latiosite - Omega Ruby: The Latios that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it. Alpha Sapphire: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town.

Lopunnite - From the guy wearing sunglasses in Mauville Hills. Talk to him a second time to get this stone.

Lucarionite - Beat all Master Rank Contests as well as Lisia.

Manectite - Just before Cycling Road on Route 110, there’s a path towards the right.

Mawilite - Available during the the story. Bottom left of Route 117 (below the flower garden).

Medichamite - Inside Mt. Pyre, towards the top right.

Metagrossite - In-game: From Steven after beating him again in the Pokemon League. Via event: Use the Mystery Gift option on the home screen of the game to claim a Beldum holding this stone via WiFi. This can be done any time until January 14, 2014.

Mewtwonite X - Bottom left of Littleroot Town, west of the Pokemon Lab. Obtainable after defeating the Elite Four.

Mewtwonite Y - Outside the Pokemon League’s gates.

Pidgeotite - Receive the Intriguing Stone from the little girl in Verdanturf Town (after finding her Shroomish behind the sign) and show it to Mr. Stone in the Devon Building in Rustboro City.

Pinsirite - Dive in the water east of Lilycove City (Route 124).

Sablenite - Outside the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

Salamencite - From Zinnia’s grandmother in Meteor Falls after the Delta Episode. You don’t need Waterfall.

Sceptilite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Treecko as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Scizorite - Inside Petalburg Woods, cut the tree blocking the way on the top right and go through there.

Sharpedonite - Omega Ruby: From Matt, Archie’s brother, upon arrival at the Battle Resort. Alpha Sapphire: Inside the Team Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City whilst playing the Delta Episode.

Slowbronite - Give the collector inside the Shoal Cave 4 Shoal Salts and 4 Shoal Shoal Shells.

Steelixite - Go up the slope inside Granite Cave. You’ll need the Mach bike.

Swampertite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Mudkip as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Tyranitarite - Jump the ledges down Jagged Pass while keeping to your right.

Venusaurite - Bottom right part of Route 119.

I started playing ORAS again, & here’s my new Secret Base! It’s south-east of the Rusturf Tunnel entrance (just fly to the tunnel to get there easily, but no HMs required to gain access). I do triple battles, & have three level 34-35 Pokémon. My trainer class is the useful Beauty so add me as a secret pal after you collect my platinum flag! If you visit my base let me know what you think of it.  ≖‿≖

Mega Stone locations

  • Venusaurite: Find the Venusaurite on Route 119 after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Charizardite X: Find the Charizardite X on the Fiery Path after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Charizardite Y: Find Charizardite Y in the Scorched Slab after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Blastoisinite: Find the Blastoisinite on S.S. Tidal.

  • Beedrillite: Find the Beedrillite in Sea Mauville.

  • Pidgeotite: Obtain an Intriguing Stone in Verdanturf Town, and then talk to Mr. Stone in Rustboro City to receive the Pidgeotite.

  • Alakazite: Find the Alakazite in Slateport City.

  • Slowbronite: Give the old man in the Shoal Cave the Shoal Salts and Shoal Shells needed to receive your first Shell Bell, and you’ll receive the Slowbronite.

  • Gengarite: Find the Gengarite at the Battle Resort after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Kangaskhanite: Find Kangaskhanite in Pacifidlog Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Pinsirite: Find the Pinsirite on Route 124.

  • Gyaradosite: Obtain the Gyaradosite by scratching the Poochyena in “123 Go Fish” on Route 123. 

  • Aerodactylite: Find the Aerodactylite in Meteor Falls after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Mewtwonite X: Find the Mewtwonite X in Littleroot Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Mewtwonite Y: Find the Mewtwonite Y in the Pokémon League.

  • Ampharosite: Find the Ampharosite in New Mauville.

  • Steelixite: Find the Steelixite in the Granite Cave.

  • Scizorite: Find the Scizorite in Petalburg Woods after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Heracronite: Find the Heracronite on Route 127.

  • Houndoominite: Find the Houndoominite in Lavaridge Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Tyranitarite: Find the Tyranitarite on Jagged Pass after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Sceptilite: Receive the Sceptilite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Treecko as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Blazikenite: Receive the Blazikenite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Torchic as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Swampertite: Receive the Swampertite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Mudkip as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Gardevoirite: Obtain the Gardevoirite by talking to Wanda in Verdanturf Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Sablenite: Find the Sablenite in Sootopolis City.

  • Mawilite: Find the Mawilite in Verdanturf Town.

  • Aggronite: Receive the Aggronite from Wanda’s boyfriend after clearing the path through the Rusturf Tunnel.

  • Medichamite: Find the Medichamite in Mt. Pyre.

  • Manectite: Find the Manectite near the Cycling Road after obtaining the Mach Bike or Acro Bike.

  • Sharpedonite: Receive the Sharpedonite from Team Aqua at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from Team Aqua during the Delta Episode in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Cameruptite: Receive the Cameruptite from Team Magma during the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from Team Magma at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Altarianite: Receive Altarianite from Lisia’s fan outside the fan club in Lilycove City if you show him an Altaria in your party.

  • Banettite: Find the Banettite on the peak of Mt. Pyre.

  • Absolite: Find the Absolite in the Safari Zone.

  • Glalitite: Find the Glalitite in the Shoal Cave.

  • Salamencite: Receive the Salamencite in Meteor Falls after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Metagrossite: Receive the Metagrossite from Steven if you defeat the Pokémon League a second time after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Latiosite: Obtain the Latiosite at Southern Island in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from your mother after clearing the Delta Episode in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Latiasite: Receive the Latiasite from your mother after clearing the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Obtain it at Southern Island in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Lopunnite: To obtain the Lopunnite, talk to the businessman in the hall of the Mauville Hills development on the second floor of Mauville City, and then come back and talk to him again when he returns.

  • Garchompite: Receive the Garchompite from Aarune after your Super-Secret Base team reaches the Platinum Rank.

  • Lucarionite: Receive the Lucarionite from Chaz after defeating Lisia for the first time in a Master Rank Contest.

  • Abomasite: Find the Abomasite in the Berry fields on Route 123 after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Galladite: Receive the Galladite from Professor Cozmo in his lab after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Audinite: Receive the Audinite in a cottage at the Battle Resort.

  • Diancite: Receive the Diancite when you visit a Pokémon Center after obtaining Diancie.

“Mind if I ask you a question? I know you’re the interviewer and all, but, uh…”

“Not at all! What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I was just wondering, have you ever brought your Pokémon back to the place where you caught ‘em? I can imagine that, with all the traveling you do for your project, well, it must’ve come up, right?”

“Ah yeah! When I was interviewing this Hiker in Rusturf Tunnel, Melody, my Exploud, was really glad to be there. She spent a lot of time looking at the surroundings, and she even played with all the Whismur! Made me think that she was catching up with all her friends.”

“That’s great, that’s great. What I heard on BuzzNav was truer than true then.”

“Hm? What did you hear from BuzzNav?”

“Well, there was this scientist in a talk show going on and on about how good it was for your Pokémon to visit where you caught them from time to time. He said it’s like how we trainers like to visit our family at home sometimes. Our Pokémon are pretty much the same, he said.

“I was real curious after that BuzzNav talk, so I made my way back to the Fiery Path near Lavaridge to try it out with my Camerupt. And well, when I called him out when we were there, he was real peppy! He kept running around and greeting all the other Pokémon we saw. So I’m sure that scientist knew what he was talking about, and knowing your Exploud did the same thing makes it sound more and more true.”

Megastone Guide

I know there’s several guides all over the internet, here’s another just in case.

Route 123, in the berry garden (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Safari Zone
Meteor Falls (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Rusturf Tunnel
Slateport City market
Lilycove City, show a collector a Altaria on your team.
New Mauville (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Battle Resort, Looker will give it to you (You need to complete the Delta Episode)
Mt. Pyre
Sea Mauville
SS Tidal (During or after Delta Episode)
If Torchic was your starter pokemon, Steven Stone will give it to you in route 120, if it’s not your starter, a salesman in route 114 will sell it to you.
Team Magma Hideout if you have Omega Ruby (During Delta Episode), Battle Resort if you have Alpha Sapphire.
Charizardite X:
Fiery Path (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Charizardite Y:
Scorched Slab (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Transfer Diancie from XY to ORAS and put it in your team in any Pokemon Center
Fallarbor Town, Professor Cozmo will give it to you (During or after Delta Episode)
Fortree City, Aarune will give it to you when you reach the Platinum Rank (1000 Secret Base flags)
Verdanturf Town, Wanda will give it to you, if she’s not in her house, go to Rusturf Tunnel and break a stone (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Battle Resort (After Delta Episode)
You need to transfer it from the ORAS demo along the Glalie.
Route 123, a Poochyena will have it on its mouth.
Route 127.
Lavaridge Town (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Pacifidlog Town (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
From your mother if you have Omega Ruby (During Delta Episode), on Latias if you have Alpha Sapphire.
From yout mother if you have Alpha Sapphire (During Delta Episode, on Latios if you have Omega Ruby.
Mauville City, go to Mauville Hills and a man in a siut will give it to you (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
From Lisia after you defeat her in a Master Rank Contest.
Route 110, on the Cycling Road.
Verdanturf Town.
Mt. Pyre
On the Mystery Gift Beldum, or after the rematch of the Elite Four after Delta Episode
Mewtwonite X:
Littleroot Town (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Mewtwonite Y:
Pokemon League (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Rustboro City, show to Mr. Stone the Intriguing Stone.
Route 124.
Sootopolis City.
Meteor Falls, Zinnia’s grandmother will give it to you (After Delta Episode)
If Treecko was your starter pokemon, Steven Stone will give it to you in route 120, if it’s not your starter, a salesman in route 114 will sell it to you.
Petalburg Woods (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Team Aqua Hideout if you have Alpha Sapphire (During Delta Episode), Battle Resort if you have Omega Ruby.
Shoal Cave, you need to give to the man of the entrance 4 Shoal Salts and 4 Shoal Shells.
Granite Cave.
If Mudkip was your starter pokemon, Steven Stone will give it to you in route 120, if it’s not your starter, a salesman in route 114 will sell it to you.
Jagged Pass (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)
Route 119 (You need to complete the Primal Groudon/Kyogre scene)

i know it’s not the anniversary of these games but these 20 years are about the love we all share for pokemon and so i wanted to share my love for sapphire version. it was my very first pokemon game and i remember how excited i was the first time i ever figured out that you had to go and talk to mr briney to get to dewford because i had only played it up to rusturf tunnel and then just restarted. but now there was the whole rest of the region to explore!! i instantly fell in love with it and since then it has always been my favourite game. alpha sapphire was an excellent remake and it did the originals justice and for that i thank pokemon’s to another 20 years of adventures and friendships. @pokemon, thankyou & i will always love you ♡

My Super Secret Base! Its contents and the Pokémon on my team are super secret. The base is just to the right of Rusturf Tunnel (easy to get to, requires no HMs). My trainer class is the very useful Beauty. I collected at least 20 flags today (I do most days), so add me as a pal and speak to me in your base to get some flags from me! If you visit my base and/or battle me let me know how it goes!


Finding a shiny these days is easy or am I having an awesome luck today? cause I haven’t battle Roxanne yet and I already have two shiny Pokemon. 

  • My first shiny in ORAS is Skitty (I found her on Route 116) and Whismur on Rusturf Tunnel! :p

the-nerdy-heathen  asked:

so i got out of pokemon after Gen 2, I have played both Gen 1 and Gen 2 remakes. Can you tell me why I should buy a 3DS for this one? I have seen a lot of people hyped about it.

okay so basically i’ve played all the pokemon games in the main line for the most part. but I’ve never been a fan of the johto region. eh that’s just me.

Reasons why Hoenn is absolutely fantastic:

  • They introduced the first cut scenes ever! 
    External image
  • People seem to be huge fans of Mudkip but I’m personally a Torchic fan at heart because it’s a cute lil baby chicken that will grow up to kick your ass.
  • You can dive underwater for long stretches in these trenches and actually encounter pokemon underwater in the seaweed!  There’s actually an entire town that lives inside the shell of a volcano that’s only accessible from underwater (until you have fly but wtvr I loved diving into the city, it was a cooler experience)
  • Tailow is truly the cutest native region burd
    External image
  • Rusturf Tunnel made me so sad and happy oh gosh. Basically, it’s a tunnel between Rustboro city (home of the people who made advances in pokeball tech) and Verdanturf town (the music is just absolutely beautiful and it’s supposed to be an aromatic city). Long story short, it’s a tunnel created by two lovers who wanted so desperately to meet each other and bore a hole through the bottom part of a mountain ( i think) to see each other. On the Rustboro side there’s a little hut with a bunch of construction workers lazing about talking about how they want to help the dude and how they feel bad for him but are scared of the wild pokemon in the cave and don’t want to disturb them. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to piss of wild Whismur either, especially less if they evolved into Explouds.
  • Meteor Falls is basically a giant source of extra goodies! I got frustrated and never actually made it through the entire damn cave but both the music and the puzzles are phenomenal. 
  • Mt. Pyre and the Cave of Origin are both central points to the story. Mt Pyre is basically like this regions version of the Pokemon Tower complete with ridiculous crazy psychics, and the cutest thing is that there are two old people on top of this mountain that guard the two orbs which in the wrong hands can be used to control the legendary pokemon (oh no!), and they’re actually the grandparents of one of the elite four (adorable).
  • Lava cookies were the most adorable version of the full heal I’ve ever seen imo.
  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING SKY PILLAR AND PACIFILOG TOWN FOR A MINUTE. Like, okay, honestly I never found this town until post completion but it’s a cute lil floating city that connects you from the elite four to slateport city! (you guessed it, it’s a port city). Hidden really really ridiculously well above some of the rocks is a hidden tower called the sky pillar and it drove me nuts because it took me a year of wandering before I stumbled upon it by accident. Mostly because I hadn’t bought Emerald until very very late, so when I found it, it was clearly an optional dungeon. You can catch Rayquaza in the best fight ever. Like it’s just amazingghhhhh.
  • Can we talk about secret bases for a minute? You can make your bases above fucking ground in specific trees and little holes in rocks and it looked just so much better than gen 4’s ever did. To get pretty items (literally) you could walk around and collect ash right outside of a town in the wild and after a certain amount of steps you could trade them in for absolutely gorgeous items! aaaaa these were my favorite bases. The decorations were also available in Slateport city too!!!! You can use all those decorations to decorate your room at your mom’s house! 
    External image
  • Sandstorms 
    External image
  • Best game corner ever 
    External image
  • Your rival is essentially this sick kid who wants to prove that he can be someone and his arc is weak. Personally think he’s the most boring/worst rival ever. The plot is pretty amazing!
  • Milotic, Flygon, and Roselia are still some of my most favorite pokemon ever.
  • You get your pick of an acro or mach bike! The mach bike can go pretty damn fast and is amazing for expediting egg hatching. (did i mention the longest road in hoenn literally connects from Mauville town to Verdanturf?) The acro bike will let you pop a fucking wheelie and yes you can go around the entire motherfucking region bouncing on that goddamn wheeling tell me that isnt boss as fuck.
    External image

if after all the fucking amazing things about hoenn i just listed you aren’t persuaded, just buy the 3DSXL for smash. because smash.

Post Youmacon Shiny Sylveon Giveaway

So, last week I was at Youmacon and was giving away shiny sylveon to people who wanted one (and had a copy of a game where they COULD get it on, that was a major problem)

Well, I still have a ton of them left over and thought I’d give the rest of them away on here. How do you go about getting one?:

1. Catch a Whismur. Gender and level don’t matter (You can find them in Connecting Cave in XY and in Rusturf Tunnel in ORAS) Feel free to nickname them too! I love seeing how creative people get

2. Deposit it into the GTS and ask for FEMALE Sylveon. The more specific you are, the less likely you’ll get sniped.

3. Enter the code SHINING SPARKLE into the message box and wait for me to trade you :3 The code HAS to be in all caps and spelled correctly if you want me to trade you.

4. When you do get one, feel free to take a screenshot and make a post. I’d love to see where these gorgeous babies end up <3 Make sure you tag it with  “shiningzorua pics” so I will be more likely to see it

This will likely go on until I run out of sylveon or give up on trading them away. I will make a post when either of those happen, but seeing as I have a little under 9 boxes of these things left, I doubt I’m gonna run out really fast.

Ready? Set…. DEPOSIT :D

Pt. 1 of Vivillon Giveaway! NOT ACTIVE!

hey everybody! it’s been a minute, huh? Today I’m doing a joint giveaway with the lovely @galaticgardevoirgiveaways! I’ll be giving out the Jungle, Savannah, and Sandstorm patterns, and she’ll be giving out the Ocean, Monsoon, and Polar patterns ^^ Go check her giveaway out if you want those patterns!

To get these cuties, just follow the steps listed below~

  • Deposit a male Whismur of any level (Whismur can be found in the Connecting Cave in XY and in Rusturf Tunnel and Route 116 in ORAS) onto the GTS with “VJ” for the Jungle Vivillon, “VSD” for the Sandstorm Vivillon, and “VSV” for the Savannah Vivillon!
  • Specifying your pokemon’s requirements (Gender/Level) is encouraged to decrease the likelihood of you getting sniped.
  • You can deposit for as many pokemon you want! 
  • Reblog or like this post so I know when to check the GTS
  • Feel free to tag me in a pic of your new poke and be sure to take good care of them for me, alright? Hope everyone has a great day and likes their new pokes!

Part two of this giveaway is to be held on an undecided date sometime soon! Hope you like these pokes, everyone! (and don’t forget to go look at @galaticgardevoirgiveaways giveaway!) I hope everyone liked this giveaway~

What’s your favorite starter evolution line?

send your answers into my askbox or just message me to be entered into a raffle for any of the pokemon I’ve given away in the past, and if you win your answer will be the theme of my next giveaway! 

September 17th, 2016 Giveaway.

Welcome to Exotic-Espeon’s Giveaway! Today I have gone back to the nest to get nice and warm with PokeMom, to give you out some lovely Fossil Pokemon. I hope you keep your eyes peeled for Mom’s post on what she is Giving out but I am giving out these 5 lovely Pokemon for 1 male Whismur each. This Giveaway is in Collaberation with Pokemom known as @tyrantrum-tantrum-giveaways​ 

The First Pokemon I am Giving away is a Level 100 Shiny Male Kabutops.

The Second Pokemon is a level 100 Shiny Male Cradily.

The Third Pokemon is a level 100 Shiny Male Rampardos.

The Fourth Pokemon is a level 100 Shiny Male Archeops.

The Final Pokemon is a level 100 Shiny Female Aerodactyl.

Don’t have a Whismur? I will no longer take anything but Whismur. But you can catch them in Connecting Cave (X&Y) or Rusturf Tunnel (OrAs) I have one box of each pokemon, so the giveaway will go for three hours or until I run out. Please, only one of each per person. Be courteous to others; no double dipping. I do not hold pokemon. If you are sniped, tell me immediately and redeposit ASAP! Let me know the sniper’s IGN and region, I will ban them permanently if they then try to participate.


1) Deposit a Male Whismur into the GTS.

2) Ask for Kabutops, Cradily, Rampardos, Archeops, or Aerodactyl. Input the additional information provided to avoid getting sniped if you want..

3) In the message section, write the code “Exotic”. If you don’t use the code, you won’t be traded. I do not Hold. Do not Message me saying you Deposited.

4) If you have the time, take a pic of your new friend and tag me in it or you can submit them to me too if you would like. I’d love to see them in their new homes! Be awesome and help these pokemon find loving homes; reblog this post!