Not all gold spray paint is created equal. 

For a light gold non-brassy shimmer, Rust-oleum Champagne Mist is a good choice.

If you’re looking for a true metallic gold, nothing beats Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic in Gold.

And if you really just want a ton of glitter, give Rust-oleum Gold Glitter a shot. Seriously, nothing but glitter. It’s pretty amazing. 

13.7 BCM build. The barrel originally started as a 16", but was sent off to be cut somewhere between 13.7-13.9 and then get a Griffin Armament Taper flash hider pin and welded. So the overall barrel length would be 16.1". The result… a shorter but legal length rifle.

Midwest Industries keymod rail. ATPIAL-C. Surefire Scout with dual pressure pad. BCM VFG angled forwards (allowing a more aggressive grip). B5 Systems SOPMOD stock. Aimpoint T1 with ADM mount. SD3G trigger. Magpul BUIS pros. Ferro Concepts Slingster in Multicam. Rattle can paint job with Rustoleum. Forget expensive cerekote. ;)

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Chalk up your walls. Chalkboard paint is a wonderful decorating tool - especially for those of us design lovers that like to change the look of our room on a regular basis. Available in 12 hues from Rust-oleum, consider updating a room with colored chalkboard paint and stencils. Fun, eclectic and whimsical design idea we love.


Raijinto 2.0!

Remade Ryoma’s katana (and sheathe) just in time for Anime Expo. It now lights up. Enjoy the finished pics and disassembly/construction pics if it helps.

Materials: black worbla, transparent worbla, led strip, 8 AA batteries, 4x 2AA battery packs, 4mm craft foam for the beveled gold detailing, rustoleum spraypaint, gold leaf rub n buff.


Refined reflections. Gorgeous mirror glass made to look like mercury glass brought the sparkle and shine to an evening celebration. Transform mason jars, lamps, candlesticks and almost any finish in-between to a beautiful mirror finish. Easy to make, it’s as simple as spraying Rust-oleum Mirror Glass Finish Spray Paint and letting it dry if you want a full mirror shine or dab with a wet paper towel for an aged look. It goes from a steely gray to a high-style shine in just fifteen minutes. Trust us, it works. Wonderful way to spruce up everyday accents and make them extraordinary.

What goes great with this project? A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:


Weekend DIY: Spray paint marble-effect coasters

A weekend DIY that will have your guests sipping pretty. Using our Spring Fling palette as inspiration, we settled on using green, navy and white Rust-oleum 2x glossy spray paint to transform these white tiles into coasters. 

24 hours ahead of time, we prepped the tiles with Rust-oleum 2x Primer. Using a pail sized to the project, we added about six inches of water, then the spray paint. First blue, then green, then white. Using the handle end of the paint brush, we gave the colors a few gentle swirls, then dipped the coasters just under the surface of the water (wearing gloves!). You’ll need to respray the water after each coaster. We let them dry, then sprayed with a clear coat of Rust-oleum to help seal everything in. Lovely and practical, an easy DIY. 


Made a poor man’s Nuka Cola tonight. I made it using a Perrier bottle, foam core poster board, Owens Corning foamular foam, thin dollar tree craft foam for around the neck, a bottle cap and a red dot sticker. The label is just a cropped image of the in game bottle that I printed and cut out. I painted the bottle rustoleum Kona brown and then clear coated it. Sorry for the crap photos. One day I will get a good camera.



Modified Romanian AK has a mix of aftermarket parts in an attempt to modernize the platform. The scope rail looks a bit messed up but the owner/seller said he spray painted it with Rustoleum, so that explains the uneven finish. In spite it’s awkward appearance, it’s actually set up pretty decently, although maybe to tactical for some people. (GRH)