Khaliyah and Letty had been looking for an opportunity to actually dress up and socialize for once in their lives, but Khaliyah may have forgotten some basics of proper etiquette for these sorts of functions.

It’s probably best they don’t hang around each other TOO long…

Still, Khaliyah will find the formalities comforting and remind her of her days in the military, and Letty will be busy drinking and dancing with whoever she deems worthy.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work got in the way. Regardless, here’s a new update.

The Han’neesh are a civilization of mutants who have grown adept to living underneath the sweltering heat of the desert sun, one of the few tribes who can bear it. Their culture is largely ethnoreligious, meaning much of the things they do and believe are very much tied to their race. While not believing in a god specifically, they do worship the elements to some small extent, and they have plenty of practices which help keep people sated and working well with one another.

However, there are those who have splintered off into their own group, centered around a single leader who has portrayed herself as nothing short of an Earthly Goddess. At one time, she merely sought a power grab which she could not have attained via the “official” means, but over the years, she began buying her own cult of personality, and as such, believes herself immortal.

This character shows up in a sidestory entitled, “Widow, Speak,” which may be melded into the Rustkin series as a whole.

Some redesigns were in order. Here’s a stab at Iroh (formerly Ero), with a slightly more Yoji Shinkawa-inspired design. Really trying to play up the “ninja” part of Iroh’s skillset. Not sure if I overdid the belts and buckles, but I tried to make it all look like they are there with purpose. That’s what revisions are for.