I HAVE heard that swiftly the son of Weohstan
at wish and word of his wounded king, –
war-sick warrior, – woven mail-coat,
battle-sark, bore ‘neath the barrow’s roof.
Then the clansman keen, of conquest proud,
passing the seat,[1] saw store of jewels
and glistening gold the ground along;
by the wall were marvels, and many a vessel
in the den of the dragon, the dawn-flier old:
unburnished bowls of bygone men
reft of richness; rusty helms
of the olden age; and arm-rings many
wondrously woven. – Such wealth of gold,
booty from barrow, can burden with pride
each human wight: let him hide it who will! –
His glance too fell on a gold-wove banner
high o'er the hoard, of handiwork noblest,
brilliantly broidered; so bright its gleam,
all the earth-floor he easily saw
and viewed all these vessels. No vestige now
was seen of the serpent: the sword had ta'en him.
Then, I heard, the hill of its hoard was reft,
old work of giants, by one alone;
he burdened his bosom with beakers and plate
at his own good will, and the ensign took,
brightest of beacons. – The blade of his lord
– its edge was iron – had injured deep
one that guarded the golden hoard
many a year and its murder-fire
spread hot round the barrow in horror-billows
at midnight hour, till it met its doom.
Hasted the herald, the hoard so spurred him
his track to retrace; he was troubled by doubt,
high-souled hero, if haply he’d find
alive, where he left him, the lord of Weders,
weakening fast by the wall of the cave.
So he carried the load. His lord and king
he found all bleeding, famous chief
at the lapse of life. The liegeman again
plashed him with water, till point of word
broke through the breast-hoard. Beowulf spake,
sage and sad, as he stared at the gold. –
“For the gold and treasure, to God my thanks,
to the Wielder-of-Wonders, with words I say,
for what I behold, to Heaven’s Lord,
for the grace that I give such gifts to my folk
or ever the day of my death be run!
Now I’ve bartered here for booty of treasure
the last of my life, so look ye well
to the needs of my land! No longer I tarry.
A barrow bid ye the battle-fanned raise
for my ashes. 'Twill shine by the shore of the flood,
to folk of mine memorial fair
on Hrones Headland high uplifted,
that ocean-wanderers oft may hail
Beowulf’s Barrow, as back from far
they drive their keels o'er the darkling wave.”
From his neck he unclasped the collar of gold,
valorous king, to his vassal gave it
with bright-gold helmet, breastplate, and ring,
to the youthful thane: bade him use them in joy.
“Thou art end and remnant of all our race
the Waegmunding name. For Wyrd hath swept them,
all my line, to the land of doom,
earls in their glory: I after them go.”
This word was the last which the wise old man
harbored in heart ere hot death-waves
of balefire he chose. From his bosom fled
his soul to seek the saints’ reward.

[1] Where Beowulf lay.

Art collab!

Hey everyone, me and some of my friends are doing a little art collab to redraw this screencap, with each of the famethyst drawn by a different person in their own style:

currently there are 3 spaces left (all of which are amethysts) so I’m looking for anyone who’s interested! This is nothing at all serious and just a fun collab piece to do in our spare time. I have no idea how the final piece will turn out, it may be a huge mess but we will just have to wait and see. Send an ask or message to me with some of your art for more details if you are interested!

Maya 2017 MASH Network Tutorial: Globe and HUD Parts 1-3 of 5

I was pretty comfortable in Maya 2015 and was using it well into two major 2016 releases. Since I was in the middle of modeling a few characters, I didn’t want to get distracted with “re-learning” the program all over again. :-)

Then as I started catching up with Maya 2016, I got some pretty involved 2D projects and got very rusty, and Maya 2017 was released. I think 2016 was only out for about 6 months when the 2017 version was updated. So I felt really lost.

While I’m prepping for various projects (3D and 2D), I’m working on shaking the rust off my 3D and music chops.

I’ll have to brush up on rigging to add skeletons to my own characters. Former classmates offered to rig my characters for me in the past year, and for whatever reasons never rigged the models I gave them.

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Oh... you like black people. Immediate turn off


Upper cut @Ana

They had fallen asleep fairly soon after Ana stopped talking. Their energy depleted and a lot of weight being lifted did wonders. Mac barely woke up in time to open the gym. She was supremely thankful for Ruby and Coby wanting to go out. Once pups were taken care of and the doors were opened, she made a pot of coffee both upstairs and in her office. She looked around and remembered her conversation with Tommy about making this her sanctuary. She taught two classes and did a circuit of personal training before lunch. 

She’d left a note for Ana to come down in workout clothes when she was awake and ready. It had been a while since they had sparred and she thought it would be good for both of them. While she wasn’t exactly getting rusty, she also wasn’t using her skills as much as she used to. The benefits of not being hunted. She smiled and set out the equipment. The new receptionist seemed to be working ok. She had little clue to what the equipment was but she was trying to learn it all. At least she isn’t using as many hand gestures to describe what the equipment did. Some of those were actually pornographic. 

Mac was saying good bye to one of their daily regulars when Ana walked in. She looked a little rested but was still not smiling. You realize she doesn’t always smile. Sure she does. No. She smiles when you look at her. Otherwise she’s a.. don’t say it. “Hey babe.” She walked over and hugged her, a light kiss on her lips. “How are you feeling?”

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1. Nina Hagen - Super Freak Family

2. Body Count - No Lives Matter

3. The Doors - Light My Fire

4. Marylin Manson - Mister Superstar

5. Sonic Youth - 100%

6. Danzig - Mother

7. Sepultura - Endangered Species

8. Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

9. The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues

10. Birdy Nam Nam - Escape

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Can do you an imagine where you step on a rusty nail and it goes in your foot and after getting medical treatment you go home but your foot hurts and it's hard to put weight on it, so Marty takes care of you. Makes you elevate your foot, gets things for you, snuggles with you on the sofa and you both watch Disney movies. I stepped on a nail today and I'm in pain and I really need cheering up. Pretty pretty please with cherries on top! I love your writing.

I will get this done as soon as possible! Hope your okay and thanks!

Vg! Wolf spawns in dungeons very rarely, but once she does there’s no escape. she’s hard to defeat and will follow you if you try to flee, your rusty sword makes a loud creaking noise while following you slowing down your speed and attracting other enemies.
Once you defeat wolf, requesters will appear in the same dungeon. Some are real and some are fake, fake ones will battle you and are as hard to dearest as wolf. To avoid that check their shadows, if wolf is in their shadows it means they’re fake.
Vg idea by @blogthegreatrouge

Painting on old German traffic mirrors. Love that contrast between the rusty metal, the weathered mirror glass and the fresh colors. Thanks #tobigramsch for organizing me these beauties! 📸 #fraeuleinkpunkt #boogiesml #molotowmarkers #one4all #molotowacrylicspray #nightshift