The cutest kid in Peru. Well that what all the girls on the trip seemed to think.

He’s one of the kids from the town of Pialata, a small town a mile below old Incan ruins. The town relies entirely on farming and because of this as well as their still treasured Quechan customs the small town is hugely community based. Whenever anything is happening, the entire town comes to participate.

For example when a few of the guys on the trip with me started throwing a rock and catching it in the sandpaper they had been using for our renovation of the old town hall, the game caught on. Whoever drops the stone looses, it was simple, and it had half the town obsessed within 30 minutes. Much alike us with a game on our iPhones except they don’t have iPhones, or any major technology for that matter.

A lot of this little boys piers were very involved in the game however he specialized in volleyball, which the half of town without sandpaper was playing. It amazed me to see how parallel his nature was to that of a child his age who’d have grown up here in the States, but then looking at those older than him the similarities seem to grow fewer as we grow up.
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