rustic party

Just, look at the bridal party.

it’s hard because eliot doesn’t want like. a huge apartment. because it’s too big and it freaks him out a little when it’s too big and empty. but he also can’t have too small of an apartment because where the fuck is he going to put his plants that he loves so much?? and he needs a decent sized bed. that he always keeps meticulously made. and i want to believe he wouldn’t bring people home most of the time but then again i think he makes great friends with his neighbors only. it’s not eliot spencer it’s the guy on the lease who’s their friend because eliot spencer only has the team as his friends and the rest of the time he’s playing a part, which. is why dating is difficult for him. because he’s very bad at actually being himself. (i have extensive headcanons about why this is but i won’t go into it now) bASICALLY WHAT I AM SAYING IS ELIOT WANTS A SHIT APARTMENT BUT. they’re all too big and too nice and it’s HARD.