rustic gifts


this is part TWO of my not-so-spooky simblrween gifts!

the rustic bed is one of my personal favorites in game, and i would be doing it dirty if i didn’t recolor it with all my new colors. this comes with 24 new swatches in the brown wood frame, in my new holiday palette.


1. do not claim as your own! i put in hard work, and that work was not just so that someone could say they did it.

2. do not re upload them!!!!!!!!!!!

3. enjoy them however you want. if you’re feelin it, you could tag me in posts with them or whatever!

DOWNLOAD: rustic bed

anonymous asked:


I gotcha!

Here are some of my favourites:

DIY Gift Jar “Nuts About Dad”

A jar of salted cashews is always a good fallback gift, unless your pa is allergic or doesn’t like nuts in general.

DIY Father’s Day Shirt + Tie Gift Boxes

Fill it with treats your dad may enjoy or whatever small items may fit; nice pens, phone case, maybe hair pomade.

DIY Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

Fun and simple! Decorate to your heart’s content.

DIY Father’s Day Photo Puzzle Gift

Cute, rustic gift. Makes a great display.

DIY LEGO Photo Pen Holder

If your dad’s desk and office is lacking some colour and fun…

DIY Father’s Day Typography Glasses

Get some photos in with this on! A goofy photo is a good photo.

DIY Mini Pool Table in a Tin

Something fun and novel that fits in a pocket! Bonus points if your dad is into pool, too.

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