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I feel like if someone ever did an episode by episode breakdown of Chopped this is what they’d find.

  1. Chefs of color are far more likely to have their culture brought up and to be told directly or indirectly to cook from their culture by judges. White chefs will be far more free in what they make 
  2. Women chefs will be judged more harshly for presentation. Chefs who are men will be allowed to make rustic dishes, but 9 times out of ten if presentation is brought up it’s about a woman’s dish.
  3. Women chefs are far more likely to be personal chefs or caterers, men are more likely to be head-chefs. 
  4. Even once the numbers are balanced for race and gender, I would bet good money white men still tend to win by a substantial margin,

tuck everlasting cutthroat kitchen au. winnie is alton prob and the fam are the contestants. jesse wastes all his money in the first round and gives miles literally All of the sabatoges n miles just. looks into the camera like hes in the office, mae is the one thats all like “looking down at my basket i realize i didnt get literally any key ingredients but its Fine were gonna make it work i can do this” and prob describes her dish as rustic or deconstructed, angus is the one thats all like “i make this dish all the time i got this imma w i n” but then he ends up loosing that round even tho he doesnt get any sabatoges


etsyfindoftheday | 6.27.15

STEAL OF THE WEEK: speckled mug duo // stoneware with white glaze by storicaboutique

this little pottery mug duo is calling my name … probably because the black-and-white speckled glaze reminds me of cookies ’n cream ice cream <3 nom nom nom. they’re a steal at just under $19!



New York based design studio Sagmeister & Walsh have created the brand identity for Otium, a contemporary restaurant developed by American chef and restaurateur Timothy Hollingsworth. It is located in downtown LA and has a menu of rustic dishes made from sustainable ingredients grown on its mezzanine level and cooked over a wood fire. 

Brotzeit in Bayern. A savory picnic-style meal that was traditionally eaten between breakfast and lunch in times when most people were farmers and handymen and got up very early. It’s still very popular as a rustic dish and now present on many restaurant menus, especially in the South. If you like bread, cheese, and cold cuts, this is the thing to try. No one plate is exactly the same, what exactly is on it varies by region. Served with local beer.  

Oder auf “Obaboarisch” :D - “A Brotzeit is a deftiga Imbiss, der wos urspringli zwischn Fruahstuck und Mittogessn eignumma worn is. De Brotzeit kimmt aus Bayern und is friacha vo Bauern, Oimhirtn, Handwerkan und Wandersleitln ois Zwischnmoizeit eignumma worn und is heit no sehr beliabt. Zua oana Brozeit ghean a poa Scheim Brod, vaschiedane Kas- und Wuaschtsortn, Gsejchts und Schinkn. Dazua isst ma gern Obaatzdn, Kartoffekas und Radi. De Speisn wern in da Regl afm groußn Hoiztella oda Hoizbrettl - moastns mit Bier - serviat.”