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I’m sorry I scared you...

Hello! I’ve never written anything before so I hope it’s okay. I’m hoping to make a bunch of mini fics like this over the course of the month to practice my writing. I’m super open to comments and critiques! 

@ltleflrt this is dedicated to you for being awesome and my favourit writer

Dean was stealthy. He was quick and sly and the best at hide and seek. He was practically Han Solo.

The yard was bright in the late morning sun. Sunlight gleamed off the shiny metal slide and the water station was spraying mist onto some of his classmates, casting rainbows through the air. Cars from the nearby road combined with the shrieks and yells of little kids playing outside in a familiar backdrop of noise that Dean was used to. No matter where he lived or where he went to daycare or preschool, it was always the same.

Dean crouched behind the largest tree in the sand pit, giggling at his genius. Most of the kids liked to hide behind the dumpsters or in the garden that lined the school’s wall, but the seeker, this time it was his best friend Charlie, knew to always looked there first. The sand pit was the farthest from the school you could get within the chain link fence. Dean had to run as fast as he could to get all the way out here before Charlie stopped counting.

He panted between his giggles, placing his hands on the rough bark and peaking around the trunk.

Large blue eyes blinked back at him.

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etsyfindoftheday | 1.28.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: gold sequin table runner by dreamweddingbox

i am all about this glam-meets-forest-rustic look at this outdoor dinner party — super styled but comfortable (and cold!). you can snag the gold sequined table runner for only $24.99!

Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup with Naan Garlic Toast

-Whole wheat naan toasted with Earth Balance vegan butter and fresh crushed garlic (using a garlic press)
-Creamy tomato soup (heated up 2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes with 1 can of white beans and then pureed them, it’d still be good even if you don’t have a way to puree them though!) topped with sauteed kale