hey guys.

i’ve got a thing to tell everyone: here in billings, montana, a man named clinton rusthoven was fired from his job as a substitute teacher (he is unable to work at any school in our districts) allegedly  because he conversed with the students too much over the course of the one day he was a substitute, making the students “miss their work” and stay “off task”. i had him as a substitute, and i can say that he tried his hardest to calm students who were mocking him for his voice, making sexually offensive jokes, and calling him names for outwardly appearing homosexual.

he is biologically male, bigender he/him pronoun using, and he has never said a single offensive thing in the time i’ve known him. as a tumblr user you know that i’m hard to please, hahaha. really, though, he’s incredibly nice and accepting and is trying very hard to help lgbtq+ youth here in montana, where very few people care like he does.

you can support him here by buying his book and reading it - queer people here in MT need tumblr’s support, if you’ll give it.