Work it || Model!AU (rustedwatchdog)

Sure, the boy was new to the game. There were men and women who have been modeling for nearly a decade before this kid, literally crashed on the scene with a loud and generally happy attitude. It wasn’t that he didn’t put in his fair share of work, but sometimes Rusty was a bit of a loose cannon.

Hard to control.

Didn’t really know how to focus he got onto the runway or until after the photographer started shooting. And now… now he had his tongue in the chocolate fountain– Oh god.

Rusty!" Eddie felt like he was scolding a small child, "How many times have I told you that doing something like that is inappropriate?”

Pokemon AU||Closed


Pan laughs, running her hand along the sharp, metallic sheen of the Skarmory’s wing. "There we go. Feeling better?” The pokemon dips his head, bobbing it back and forth before raising it high. He lets out a small ‘scree’ and nudges Pan’s neck. 

“I’ll take it as a yes, then. You just had a rock lodged on there.” She pats the pokemon’s head again. “Quit picking fights with the Boldores, alright? You know they don’t like it.” She scolds. The Skarmory nods again before spreading his wings to leave. Pan sighs, sitting back down on her porch. The two newly hatched Torchics hop back out, nuzzling up. One hops up and settles on her lap. “I know. At least we’re comfortable, right?” She chuckles, rubbing the feathers gently. 

Surveillance || CLOSED (rustedwatchdog)

The schedule for the whole damn place was annoying, being herded back and forth with shackles on his wrists and ankles, with the same six guards bringing him from one end of the asylum to the other, from testing, to therapy, then all the way back to his room. Knowing that if they left Mr. Gluskin alone, with just one other guard that he would find the need to sink his claws into them and turn them into darling bride.

Or even with another inmate, the last time… it didn’t end so well for poor Johnathan.

Eddie never really took rejection all too well. Day in and day out the routine had slowly been worn down into his bone, into the type of person he’d become. A place like this never really gave in to the artistic whims of the inmates, his requests for materials were constantly denied. The Groom understood why they were reluctant to give him a needle to sew with, not even those plastic safety ones they would give to little children due to an incident with another inmate skewering the eyeball like an olive in a martini. Although Eddie did have to give them points for class on how they carried the entire thing out.

The poor guard ended up getting fired and Murkoff refused to pay for the insurance since he was no longer a part of the company. At least it was good to know that guards were as expendable as the inmates. Everybody was more like livestock than anything. And by the conversation his guards made on their trips, it sounded like there was going to be some fresh meat around here.

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"Boop do de boop dOOP."

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“Stop.” He said calmly at first, trying to ignore the boy best he could. Give them more attention and they’ll latch onto it, that’s what he learned from the boys. He seemed very persistent in poking him and before long Waylon had dropped the poker face and backed off to the side.

“What? What is it?” He must need something to be prodding at his arm that MUCH.

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"Hey uh Ms. Valentine, why did you start working for Mr. Blaire?"

“Because he’s truly an ideal role model. Powerful, hard working and determined. Someone who I’d gladly offer my services to, and someone who can hopefully influence both the employees of Murkoff and Umbrella.”

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You’d never think that “Do I Wanna Know” by the Arctic Monkeys blaring in his ears would calm the killer within. Ease his drumming heart to a dull beat as he sings along. Keep his shaking under control. May be the beat alone for him to focus on than his rage. Then that horrid beat of a heart which should have stopped long ago. It’s a song which reminds him of his buddy but also of a love which should have never gotten so far.

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"Wake up, hun,"

Send "Wake up, hun," and my character will react to waking up, hungover, in a Vegas hotel room with yours, wedding bands around each our fingers.

It was another cheap and shitty motel room, the air conditioner was broken and the hot dry desert heat was creeping in as the two men lay down on the lumpy mattress, with beads of sweat on their foreheads. Eddie woke up, groggy and with a pounding headache, thumping over and over again just hard enough to keep him from trying to go back to sleep.

Turning onto his side the man sees Rusty and rubs his eyes to make sure it was him.  There was no denying it, and what even surprised him more was the wedding band around the younger male’s finger. When did he get married? He couldn’t recall anything like that happening while they were here and even before that, but then again he couldn’t remember anything at all from the night before.

Eddie ran his fingers through his hair, sitting on the edge of the bed,  trying to keep himself from puking. It had been so long since he drank as much as he did in order to completely black out on the events of the night before. But just as he set his hand back down on the mattress the matching wedding band caught his eye. Immediately he went to go shove Rusty awake who refused multiple times until he finally got up, propped on his elbow, “Mm yeah? What is it?” he mumbles trying deperately to keep awake.

“I believe we’re married now.”

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7. A passionate kiss

Eddie waited by the door, waited for Rusty to walk by on his round before he knocked on the window to catch the young man’s attention. Then he knocked even harder when the clueless boy walked past. At least this time, the guard heard him and backtracked the few steps and looked into the small window with his big smile and the goofy look on his face.

The inmate made a motion for the other to unlock the door with his keys and come in, watching the man on the other side of the door tilt his head in confusion and shrugging.Shaking his head to communicate that he had no idea what that hand movement meant.

At all.

The older male sighed and pulled on the door knob and shook the door while mouthing, ‘Open’ until Rusty realized what he was saying and fumbled with the keys, trying key and after key for a good four minutes before he found the right one for Eddie’s cell and slowly opened the door an inch or two.

“What do you need, man?" The Groom pulled the door wide open and urged him to come inside, yanking him in the room by his collar and pushed him up against a wall. "Du— DUDE, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry. If this is because I forgot to bring you a pudding cup this week it’s because they only had that flavor which you hate. Okay, I’m sor—” His nervous rambling was cut off by Eddie’s lips pressing up against his, roughly.

The older male pressed his body up against the younger one, hands letting go of his collar and up to the young male’s face, holding him in place until he parted from him. Keeping forehead to forehead, with a content sigh. “You were saying, darling?”

“Me, uh, nothing. I have to… get back to work. I’ll drop by later– after my shift alright?” He grabbed the hat that fell off his head when he was pulled in off the floor and walked out of the room, looking both ways in the hall to make sure nobody saw him walking out. “I promise.”



“Of course, darling.” Eddie knelt down next to the child and smiled. “I doubt you have enough to feed a big guy like me and you.”

"I have like a big tub,” he explained with a toothy grin, he lost one of his baby teeth recently. “It’s thiiiiis big.” He expanded his arms open, obviously exaggerating the size. 

“With a tub that size, you can feed everybody in the neighborhood.” Eddie responded softly, “Now will I have to invite them or will you?”