rusted wrecks


Nissan Patrol Fanta Limon Paris-Dakar rally car, 1987. After 30 years, Nissan has brought one of its iconic motorsport machines back to life. It took victory in the diesel category, and was the first diesel car to ever finish in the race’s overall top 10, taking 9th spot. The original car, in a much deteriorated state, was discovered in a Spanish motor museum and has been restored thanks to a dedicated team of engineers at Nissan’s European Technical Centre in Barcelona. For over two years they have worked on the car after work and at weekends, turning it from a rusting wreck back into a capable off-road racer


It’s 1 am and i couldn’t sleep till i doodled this out

( @roseymoseyberry mentioned young!Ratchet time-shenanigans and opened the floodgates; assuming that space bridges work along the same principles as the Lost Light’s Quantum Engines in order to bend the rules of physics, i imagine there’s some potential for time-related incidents…especially if Sari gets her Key involved. So cue a younger Ratchet stumbling off a battlefield in the past into the autobot’s future base on earth, and browbeating his older self into taking better care of their frame because he refuses to end up looking like a ‘rusted over wreck of a mech’)