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Он - дракон (2015)

(So like Matthew Mccon here~<333

A au prompt from my friend Crash95:Rust is an offspring of dragon and after the war between Dragon and human he’s brought up as a child by Travis in forest.But in some certain condition he’ll transform into dragon and that brings panic and hostility from other people.When he grows up he hides himself in a solitude life in an island.One day Rust’s “summoned"to Marty’s wedding in a dragon’s shape and get injured by him.Furiously,he takes Marty to his cave.When Marty comes back to himself he just finds a man,gaunt and injured,staring at him.Marty doesn’t know he is The dragon and begins to get close to him…I haven’t seen the movie but the idea that Rust is a dragon who can abate his ferity and foster the humanity by the bond with a human is so beautiful; )