rusted hunk of junk

johnhughesdidnotdirectmylife  asked:

19 for Stevepop, if you're up for it? <3

“Steve?” Soda was absently listening to the radio, his boyfriend fixing up some car that he claimed that would ‘earn ‘em back double’ what he’d got it for.  He had a book on his knees; Steve and Pony had finally agreed on something for once, and it was that they ought to find Soda some book he actually liked.  Wanting to please both his brother and Steve, Soda had agreed to their little book club.  Currently, he was fighting through Little Women, a book that Cherry had insisted they read. “To give you boys perspective.” 

Soda didn’t mind it, but some of the language was borderline biblical. 

“Steve?” But he’d been reading the past twenty minutes, and the mosquitoes were having a feast on his bare legs and arms. All he wanted now was to lay in bed, Steve’s arms around his shoulders and drift off to the sounds of the Temptations.  

His boyfriend just wouldn’t stop tinkering with the damn car.   Soda doggy eared the book and rose to his feet, walking over to the popped hood of the car. 

“Stevie…” He sighed, pushing hair out of his eyes and leaning on the rusting hunk of junk.  Steve still didn’t look up, only grunting in response. Soda had always found Steve Randle attractive. Well built, bright smile, not to mention his fountain of energy and charm.  Soda sighed and moved close, so he and Steve were inches apart.  

He gently wrapped his arms around Steve’s waist, pressing himself to him in a way that made Steve both mumble complaints half-heartedly and chuckle.  

“C’mon Stevie…let’s go inside, it’s gettin’ late….” Soda kissed the back of his neck, and then the spot behind his ear and then-

“Alright.” Steve said, trying to sound angry with Soda. “You win.” Steve stuck his tools back into his box and closed the hood.  

When he turned back around Soda’s face broke out into a smile and he grabbed Steve’s hand, all but dragging him towards the house.  

“Love ya, Stevie.” Soda said. It was something he let fall freely from his lips, always reminding Steve that no matter what, he loved him. Even if his old man was a real SOB, or something told him off, his Soda loved him.  Steve rolled his eyes and squeezed Soda’s hand. 

“Kinda like you.” 

Hope that was okay! I love Stevepop, it’s super cute!