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so uhh... can I get a smutty/smuffy twister (like the game) fic ;)

Oh dang, this is new. I made this an AU, because Killian-with-one-hand would be kind of really bad at this. (me-with-two-hands is really bad at this, I can’t imagine trying with one) I tried my best with it, (there was a Photoshopped chart with movements and everything) hope you enjoyed!

Also available on AO3

Emma plunked the box down on the table. Killian glanced over at it. “What fresh hell is this, Swan?”

She smiled sweetly. This was her keystone. Oh, she’d tried other ways. Obscenely short skirts. Lingerie. Strutting around the apartment in nothing but one of his shirts and her tallest stilettos. But nothing seemed to shake the coolly observant photographer. “This,” she said triumphantly, “is strip Twister.”

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