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Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

At a roundtable discussion with state transportation officials on Friday, Donald Trump said America’s aging roads, bridges, railways, and water systems were being “scoffed at and laughed” at. He pledged that they “will once again be the envy of the world.”

This seems to be a core theme for Trump: America’s greatness depends on others envying us rather than scoffing and laughing at us.

He said much the same thing last week when he announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. “At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us, as a country? We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. And they won’t be. They won’t be.”

To be sure, America is in dire need of massive investments in infrastructure. The nation suffers from overflowing sewage drains, crumbling bridges, rusting railroad tracks, outworn roads, and public transportation systems rivaling those of third-world nations.  

The American Society of Civil Engineers, giving America’s over-all infrastructure a grade of D-plus, says we would need to spend $3.6 trillion by 2020 to bring it up to par.

The problem isn’t that we’re being laughed at. It’s that we’re spending hours in traffic jams, disrupted flights, and slow-moving trains. And we’re sacrificing billions in lost productivity, avoidable public health problems, and increased carbon emissions. 

But what Donald Trump is proposing won’t help. It’s nothing but a huge and unnecessary tax giveaway to the rich.

His “$1 trillion infrastructure plan,” unveiled last week, doesn’t amount to $1 trillion of new federal investment in infrastructure. It would commit $200 billion of federal dollars over ten years, combined with about $800 billion of assorted tax breaks to get developers to build things instead of the federal government doing it.

And it’s hardly a plan. It’s not much more than a page of talking points.

Worse, its underlying principle is deeply flawed.  It boils down to a giant public subsidy to developers and investors, who would receive tax generous tax credits in return for taking on the job. 

Which means the rest of us would have to pay higher taxes or get fewer services in order to make up for the taxes the developers and investors would no longer pay.

For example (in one version of the plan I’ve come across), for every dollar developers put into a project, they’d actually pay only 18 cents – after tax credits – and taxpayers would contribute the other 82 cents through their tax dollars.

No one should be surprised at this scheme. It’s what Trump knows best. After all, he was a developer who made billions, often off sweeteners like generous tax credits and other subsidies.  

The public would also pay a second time. The developers would own the roads and bridges and other pieces of infrastructure they finance. They’d then charge members of the public tolls and fees to use them.

In place of public roads and bridges, we’d have private roads and bridges. Think of America turning into giant, horizontal-like Trump Tower wherever you looked.   

These tolls and fees won’t come cheap. They’d have to be set high in order to satisfy the profit margins demanded by the developers and the investors who back them.

Worst of all, we’d get the wrong kind of infrastructure. Projects that will be most attractive to developers and investors are those whose tolls and fees bring in the biggest bucks – giant mega-projects like major new throughways and new bridges.

Developers and investors won’t be interested in the thousands of smaller bridges, airports, pipes, and water treatment facilities across the country that are most in need of repair.

They’re not likely to respond to the needs of rural communities and smaller cities and towns that are too small to generate the tolls and other user fees equity developers and investors seek.

They won’t be attracted to the most important first priority for our nation’s infrastructure: Better maintenance of what we already have. With improved maintenance, it wouldn’t be necessary to completely rebuild.

But investors and developers want to build anew. They can’t reap big rewards from maintenance.

Nor will they want to put their efforts and money into projects that don’t yet have proven financial track records, like many clean energy innovations – which, not incidentally, might have enabled us to meet our targets under the Paris climate accords, were we still part of the Paris accords.

We shouldn’t have to pay twice over for the wrong infrastructure.

To really make America great again we need the correct infrastructure in the right places – infrastructure that’s for the public, not for big developers and investors.

Sorry, Donald. The only way we get this is if big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes to support it.

u guys are sleeping so hard on maine gothic 

  • thousands of island dot the coast line, unfound and unknown. so many that people are unsure which are real and which aren’t. Aunt Sarah’s Ledge, Deadman Point, Pound of Tea and Poverty Nub. and the 26 all named Bar. boats blow past them in the night and there’s no sound on the radio. just static.
  • old men, hands as rough as rope, toil endlessly on piers. night after night, their boats docked in the inky water, they hum an ancient tune and grin at the sea as if they’ve seen it’s worst and they know that while nature is cruel men will always be crueler.
  • people say the devil burns hot. up north they say other wise. they say the devil is the open woods, freezing and laughing as you load your rifle with another round. but you can’t shoot darkness, kid. there’s nothing there. 
  • the paper mill is closed. the paper mill is starting up every morning in the same way, the sound of machines whirring to life and the march of footsteps. you throw a rock at a window and pretend you don’t hear shouts when it shatters the glass. the water wheel turns and the paper mill is closed.
  • witches don’t die. they take classes at the university, 13 members of the occult, class of ‘79. they stain grave stones, with feet and hearts, the only parts of the girls that didn’t burn. witches don’t die, not here anyway. they roam the graveyard at night and run surprisingly seamless websites. 
  • there are no billboards in maine. no “hell is real”, no “jesus saves”. so people make do. they paint it on barn sides and picket signs. they scream it from the mountain tops and sear it into your heart. they feel it in their gut, late at night and later still, when the church two towns over burns down and you swear you can still smell the smoke. 
  • there’s a one stoplight town with a grocery store and a gas station that kisses the canadian border. people stare at you as you drive by. you’re from around here. they know that, they can tell by your skin and teeth and smile. from around here, but not from here. not here, not here, for the love of god, not here
  • there’s a car stalled on the I-95. a neon diner sign, never turned off. an old bean factory, a rusted bridge and schoolhouse that hasn’t seen a child’s face in ages. there’s a feeling of belonging, of shells between your fingers and of fear. there’s a signal on channel 6, but no pictures. just static. 

Matthew McConaughey & Jeff Bridges - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation [x]

Jeff is grabbing Matthew’s ankle…so cute :)

Aimless - Tenacious Part 3 (13.4k)

Guys it’s actually here i’m dying and this took me a whole week okay pls reblog or somethin’. Give me some slack for making them bigger and better each time pls. Some smut, mild angst, adventure, and swearing and robbing and hurting ppl ok? That’s the warning. This is a moving gif fic, where I incorporate gifs of a song into this. That song will be Run. 


The crew and you rove throughout the town’s and cities, causing havoc while occurrences of inner turmoil from the youngest spouts from the leader’s day’s of ruling their gang to be long overdue.

Tenacious 1-?

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toomanyanimatronics  asked:

Hello!! I'm a fan of animatronics too, and I was wondering if you knew much of anything about the huge animatronic dragon that's rusting underneath the bridge that leads into the main entrance for the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas? There are very few pictures of it online, and only one cruddy video shot by someone who couldn't shoot worth crap, but that animatronic is by far my favorite.

Hi! I haven’t heard of this animatronic dragon show in the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas. but I looked this up and this is what I could find about it. 

I think this is the video you’re talking about

There’s also this video about it

and it’s mentioned on this person’s blog with a picture of Merlins house

The Moat once featured an animatronics show which featured a fire-breathing dragon and a Merlin. The show was shut down sometime in 2001; since then, the dragon has been removed, while Merlin’s house remains. Recently, the moat was drained; rendering some of the tracks and parts from the original attraction visible, leading to speculation that said original version may return or be replaced by a newer attraction.

The other thing I found about the dragon was that it was made by AVG and they have a good pic of it on their site

AVG designed and constructed one of the largest animatronic dragons in the world. The 70-foot long, three-story tall, smoke snorting, fire breathing dragon began performing at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas in late 1993.


I couldn’t find any pics of it rusting underneath the bridge in the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas though. If you have pics of that then I would love to see them. 

Exposer-Chapter 3- The Beginning

Alright so it’s Tuesday 🤗 

You know what that means right?

#ExposerTuesdays time!

😆 So let’s get this trending shall we?
I hope you guys are excited for Chapter 3 because it took me a lot of time to work on and I’m extremely happy with the outcome. There’s gonna be love and hate. Questions and answers. Shannon
and Jared. Plus (Y/N) of course. 😁So buckle up buttercups ! Here we go….

Jared suddenly jolted and turned to his right to the sound of the voice calling his name.
“Dude, you coming in or….?” Shannon said in a questioning tone.

“Yeah…yeah,sorry.” Jared said shaking his head clear of his thoughts and getting out of the car, grabbing his bookbag in the process. What’s up with him? Shannon thought as the two brothers walked through the faded front doors of the small school together.Shannon looked around to scout the halls while Jared just looked ahead trying not to draw more attention than he got on a regular day. *WHISTLE*
“What’s up ladies?” Shannon said sweetly to a group of what looked like freshman girls standing by the yellow lockers.

The girls smiled brightly and waved at him.“I’m gonna have to catch you later bro.” Shannon said smirking at Jared while backing away slowly towards the giggling girls.Jared just nodded thinking to himself, Some things never change. He scoffed rolling his eyes with a small smile and walked to his assigned locker with his backpack slung over his right shoulder. Jared just leaned his back against the dented locker and closed his eyes for a second to prepare for the long day ahead of him. He let out a breath and then it all started.

The voice of some varsity football player named Brad filled his ears. “So the loser didn’t drop out yet…” Brad said loudly to his buddy across the hall from Jared’s locker.They clearly looked right at Jared insinuating they were talking about him. Jared just stared back. Seriously? The first bell hasn’t even rang yet.I mean come on… Jared pushed his back off his locker and started to walk to English. “Oh, is the goth queen deaf now!?” Brad exclaimed after Jared. Jared let it roll off him though and shook his head slightly, licking his lips to keep himself from saying anything to get him into trouble.

First period came and went quickly. Jared just sat in the back row the entire time replaying that moment that’s been plaguing his mind since that hot summer day.

~~~(Flashback to that summer day)~~~

Jared hopped into the Impala with his camera in hand. He was heading down to the Calcasieu River that runs all the way to the Gulf.

There’s one spot in particular he had been planning to see today. There’s an old rusted railroad bridge crossing part of the river shielded by trees on either bank and Jared liked to sit there and take pictures sometimes. He had captured moments at sunrise,sunset,fall,winter and spring. Today he planned to get some shots of the hot summer night as the fireflies emerged over the river at dusk.

Jared drove his car at a leisurely pace down the small paved road until he turned off onto a dirt road leading to his destination.He parked the black car as far off the side of the road as he could and continued on foot.He could hear the crunch of dirt and rocks as his black converse hightops kicked up little brown clouds of dirt. The road wasn’t too far from where the train tracks were. Jared just had to walk farther up and climb the hill covered with thick green summer foliage. Once he was at the top he followed the tracks to the bridge. It wasn’t covered so he was relieved to have some trees close by to provide shade for this time of day. He got there late in time to sit for a couple of hours and think while snapping photos until dusk. Jared sat down on the metal side of the bridge catching his breath and let his torn jean clad legs dangle. He could smell the oxidized scent of rust on the tracks mixed with a whiff of the honey suckles nearby every time a gentle breeze would cross over the river. The sun was low in the sky like it was tired and couldn’t be bothered to stay up any longer, turning into a weight soon to fall. There was a buzz of crickets and cicadas in the trees setting a calm atmosphere that Jared seeked. He had been rehersing with the guys earlier and after a day filled with music and noise he just wanted quiet. He loved the music but this was on a different end of the spectrum.

Jared started taking pictures while he sat on the warm bridge feeling the sun heat his shoulders in his black tank top. First was a picture of this old tree that fell into the murky waters of the river below exposing it’s tremendous roots and protruding out into the water, creating a space for the animals.
Second was a shot of two hawks circling the sky above,gliding on the wind effortlessly in a downward spiral.
It must be nice to have a companion to fly with like that , being free. Someone to take a plunge with.
Just then one of the hawks swooped down at lightning speed and dove to the water with a splash before flapping it’s chocolate brown feathered wings at the last second and soaring back up ,clutching a fish in its sharp talons. Jared snapped a picture and that’s when it happened. That moment was when his world changed.

He noticed movement in his peripheral in the water below the bridge. It was a gliding movement so graceful and delicate. He didn’t make a sound except for his deep breathing in the heat. The movement continued out from under the bridge into the middle of the river. It was a girl swimming out here all alone.
Maybe I have heatstroke. Jared thought.
She swam in the refreshing water seeming to enjoy her time here alone in the river. Jared watched intrigued as the mystery girl swam over to a small strip of land that jutted out into the water.

Her (Y/S/C) skin stood out against the clouded water in the dim light of the afternoon sun. The water droplets glistened on her skin as they ran down her beautifully curved body as she emerged from the water to dry off. Jared couldn’t help but stare at this girl and not move a muscle. She patted herself down with a brightly colored beach towel and pulled on a pair of faded blue cut off shorts over her light pink bikini bottoms.
That color pink looks just like cotton candy.Jared thought. I wonder what color her eyes are. I bet they shine just as bright as lights at the carnival on a dark  starry night.

Jared knew he should probably leave and give her some privacy.He felt like a total creep for just oggling a girl he’s never even met before. But something made him stay. It’s like he was magnetized, keeping him attached to the metal of the bridge where he sat. Then the stranger saw something out the corner of her eye. A flickering light moving. Fireflies! She thought with excitement. Her lips spread into a wide smile. I haven’t caught fireflies since I was little back in Virginia. (Y/N) thought to herself. She ran to one and caught it in her hands cupped together.

The girl peeked into her hands to see the bug light up like a fairy and giggled like a child feeling it’s little legs tickle the soft skin of her palm. The sound of her giggles carried over the water an was music to Jared’s ears.
That must be what angels sound like.
He smiled happily just watching her behave without a care  in the world.

He admired that. He got to witness a perfect moment in her life yet he didn’t even know her name. But that didn’t matter, we only get so many moments that we remember forever. Jared felt this was one of those moments for her and it sure as hell was one for him. He wanted to do more than just remember though, after all it was a picture perfect moment. Jared lifted his camera with precise hands and took a picture of the girl catching fireflies over the water.


Oh shit. Jared thought as his eyes grew wide. Just then the girl turned like she heard a noise. She wasn’t facing the bridge but the opposite direction. Jared took the opportunity and dove onto the tracks flattening his body against the railroad ties and jagged gravel.
Please didn’t see me, Please didn’t see me.Jared thought over and over as he clutched the object to nearly cause his demise from utter embarassment. Stupid camera. Jared thought while glaring at the device before he peeked his head up over the side of the rails to see if the girl was still there. There was nothing but an empty river bank and Jared didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed.

~~~~(Back to Current School Day)~~~

Jared was in the hallway awaiting his next class.He still didn’t know who the mystery girl was. He thought about her all summer. When he drove his car, when he played his music, and most often when he lie awake at night praying for sleep to take him. That girl was a living dream starting to blur his reality. It was a small town and Jared was starting to wonder if it was all just a dream since he never saw her again.

“Hey hot stuff, haven’t seen you before.”
Jared heard the comment coming from a couple lockers down from him.
Hot stuff?…Couldn’t come up with a better pickup than that? Jared thought , shifting his sight over in that direction. Fucking Brad.Why am I not surprised. But then Jared’s mind went blank like a t.v. channel that cut out to static.Jared looked past the back of Brad’s letterman jacket and saw her. It was the angel from the river and she was real. Alive and breathing, unfortunately having to share the same air as Brad. She looked at Brad and then past him noticing Jared and smiled a small smile. Jared just stared back too dumfounded to react, still reeling over the fact she was standing here in the hallway.

She looked down to the floor and then across the hall not wanting to make eye contact with the jock.
“That’s because I just moved here. This is my first year here at Kinder.” She said nicely.
“Well why don’t you let me show you around then?” Brad said in a conniving tone.

“The school seems kind of small. I think I can manage on my own.” (Y/N) said a little more confidently not wanting to give Brad any openings to continue his advances.
“Well I didn’t mean just the school, not everything around here is small if you know what I mean.” Brad retorted with a sleazy smirk on his face while inching closer to (Y/N) with his arm on the locker next to her head, invading her personal space.

Jared locked his jaw and balled his hand into a fist. It was one thing to treat him like shit but to talk to a lady like that was unacceptable in his eyes. He was was raised better than that.
(Y/N) wanted to leave but Brad was making it physically impossible to get away from him at the moment. Everytime she moved so would he ,acting like it was a game of cat and mouse. “Please move.” (Y/N)said sternly.
Why does the schools biggest jerk have to pick me to focus on?  
Because you’re new...fresh meat. Duh!
Her conscience answered back.
“Oh come on now.. I’m just trying to show a little southern hospitality.” Brad said still standing in her way. That’s it. Jared thought as he stormed over and grabbed Brad by the collar of his jacket spinning him around to face him.
“She said to move and she asked nicely.” Jared said with anger lacing every word, still gripping Brad’s collar tight. Brad shoved Jared away causing him to stumble back slightly releasing his hold.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing Leto?!” Brad asked looking angry and confused. Everyone in the hallway was now watching the turn of events just waiting for a fight to break out. Jared looked at the girl with softened eyes and back to Brad.

“I’m telling you to leave her alone Brad.” “Jared’s got a set of balls on him afterall!” Brad said loud for the now growing crowd to hear. “Too bad you can’t do shit about it.” Brad said back to Jared pushing him into a locker. The combination locks rattled loud against the metal and one dug into Jared’s back on the impact. Jared wasn’t going to be made a fool of, not in front of her. Jared swung his first around and right hooked Brad right in his smug little face catching him off guard and making him lose his balance. Jared used that to push Brad to the hard buffed floor and pushed his arm into the jocks neck cutting off his airflow.

Brad fought for air and clawed at Jared’s arm but without any help he wasn’t having much luck. Jared leaned in next to Brad’s ear so only he could hear him and said, “I’ve had a set of balls all along Brad but if you keep mouthing off like you just did I’m gonna make sure you lose yours and they’re placed somewhere so you can’t fucking talk anymore.” Jared backed away with a death stare and harshly removed his arm from Brad’s neck.

Shannon had just caught wind of the fight going down and ran up to the crowd seeing Jared on the ground still he pushed through to get to his brother.
“And if you lay a hand on her…” Jared said to Brad while pointing a finger at (Y/N)

“..I’ll break both your fucking hands.“Jared looked from the bewildered Brad on the floor up to the mystery girl who was standing mouth agape thinking of what to say.

What the what just happened? Was all she could think. Jared turned and walked down the hall crowded with students whispering and yelling amongst themselves to get to his next class before anyone could stop him. Shannon just stood there watching his brother walk away and looked back at (Y/N) with questioning eyes.

She didn’t say anything though. What was there to say really? So Shannon just turned back to stare down the hallway with more questions now than he had this morning.























Josh Hutcherson Movie Characters for each zodiac signs

ARIES | Nod - Epic

TAURUS | Jess Aarons - Bridge to Terabithia

GEMINI | Robert Kitner - Red Dawn

CANCER | Gabe - Little Manhattan

LEO | Walter - Zathura

VIRGO | Laser - The Kids are alright

LIBRA | Nick - Escobar: Paradise lost

SCORPIO | Max - The Rusted

SAGITTARIUS | Sean Anderson - Journey movies

CAPRICORN | Steve Leonard - Cirque du freak

AQUARIUS | Clapton Davis - Detention

PISCES | Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games Triology