rusted bridge


Elk Run Heights, Iowa
Population: 1,117

“Elk Run Heights was begun by a small group of people who wanted to escape the problems of big city life.  The original tract of land was owned by Everette Sutton.  He plotted the first addition in 1947, known as Sutton’s First Addition.  The petition for incorporation was begun in April of 1951.  The first mayoral/council election was held in June 1951.   The population in 1951 was 25.”

Josh Hutcherson Movie Characters for each zodiac signs

ARIES | Nod - Epic

TAURUS | Jess Aarons - Bridge to Terabithia

GEMINI | Robert Kitner - Red Dawn

CANCER | Gabe - Little Manhattan

LEO | Walter - Zathura

VIRGO | Laser - The Kids are alright

LIBRA | Nick - Escobar: Paradise lost

SCORPIO | Max - The Rusted

SAGITTARIUS | Sean Anderson - Journey movies

CAPRICORN | Steve Leonard - Cirque du freak

AQUARIUS | Clapton Davis - Detention

PISCES | Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games Triology