rust revival

MBTI as US Cities

Imperfect, but here we go.

ISTJ- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the United States, which would greatly appeal to the ISTJ’s dominant, past-oriented Si. Like the ISTJ, the city offers far more than it might initially let on, so it’s well worth getting to know.

ISFJ- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis has its shit together, much like the well functioning and organized ISFJ’s Si does.  Aside from being one of the healthiest and most economically stable cities in the country, the city has a distinctive, midwestern politeness that surely would appeal to the ISFJ’s Fe.

INFJ- Burlington, Vermont

Quiet but vibrant, Burlington is sure to suit the individual and genuine nature characteristic of Ni, the INFJ’s dominant function.  Additionally, the city is located in one of the most liberal states in the country, which would sit well with the INFJ’s idealism.  

INTJ- Seattle, Washington

Cerebral and cosmopolitan, Seattle would feel just like home to the intelligent INTJ.  Both inspired and efficient, like the INTJ’s Ni and Te, Seattle is home to a number of innovative and respected corporations like Microsoft and Starbucks.

ISTP- Denver, Colorado

Located in active and beautiful Colorado, Denver suits the ISTP’s exploratory nature.  Groups committed to research and natural resources would stimulate the ISTP’s Ti, while outdoor activities in and around the city, such as hiking and skiing, suit the type’s Se.

ISFP- New Orleans, Louisiana

Just like the ISFP, New Orleans is devoted to self expression and having a good time.  The city’s thriving art and music would work well with the ISFP’s Fi, while festivals like Mardi Gras are perfect for a Se-auxiliary type.

INFP- Austin, Texas

Just as Austin is a bit distinct from the rest of Texas, the INFP is typically unique among its peers.  Austin’s art scene is deep and varied, offering the INFP ways to entertain both its truth-seeking Fi and expansive Ne.

INTP- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh was once a steel town on the edge of decline, but after diversifying its industry, it has emerged as a prototype of the revived Rust Belt city.  This innovation, fueled largely by commitments to fields like engineering, would complement the INTP’s Ti and Ne.

ESTP- Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is arguably the most fun city in America, just like the ESTP is arguably the most fun of all the sixteen types.  Activities appealing to Se are everywhere, and the ESTP’s auxiliary Ti would be interested in trying to make (or at least not lose) money in the casino.

ESFP- Miami, Florida

Outgoing and cultured, the ESFP would thrive in a city with as much energy as Miami.  Beach activities and multicultural food would all appeal to the ESFP’s dominant Se, while a vibrant dance and music scene suits its auxiliary Fi.

ENFP- Portland, Oregon

Portland is weird.  The ENFP is weird.  It’s a match made in heaven!  The city embraces the unusual, as seen in stores like Voodoo Doughnut and attractions like the Pedalounge, working extraordinarily well with the ENFP’s quirky Ne. 

ENTP- San Francisco, California

In a center of both diversity and innovation like San Francisco, the ENTP would fit in perfectly.  Start-ups and creative ideas abound, suiting dominant Ne, while the city’s technological slant would be great for auxiliary Ti.  

ESTJ- Boston, Massachusetts

Doesn’t it seem like people in Boston get shit done?  That efficiency is exemplified in the ESTJ’s dominant Te, and the city’s rich history would similarly appeal to the type’s high Si. 

ESFJ- Chicago, Illinois 

Friendly and warm (I’m not talking in terms of climate), Chicago also has all the hallmarks of a great American city, appealing to the ESFJ’s Fe and Si. With a number of museums, businesses, and recreational activities, Chicago is just as social and practical as the ESFJ.

ENFJ- New York, New York

The city that never sleeps is perfectly in stride with the ENFJ’s outgoing and entrepreneurial energy.  The ENFJ won’t struggle at all with the need to network and connect due to its dominant Fe, and auxiliary Ni’s commitment to the future will give an edge in the professional or artistic world.

ENTJ- Washington, DC

ENTJs will often find themselves in leadership positions, which means they’re perfectly suited to living in the nation’s capital.  By combining both idealism and execution through auxiliary Ni and dominant Te, the ENTJ will work well in a town like Washington.  


Research book to support a new identity proposal for the ship building and repair company. The book took form as a fictive narrative with the element of rust and revival of ships coming back to shore from the lost sea. Reviving human spirit as a result.