rust flowers


“Sol in prime sweet summertime
Cast shadows of doubt on my face
A midday sun, it’s causing hues
Refracting within the still lake”

A merry midsummer, spent much of my morning listening to my October Rust record and wanting a walk in the woods. 

‘ Rusty Glads ‘  Dried Gladiolas on a rusted metal chunk of tin roofing hit by fire by Bob Bauer..  Shot in studio with 6x7 Ektachrome jtransparency film, then scanned.  Sometimes dead and dried flowers can be beautiful.

You can purchase a  fine art archival matted and mounted print of this at:


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.15.16

theme: autumnal/winery wedding finds
rustic autumn vine flower crown by gardensofwhimsy

the ideal fall wedding hair accessory for the boho bride – or bridesmaid :) these rust and peach and burgundy flowers rest on a vine crown headband with deep purple berry branch accents. oh yes.

Short Character Profile: Zwelfaren Hyrtfyrsyn

(Yay playing on low quality)

▌ NAME: Zwelfaren Hyrtfyrsyn 
▌ HEIGHT:  ~220 cm 
▌ SPECIES: Roegadyn Seawolf
▌ GENDER: Male 
▌ NATIONALITY: Limsa Lominsan
▌ NAMEDAY: 19th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
▌ RESIDENCE: Mist / Foundation
▌ MARITAL STATUS: Complicated (Poly)
▌ ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
▌ DRINK: Tea, Juice and Spirits
▌ FOOD: Seafood, Salad
▌ SNACKS: Fruits, Berries, Jerky
▌ COLOR: Rust Red / Russet
▌ FLOWER: Cherry Blossom
▌ SEXUALITY: Panromantic / Homosexual
BODY TYPE: Large, somewhat musclegut
EYE COLOR: Light Grey
▌ HAIR COLOR: Red/Orange

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An amazing (and somewhat intimidating) discovery made a few mornings ago: a gigantic beehive tucked away in the crevice of my father’s old vehicle! So THAT’S why all my freshly planted marigold flowers have been thriving lately, eh? I know a lot of people don’t hold a liking to bees, but I truly love them. They’re nature’s most economical builders and play a vital role to the planet’s ecosystem. We’re still figuring out a way to *safely* and *respectfully* relocate them – but, I’ll still admire them from afar in the meantime. 

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If you're willing, and have time, could I have a name aesthetic for Vale? I'm curious as to what those are!

purple skies, rolling dark storm clouds, long strips of dirt roads during a roadtrip, jeans with rips in the knees, shampoo that smells like flowers, rusted golden jewelry, a hand heavy with rings