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Earth-57289 Headcanons
  • Tony is still Iron Man, his back story is just a little more convoluted 
    • his identity is actually secret tho
  • Iron Man ends up saving the dashing James Rhodes, CEO of Rhodes Labs International a lot.
  • Villians going after Iron Man start targeting Rhodey, but he manages to reverse-engineer a repulser gauntlet of his own that he can use in a pinch. 
    • Tony helped a little because Rhodey would have figured it out but it was a lot faster with his old MIT Roommate’s help.
      • “It’s just kind of embarrassing Tone, like I’m some sort of damsal in distress! I’ll show that stupid rust bucket what distress looks like” “I thought Iron Man was a good guy” “he’s EMBARASSING is what he is!” 
  • Rhodey and Tony were really really close in college but drifted apart while Rhodey was in the military. 
    • He was really surprised the first day Tony showed up to work and he saw him in the labs - all of their hiring is blind name. 
      • “oh no he’s hot” - both of them
  • Rhodey works down in the trenches in a regular lab with the rest of his employees. 
    • He has a private lab, but he generally only uses it for special or personal projects. For work he likes to work with everyone else. 
  • Carol Danvers is in charge of liasoning with the Air Force. They had a thing in college, so it’s always awkward when they have to work with one another, which leads Rhodey to bringing Tony with him which just makes it worse because Tony was jealous as hell when they were dating and Carol knew that but Rhodey didn’t. 
  • Did I mention Tony is just fucking gone over Rhodey?
  • They were roommates at MIT 
  • Ty Stone works for Rhodes Labs and he is ALWAYS doing some sort of corporate espionage bullshit that Iron Man has to deal with 
    • “Rhodey, that guy is bad news” “Tony, just because he’s an asshole doesn’t make him a spy.”
    • Eventually Ty gets canned and creates an offshoot of AIM that Iron Man has to deal with
  • Tony’s ‘almost’ told Rhodey that he’s Iron Man no less than 7 times but always chokes at the last minute. 
  • Rhodey sort of regrets hiring Tony because he knows he can’t date an employee but Tony’s not just an employee he’s Tony but it’s not like Tony would ever date him anyway, Tony doesn’t date and definitely wouldn’t date his boss since that would be wrong. 
  • Rhodey has his own swanky apartment but more often than not he crashes in Tony’s guest room. 
  • The other scientists have a pool going on when the two are finally going to get together
“Don’t dis the Truck!”

So, I ended that post about the Hopps family’s wealth with a quasi-question: With all the shiny trucks they had at their home, why would Stu prefer use this particular rust-bucket:

Or even, why Stu kept that truck, at all?

He even took good care of it. Keeping the engine running at its best. Even perhaps modding the engine to give it more zing. Witness how it ran when Judy gunned it:

It had so much torque and power, when it was underloaded, the rear wheels simply slip on loose surface.

So, why all the love for a rickety truck?

As @leon-flechette and @ryutolbx guessed: Sentimental reasons.

It’s probably bought for Stu by his dad.

It’s where Stu learned to drive.

It’s the car Stu used to drive Bonnie home from the Bunnyburrows Square Dance Gathering.

It’s where Stu & Bonnie first made out. Right there in the couch-like wide seat, unbroken by a middle console. Sized just right for two rabbits deeply in love with each other.

They probably drove away from the marriage ceremony in that truck, too.

Years later, one of their daughters probably made out with her boyfriend, for their first time, in the very same truck.


For this next submission, i will add a disclaimer: saltyand petty does not condone actions of violence or situations that are life threatening. Also a reminder for readers who may be inspired by anything they read on here on here, please keep in mind that there are real life consequences for our actionsl like prison. Stay safe! :

“This happened while I was in high school. One day out of nowhere a classmate of mine decided to be really nasty to me and later that day she beat me up. (Years later I learned that people where telling her I was spreading rumors about her, but 1. I had a bad speech impediment and wasn’t talking AT ALL never mind spreading rumors. And 2. I didn’t even know her name prior to this incident)

So I made a plan to get my petty revenge. I stayed around the parking lot after the buss dropped me off in the mornings to see what car she drove, it was an old second hand rust bucket of a car.

I started smuggling a lighter and a pice of flint to school everyday. One day during art class I stayed behind to help the teacher clean up, she wrote me a pass explaining why I would be late for my next class. Instead of going straight to class I snuck outside into the parking lot.

Her car doors where unlocked so it was easy getting in. The shaft to the break petrel was just as rusted as the rest of it, so I attached the flint to the floor so it rubbed against the rusted metal of the brake when the brake was used.

Then I smashed the lighter and dumped the fluid into the front seat carpet.

Then I went to class like nothing happened.

I heard a couple of days later that the inside of her car caught on fire “out of nowhere” and it still brings a smile to my face to this day :)”



son of nobody
walked with
red man across
his home planet

rust bucket of a home
all iron oxide

by the time I had
finished walking with him
shown him my
received my sword

so much
in my soul

All I want is a Clone Wars au where Anakin leaves with Ahsoka at the end of season five

And the 501st follows them because what are they /supposed/ to do, just get another set of Jedi? No way. Better traitors to the republic than traitors to their officers, especially after what happened to Ahsoka.

And after awhile, maybe, Obi-wan realizes that they aren’t coming back, and that they’re right, something fishy is up with the republic and the order, and he tracks them down halfway across the galaxy. Anakin and the clones are fixing up a rust bucket of a freighter to use as their mobile base of operations while they run the kind of missions the republic would never authorize. At first Obi-wan tells himself, and everyone else, that he’s there to convince them to rejoin the order in exchange for pardons for the clones. It doesn’t take him long to give up on the pretense, because honestly, Anakin is the only familiar thing, the only thing that makes sense in a galaxy and an order that he no longer recognizes.

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Eleven):
  • "Okay, great, here it is. Got it."
  • "Wait, what? Great, you're a conductor now, huh? Hey, listen, it would take a miracle to get this rust bucket going."
  • "Alright. One toot toot."
  • "You play cribbage with a weasel."
  • "He cheats like there's no tomorrow."
  • "Foxes are the worst!"
  • "Let's not tell the mayor just yet!"
  • "And sent it. And it is done. So I did do that."
  • "Oh... Eh... Okay. Deal."
  • "Did you think it was real? It looks so real! It's not, it's just a new app."
  • "Now I can tell you're a little tense, so I'm just gonna give you a little personal space!"
  • "Whatever you do, do not let go!"
  • "More bad news in a city gripped by fear."
  • "Go back to the forest."
  • "It's a crazy, beautiful diverse city where we celebrate our differences."
  • "Don't tell me what I know!"
  • "You don't scare me."
  • "Scared now?"
  • "I make two hundred bucks a day, Fluff. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year since I was twelve."
  • "I know everybody."
  • "For what? Hwurting your feewings?"
  • "You are so much more than that."
  • "Look at that traffic down there."
  • "I'm glad you told me."
  • "I know a thing or two about being a jerk."
  • "He bit the dickens out of your mother."
  • "A bunny can go savage."
  • "I know plenty of bunnies who are jerks."
  • "Sure, yeah, we all do, absolutely."
  • "We made a little care package to take with you."
  • "I love your hair."
  • "You're gonna have to be patient and wait in line just like everyone else."
  • "I popped the weasel!"
  • "You should be asking what happened to me!"
  • "Whoa. A teensy otter did that?"
  • "He was a savage!"
Sole's Nicknames for the Companions

Cait: “Luck of the Irish”

Codsworth: “Rust bucket”

Curie: “Madame de Pompadour”

Danse: “Tin Can” or “Buzz Lightyear”

Deacon: “Dumbass” lovingly of course

Dogmeat: “PBASMC” (Precious baby angel sweetums munchkin cupcake) Pronounced: Puh-bass-muh-kuh, not suitable in emergencies

Hancock: “Charlie Sheen”

MacCready: “Neeeeeeeeeeerd”

Magnolia: “Magster” She hates it

Maxson: “Daddy” and/or “Beefcake”

Nick Valentine: “L.A. Noire” or “Inspector Gadget”

Piper: “Red” :)

Preston: “Clint Eastwood” or “Woody” goes great with Danse

Strong: “Bruce Banner/Hulk” and/or “Puke” He likes Puke

X6-88: “Terminator” and/or “C3P0”

;;so, it’s been almost half a damn year since i was back on here and since my stupid laptop broke. semester was rough with my old rust bucket but now that my new laptop is here i should be back on semi-regularly given that the new semester is about to begin!!! anyway, will be unfollowing and refollowing some mutuals and doing basically a massive cleanup!!  

i’m just really glad to be back here with yall. 

Legend of Korra Book 4 “Balance” Sentence Starters

“Now let’s go attach these barely functional rust buckets to a giant killer smashing machine!”

“So, what now? Back to the dance floor?”

“You can’t expect to deal with future enemies if you’re still fighting the old ones.”

“There you are! You got my dinner yet?”

“It wouldn’t hurt if you would just relax! Stop fighting me!”

“I gotta get it out! You can get it out for me, right?”

“It was hot. I was on a blimp. And I think a giant turtle showed up. Wow, what a day.”

“How did you know I was out there?”

“You must really be in trouble if you came all the way down here to see me.”

“Feeling better?”

“You have 3 seconds before I wipe out your army.”

“Why would you save my life? After everything I did to you!”

“I came here to look you in the eye and tell you that you have no power over me. I will no longer be scared of you.”

“So … What’s the plan for today?”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear you so full of hope again.”

“You brought this on yourself.”

“You may now…. Do the thing.”

“What happened? Are we dead?”

“I don’t think I ever really apologized.”

“Are you alright?”

“Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us. Anywhere you want.”

“Where am I? What happened?”

“Haha! You’re okay!”

“Nice job.” 

“You’re going to answer for everything you’ve done.”

“This wasn’t how I wanted things to end. If you had all just surrendered, none of this would’ve happened!”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“I’ll accept whatever punishment the world sees fit.”

Eve and the Snob.

This isn’t my story, but my friends “Adam” and “Eve” are allowing me to share it with you.

Eve is a teacher at a public school in a large American city. Specifically, she teaches kids with special needs. Is that relevant to the story? No. I just want you all to know how awesome she is, so you empathize that much more with her in this tale of vengeance!

Now the school where she works happens to be located adjacent to a very, VERY ritzy neighborhood. The school also has inadequate parking for all the staff, so Eve, fully able to walk a couple of blocks, parks on the street in the nice neighborhood.

Her car is nothing special, but it’s very well maintained. Not a bucket of rust, but rather a small, simple car.

It just happens to be lime green.

Well one day, Mr. Snob comes out of his house in the morning and, doing his best imitation of nice, politely asks her not to park her car on the street. He clearly doesn’t like the color.

Eve, not having any other options, politely ignores him and continues parking there every day.

Two years go by without incident, until one day, Mr. Snob apparently snaps and calls the school. He speaks to one of administrators and does his best to sound like he has a real problem.

The administrator, in turn, asks if Eve is blocking his driveway.

Well no, she isn’t….

“Then she is parked legally on a public street that you do not own and you will not call us about this again!”

Now that’s a good administrator.

But… word of the call got to Eve, and it just so happened that Eve’s daughter was visiting (she’s an adult, lives in another state).

Daughter borrows Adam’s car for the day, drives to her mother’s school, and parks right next to mom’s green car. Directly in front of Snob’s house.

Did I forget to mention that Adam’s car is a bright lemon yellow?


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Archangels and Tricksters

Request: can you write one where the reader is a trickster and she is being hunted by Sam and Dean, them thinking it’s Gabriel. and she sets them up in a trick but then she meets Gabriel and they become friends and fluff please? thanks so much!

Author: Dee

Word Count: 1,589


Your feet hit the pavement, legs sore from running, what had to be at least eight miles now. You could still hear the impala, a rumble down the dark road behind you. How the hell had you ended up here? You were supposed to be powerful, a Trickster, a god for Heaven’s sake! Yet here you were, being run down by two brothers in a rust bucket car. You could hear them closer now, slowly catching up to you.

Your feet skidded to a stop, your chest heaving with a sensation that was all new to you. Exhaustion. You spun on your heels. The moment they had come at you, you’d known something was up. They were hunting you with a blade, an archangel blade of all things. You’d never seen one in person, but there was no mistaking it for anything else. Their weapon may not have been a stake, but who knew what that thing would do to you? If it could kill some of Heaven’s most powerful, surely it could take out a lower class trickster. You panted, resting your hands on your knees and wracking your brain for something, anything to use against the Winchesters.

You could see headlights now, dimmer than a candle flame, but approaching you still. You wouldn’t have run at first, if they hadn’t been so damn fast themselves. You could see the silhouette of their car now, two beaming headlights seeming to stare you down. You back up a bit, stumbling over your own feet. You couldn’t thing of anything to do, but your arm shot out anyway, and you could hear two very loud pops and something you could only describe as the flutter of wings, as you blew out their front tires. It didn’t take them long to figure out what was happening, sliding from their seats and slamming the doors behind them, pursuing you on foot now. This evened out the fight a bit, still two against one, but no automobiles to give them a head start.

You spun around again, thinking you would run a bit further maybe set up some sort of trap, slow them down a bit. No such luck. The moment you turned your face hit something soft and warm. The sweet aroma of caramel and chocolate filling your nose. You let your eyes drift upward, finding two eyes looking right back at you. Your first instinct should have been to run, it always had been at least, but looking at the man in front of you, his warm whisky eyes still watching your own, you felt familiarity, you felt safe.

“Who…?” You trailed off as he pushed you behind him, walking almost happily to your attackers. You kept your distance, standing in the background as he made his way down the road. Surely he was a mad man, facing the Winchester brothers unarmed. Despite this, you trusted him wholeheartedly, he had to know what he was doing. Right?

“Well hey guys! Long time no see, huh?” The man stopped in front of the Winchesters, easily a foot shorter than both of them. What he didn’t show in height however, he most definitely made up for in his audacity. There came no response from the boys, only looks of confusion plastered in to their features. “What, cat got your tongue?” The man looked to Dean. “Or hell hound, I suppose in your case,” he chuckled at his own joke, still awaiting on some form of communication.

Dean stepped forward a bit. “You, you’re dead. You told us you were dead, that Lucifer-” He attempted to continue but the man cut him off.

“Lucifer, my ass. That dick didn’t kill me, not the real me any way.” It was Sam’s turn to step forward, looking like a giant looming over the other two.

“How did you do it? And why the hell would you leave us to track down your brother, and clean up his mess? Shouldn’t that have been your job?”

“Oh please Samantha, a magician never reveals his best act. Plus, don’t you remember?” The man pointed to himself, a smirk playing across his lips. “I am the Trickster.” Trickster? He was a trickster too. It made sense, you couldn’t think of any other creatures who would be keeping close enough tabs on you to know your location.

Dean glared at the trickster, anger evident in his eyes. “You are not a goddamn trickster, Gabriel! You are a mighty douche, stuck up there on your high horse, archangel wings too fried to fly you down!” Gabriel. This man was not a trickster. Maybe man wasn’t the right word for him. You had grown up hearing stories of the angel, how he had disappeared from Heaven, coming to live on Earth. Not many had known, but your kind had been somewhat of a disguise for him. So with no reason to exploit his lies, you’d all played along. “Not to mention your an arrogant dick who-” Gabriel snapped his fingers, silencing Dean and apparently Sam as well, who was struggling to form words beside him.

“Now boys, I get the feeling you don’t particularly enjoy the type of pain I tend to inflict. I also get the feeling you don’t have a certain silver blade or a certain holy oil, so you’re left weaponless against me. Not a good place to be as you must know from our past encounters.”

You looked to the alley walls on either side of you. There was no way to escape but a small entrance leading to seemingly only shadows. The darkness of the night affecting the distance of your vision and weighing heavily on your depth perception. There was a possibility for escape, but also the possibility you would going slamming straight in to a shallow alcove. You backed up an inch or two, still trying to figure out a decent plan. Your eyes drifted back to the angel, who’s gaze was already upon you. Your stomach churned, surely he was anticipating your trying to run. Hell, he was probably planning out ways to torture you while he spoke. The angel turned back to the Winchesters, clearly not pleased.

“Any way… I’m willing to make a deal” Dean made a face, clearly not wanting anything to do with Gabriel. “You let the girl go, hand her over to me, and I let you go. Not blood, no pain, no nothing but that crap car of yours headed in the other direction.” Dean’s face contorted with anger at the insult to his baby. You were nearly positive if you’d been any closer, you would’ve seen steam shooting from his ears.Gabriel stepped forward a bit. “Deal?” He asked expectantly, the only reply was the boys’ silence. Gabriel let out a short laugh. “Right, right.” He snapped his fingers once again, unmuting the brothers. Sam cleared his throat, scrunching his hands in to fists at his sides.

“Do we have to kiss you?” Dean raised an eyebrow. Gabriel sighed.

“Maybe later big boy. Now, is that a deal?” He held out his hand, waiting rather impatiently for a responce. This time it was Sam who interupted.

“Wait,” He gestured towards you, you were standing still, trying to go unnoticed. Dean glared at him, obviously wanting this to be over. “What do you want with her?” Gabriel didn’t answer, he drew back his arm, staring down the younger Winchester.

“Look Bucko, I’m giving you a free pass here. you and your brother really ought to consider making the right decision for once.” Dean pushed passed his brother, hand outstretched.

“Yeah, yeah.” He shook the angel’s hand. “We’re gone.” With that he made his way back to the Impala, dragging Sam behind him.

You flinched as they slammed their doors shut, a low rumble emitting from the car as Dean began to pull out from the alley way, driving back on to the street. You turned back to where Gabriel had been standing, finding the spot empty. A chill ran down your spine. Where the hell-

A warm hand on your shoulder wrenched you from your thoughts. You spun around, coming face-to-face with the Archangel. Shit. He wore a half-smirk, his amber eyes trained on your face, even in the dark of the night.

You backed up a bit, raising your hands in surrender. Gabriel dropped his hand to his side he looked almost… hurt?

“I’m here to help,” He spoke before you had the chance to say a word. He held out his hand out once again, his gaze still on you. You nodded slowly, allowing yourself to walk a bit closer to him. “Coming?” He questioned, his hand still outstretched. You should’ve said no, should’ve left, followed your instincts. Yet somehow you felt yourself nodding as you let him take your hand in his own. It was an odd sensation, touching him. A warm current ran up your arm as he held you there. After a minute or so you looked down, realizing you were staring, not that he seemed to mind.“What’s your name?” You brought your eyes back to his, actually having to think about this question.

“Um, Y/N,” You finally stuttered out. “And you are?” You knew the answer obviously, but for some reason you wanted to hear him say it.

“Gabriel. They call me Gabriel.” He gave you a small smile, the shadows of the dark alley way enhancing his features impeccably. you fought a blush from your cheeks. Boy, were you screwed.