rust buckets

Credit to @dropmoto : Redefining ‘Rust Bucket’. Loving this seaside cruiser Kawasaki W650 built by the UK’s Kevil Hill / @kevils1. Tons of fun, and FOR SALE at a very decent price! Contact Kevin for details. #w650 #kawasaki #dropmoto #streettracker #scrambler #builtnotbought



Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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Happy Anniversary (G.D)

Summary: Its yours and Grayson’s 3 year anniversary. You guys couldn’t spend the day together because he was busy with meetings. Grayson made sure to have an eventful day planned out for you, before you guys see each other that night for dinner. 

Word Count: 4, 255 (sorry its long. I have no self control)

Warnings: Fluff. Just pure fluff! 

A/N: This one is for my twin @4odolans / @cassmoreiraxo ! I love you <3


Reader’s POV

It was Grayson and I 3 year anniversary, and he had plans to take me out to this very nice 5-Star steak house in LA. I told him I didn’t want anything fancy or flashy. Honestly I would’ve been fine with pizza and a movie in my living room, but of course Grayson didn’t listen. Grayson had meetings pretty much all day today, so I wouldn’t see him until tonight for dinner. I wasn’t upset about it because I knew what kind of career he has, and how busy he can get sometimes. Besides, Grayson made sure I had something to do to keep myself busy all day, until we saw each other tonight. 

I woke up this morning to an empty bed because Grayson had to leave for his meetings pretty early. Instead of waking up next to my boyfriend I woke up to pink and red rose petals all over the bed, with tray of breakfast waiting for me on his side. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Grayson doing all this for me. I also couldn’t help but worry a little, because lets be honest Grayson is a shit cook. He loved cooking, but he sucked at it. So I’m kind of nervous to eat it. But still the fact that he put in all this effort was so cute. He made all of my favorites. Pancakes with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, with a side of fresh fruit, and a tall glass of orange juice to wash it all down with. My breakfast also came with a note, curious as to what it said I opened it.

“ Good Morning Baby Girl,

Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a 3 years already. Crazy to think that all of this started because of a follow spree huh? Started off being a fan, than you became my best friend, and you’ve been my best friend for almost 7 years. I love how you’ve been supporting me since I only had 2,000 followers on Twitter. Now I’m at 3 million, and you’re still here supporting me, and everything I do. You looked passed the stupid cringe worthy Viner and YouTuber, and got to know me for me, and now, you’re my girlfriend. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I love you so much Y/N. I love the way you drag out my name whenever you’re mad. I love how you’re never afraid to call me out when I’m doing something stupid, or being annoying. I just fucking love you so much Y/N. I suck at these things, but I can tell you better tonight. I wish we can spend the day together, but I planned a little something for you today. A challenge if you will. First you’re going to have to get the vlogging camera and vlog everything from beginning to end. Next, I left notes around the apartment with some instructions on them, so just follow the instructions and I’ll see you tonight beautiful. I love you. 

- Grayson ♥ ”

I was on the verge of tears at how cute this letter was. I finished my breakfast, and surprisingly it was really good. There was no way he cooked this. At least not by himself. I decided to go take a shower, and get ready for the day that Grayson had planned for me. 

* * * *

I got out the shower, and wrapped my wet hair in a clean towel, and wrapping another towel around my body. I walked back into the bedroom, and grabbed my phone off the charger and decided to send Grayson a text.

Y/N: Good Morning babe! How are the meetings going? Thank you for breakfast, it was delicious! I saw the note you left me, & I can’t wait to see what you planned. It should be interesting. Btw, who cooked breakfast??

I sent my text, and within seconds Grayson texted back.

Grayson: Our next meeting starts in a few. But your first instruction is in the closet ;) oh and make sure you remember to vlog the day. Have fun babygirl. I love you and I’ll see you tonight! 

Grayson: Cameron came over and helped me cook.

Y/N: I love you too, & I can’t wait! ;) Tell Cam I said thanks for breakfast!

I plugged my phone back up to the charger and started heading over to the closet like Grayson said. There was a note on the closet door. What the heck, how come I didn’t notice this before? Remembering what Grayson said about vlogging this entire day, I walked over to the dresser, and grabbed the little vlogging camera that Grayson got me randomly. I turned the camera on, and I started talking and explaining pretty much what was going to be happening today. I walked over to the closet and ripped off the note that was on the closet door. 

“Start Here” the note read. 

I pushed open the closet door, and turned on the light only to reveal my closet decorated with a bunch of blowed up balloons and confetti all on the floor. I confused at how he had managed to do all this with me here the whole time. He probably did it early this morning when I was still sleeping. I had the best boyfriend in the world. I was looking for something to put it on because I was still in my towel. I didn’t really want to dress up till later tonight, so I decided I’ll just wear on of Grayson’s t-shirt and some leggings. As I went to grab the t-shirt from one of the draws, I saw a pink Victoria Secret bag in the corner with a pink bow on it. It was like he purposely put it there because he knew I was going to wear one of his shirts or something. I held the camera over the bag so I could film myself opening up the bag. There was a pair of gray PINK sweat pants, with a matching hoodie, and t-shirt. As I was pulling everything out, there was a note at the bottom of the bag. 

“Although you look very cute in my clothes, I thought these would look better on you while you’re out. PS, please put my shirt back! Now go in the living room for the next note ;)”

I laughed knowing how annoyed he’d get whenever I’d take one of his shirts. He didn’t mind whenever I wore them, but the problem was I never give them back. I mean technically their mine anyway. I turned off the camera and got dressed in the outfit Grayson got me, and they actually were the perfect fit. 

I got the camera and turned it back on, and started making my way down the hall towards the living room, and my jaw dropped. There were big red letter balloons that spelled out I Love You against the wall, and a big bouquet of lilies and daisies on the coffee table. As I walked closer I saw 2 notes next to the bouquet of flowers. I picked up the note, and read it out loud to the camera.

“Hope you liked the flowers babe. I knew lilies and daisies are your favorite so I made sure to get the biggest bouquet they had! Now on the other note you’re going to see a list of places. I need you to go to all those places that I listed in that exact order, and at that exact time. You’ll be running into a few familiar faces as you go ;)”

What the hell is he planning? I guess I’m going on a little scavenger hunt. Except I don’t think I’m really suppose to be looking for anyting. Or am I? I honestly had no idea. I just know the first place I was suppose to go to is a nail salon. I walked over to the key hanger to grab my car keys, but instead of it being my normal car keys it was replaced with a small remote control looking thing. And of course there was another note.

“Looking for your keys? Yeah well about that, I may or may not have thrown them away. Go to you’re usual parking spot to find your car ;)” 

What the hell does he mean he threw my keys away? Why the hell would he throw them away? Is this a prank? I kept asking questions in my head, as I headed down to the parking garage and to my parking spot. As I approached my parking spot I couldn’t see my car. There was a white Jeep Wrangler with a big red bow on it, in the spot where my old 2003 Honda Civic was. 

No fucking way. Did Grayson get me a new car? There’s no fucking way.

“Oh my god!” I said into the camera. 

I walked closer to the car, and on the windshield there was a paper with my name on it. I was shaking right now. What the hell is happening. I’m honestly so confused. I opened up the paper, and began reading out loud into the camera.

“Yeah I threw your car away too. Well not actually threw it, but I got rid of it. You’re too cute to be riding in that old rust bucket, that literally can stop working any day now! I remember you telling me how much you wanted a Jeep Wrangler. So I thought why not get it for my girlfriend as a anniversary gift. I know you’re going to try and call me and tell me how you can’t except it and all this other stuff. But it’s yours baby girl. You deserve it, and everything else you’re about to receive. There’s no fighting me on this. On any of this. Just get your thick ass in the car, and drive to the nail shop. Have fun princess ;)”

I was crying right now, and it was all on video. Grayson really did this for me. He really got me my dream car. Seriously what did I do to deserve him? I got into the car, and there was no way to contain my excitement so I screamed, at the top of my lungs still recording everything. He even installed a holder thing for the camera on the dash, so I hooked my camera onto there, and started playing with the buttons in the car. The car was push to start so that remote thing makes sense now. I started the car, and immediately the GPS appeared on the screen part of the dash. I guess Grayson set up the directions for all the places he wanted me to go to in the GPS already. 

* * * *

I followed the voice on the GPS all the way to the nail shop. I parked my brand new car out front, grabbed the camera off the dash, and walked into the shop. Grayson’s sister Cameron was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. I guess she was waiting for me. 

“Took you look enough!” Cameron joked, giving me a hug.

“Was I suppose to meet you here? I have no idea what is happening. Grayson got me a fucking car Cam!” I said still shocked. I can see her laughing at how confused I was. 

“You know about this didn’t you?” I asked her, rolling my eyes playfully. 

“Yup!” she replied popping the p.

“So what are we doing here?” I asked.

“We’re getting our nails and feet done, but we’re waiting on my mom. She said she’s parking so…” Cameron began to trail off when she saw her mom walking through the door.

“Hey girls!” Mrs. Dolan cheered, giving both of us a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I guess you can say that I have a pretty good relationship with his mom. I mean I’ve known them since they were like 14. We’re both 21 now so 7 years is a pretty long time. Throughout those 7 years of knowing each other Grayson and I have been dating for 3. I still remember coming over for Christmas after being his girlfriend, everybody was saying how it was about time we got together. It was good to know that his family supported us from the beginning. 

The 3 of us were having a little girl talk, and getting our nails and toes done. I was currently sitting in the massage chair enjoying the vibrations of the chair against my back. I was enjoying myself a little too much because I didn’t even realize that they were already done with me. I got up to go pay, but Cameron told me that it was already taken care of. 

“Grayson?” I asked her, getting a nod in return. 

I looked at the time, and it was 2pm, I needed to be at the hair salon by 2:30 so I needed to leave now if I was going to get there on time. 

* * * *

I arrived at the hair salon to see one of my best friends Miranda in the front with 2 Starbucks drinks in her hand.

Was she waiting for me? 

“Miranda what are you doing here?” I asked her, as she handed me one of the Starbucks drinks.

“Waiting on you. Come on, you gotta get your hair done.” she said, opening the door, and I followed her inside. 

“You’re in this with Grayson aren’t you?” I asked, and she nodded, smiling ear to ear. 

Okay seriously what the hell is going on? All of this is cute, but I was honestly so confused.

The hair stylist sat me down in her chair, and handed me the book of hair color and styles and told me to pick. I starred at Miranda who was still giggling like she on laughing gas or something. 

“What?” I asked her chuckling a bit.

“Oh nothing, you’re just so cute.” she said, pinching my cheeks causing me to laugh.

I picked out the color I wanted, and told the hair stylist I just wanted a little trim, and maybe a blow out. She started going to town on my head, and about 2 hours later I was done. 

I looked at myself in the mirror, and was completely satisfied with the results. My hair was so soft, and the color complimented my skin completely. Just like at the nail salon, I tried to go pay, but Miranda told me it was already taken care of. So of course I knew it was Grayson. It was now 4:30pm, and I needed to be at my next stop at 5. Which apparently was some dress store. 

When I got in the car, I decided to give Grayson a call. I figured he’d be done with his meetings now, since its 4:30 and he left for his meetings at 7 this morning.

“Hello?” a voice sounded through my new car speakers. 

“Ethan?” I asked, recognizing that it was Grayson so it most likely had to be Ethan.

“Yup thats me! Whats up Y/N?” he asked, clearly trying to be funny.

“Ethan, where’s Grayson?” I asked.

“Uh you’re not allowed to talk to Grayson right now. He’s busy pooping right now” Ethan said, and I could hear Grayson in the background yelling at him.

“Ethan I can hear him in the background you ass clown! Give him the phone!” I yelled at the idiot on the other end of the phone. 

“No can do Y/N. You’ll have to wait till later to talk to him.” he said, clearly not gonna let me talk to my boyfriend. 

“Whatever asshole.” I said jokingly, as I hear Grayson yelling I love you in the background before Ethan hung up.

I arrived at this little boutique, and I had a feeling someone I know was going to be here to meet me. As I was getting out of my car, I spotted a familiar car parked a few cars in front of me. It was my other best friend’s Leena’s car. 

I still didn’t know why Grayson wanted me to vlog this. I guess it’s for a video or something I don’t know. I walked into the boutique and as suspected Leena was there. She had a few dresses in her arms, while she was looking through a rack. But when she saw me she ran over and instead of giving me a hug she hand me the dresses, and took the camera out of my hand. 

“Leena wth?” I asked, yet again still confused.

“Shhh! Just try them on. Hurry! she shooed me into the fitting room, and I started trying on the different dresses she handed me.

We tried 5 out of the 6 dresses she gave me, and she didn’t like any of them. 

I didn’t even know what I was trying on dresses to begin with. Maybe it was for the dinner?

“Am I suppose to pick a dress for dinner my anniversary dinner tonight?” I asked, going back into the fitting room trying on the last dress.

“Yes, now hurry!” she said, rushing me. 

I looked in the mirror, and my jaw dropped. The dress was beautiful. It was a beautiful red lace cocktail dress that stopped a little above my knee. The dress hugged my curves in all the right places. I stepped out of the fitting room, and Leena nodded in approval!

“You know you can’t wear underwear with that right?” she said kind of loud, causing everyone in the store to look. 

“Oh my god.” I said burying my face in my hand. 

I stood in front of the mirror admiring the dress some more, when Leena came over with a pair of shoes to go with my dress. They were a nude pair of open toe strapped heels. They were really cute, and look perfect with the dress. Just like at the nail shop, and the hair salon, Grayson had already paid for everything. Okay I’m defiantly going to talk to him tonight, about spending all this money on me. I know he likes buying me things, and as he always says he wants to treat me like the princess I am, but I can’t help but feel bad. I mean the nails, hair, and dress is one thing, but he got me a brand new car. I mean I can only imagine how much that car is! I shook away the thought, when I felt Leena tap my shoulder. 

“You need to go home and get ready! Someone will be there to pick you up at 8, to take you the restaurant to meet Grayson for dinner.” she said, before giving me a hug, and handing me back the camera.

I left the boutique and started making my way home. 

* * * *

I made it home around 6:30, and it was now 7:30. Someone was suppose to be here to pick me up at 8. I was currently putting the last touches on my make up, and all I needed to do was get dress. I laid my dress out on the bed, and pulled the zipper down on the side. I stepped inside the dressed, and pulled it up, putting in one arm first, than the other. I zipped up the zipper on the side, and patted down any wrinkle that was on the dress. I pulled my heels out the box and put them on. Once my shoes were on, I walked back over to my make up table, and applied on some nude colored lipstick. I sprayed on some perfume, and ran a comb through my hair. I didn’t have to do anything to it, since it was still nicely done from earlier. I finished just in time, because I heard a car horn honking downstairs.

I grabbed my purse, locked my apartment, and started heading downstairs. I opened the door of the apartment lobby, and saw a car that looked a lot like Ethan’s BMW. I stood by the door starring at the car for a few seconds, until I saw the front window going down, and Ethan stuck his face out the window.

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” he said mocking Mean Girls. I crinkled my eyebrows in confused, but couldn’t help but let out a laugh. 

“Are you suppose to be my Uber?” I asked, getting into the front seat. 

“Pretty much, yeah.” he said flashing me a goofy smile.

“Well I’m not paying you.” I said laughing at him.

We were blasting music, and jamming out in the car as we were on our way to the restaurant. 

We arrived, and as I was trying to open the door to get out, Ethan stopped me.

“No, I’m suppose to get door.” he told me, as he got out the door and ran to the other side.

“You didn’t have to open my door E.” I said.

“Oh don’t worry this was a once in a lifetime thing sis.” he said. I found it cute how he called me sis. I mean Ethan and I always considered each other like brother and sister. But I don’t know I just thought it was cute when he said it,

“Thanks Eteeweetee!” I chooed at him, while I patted him on the head. 

I walked into restaurant, and you can just feel the romantic vibe going on in there. The lights were dim, and they had soft music playing quietly throughout the restaurant. I told the host, I was meeting someone here, and I gave him Grayson’s name, and he started walking me towards the back end of the restaurant. As we were walking towards the back, I saw Grayson sitting at cute little table reserved for just 2. He was holding something in his hand, I’m guessing it was his phone. He saw me coming and started to get up from his seat.

Finally, I get to see my man after a long eventful day! He cleans up pretty nicely. He was wearing all black jeans, with a white collared button down shirt. Simple but yet so effective. His hair, was so fluffy, and his curls fell effortlessly to the side just like I love. 

“Hey beautiful.” Grayson said, pulling me into a hug and giving me a peck on the lips.

Like the gentleman that he is, he pulled out my chair for me, and helped me push myself in closer to the table. He sat down, and I couldn’t help but smile. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. No matter how many dates we go on, or how long I’ve been around him, I can’t help but get nervous still. 

“So how do you like your new car.” Grayson asked flashing me his signature smirk.

“Grayson, I love it so much! But why did you do that? I was fine with my old car.” I said.

“That car was going to break down at any minute. Besides I’ve been wanting to get you a Jeep for a while now.” he said, smiling at me.

“Babe, you didn’t have to do that! Seriously, you didn’t have to do none of this. I would’ve been perfectly fine with eating pizza in my living room.” I said truthfully. I didn’t need any of these fancy things, and Grayson knows that. We can be in a sewer somewhere, but I would’ve been happy as long as I was with him.

We ate our food, and had our normal everyday conversations. We talked about his meeting, about how my day was, and just everything in between. Grayson paid the bill, and since he drove here, we made our way to his car and started heading home. 

As much fun as today was, I couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment, and cuddle up with my boyfriend watch a few movies, and go to sleep. We pulled up to the parking garage, and Grayson handed me a blindfold. 

“Put it on.” he directed. 

I knew there was no point in questioning him or trying to protest against it, so I placed the blindfold over my head, and sat there in the passenger seat. I heard a car door close, and quickly after that I heard my passenger door open.

“I’m going to carry you upstairs, okay babe?” Grayson said, as he carried me out the car. 

He carried me to the elevator and once we were in he put me down. Grayson was quite the whole time, so I was getting a little nervous. I was blindfolded and I had no idea what was going on. For all I know I could be walking to my death trap right now, and this guy isn’t even Grayson. I heard the elevator ding, meaning we must be at our floor. I felt Grayson life me up again, and after about a minute, I was put down again. I heard some keys jingling, so I assume that Grayson was opening the door. He lifted me up again, and once I was put down again, my noise instantly got hit with a wave of vanilla, and flowers.

“Hold out your hand.” Grayson said as he took my camera from me. His voice was soft, and a little shaky. As if he was nervous or something almost.

I held out my hands, and felt a couple of skinny twig like things in my hand. 

“I want you to count to 3 and take your blindfold off.” Grayson said, but his voice was started to fade out. 

“1, 2, 3 …” I counted out loud, removing my blindfold. 

I removed my blindfold to the most beautiful, and cutest scene ever. The apartment lighting was dim, there were candles throughout the room, and there was a pathway on the floor made out of rose petals, and little candles. I looked to see what it was Grayson had put in my hands, and it was a small bouquet of a dozen roses. Sticking out was a little note that said …

“On each rose, I wrote something that I love about you. When you finish reading all of them, come into the bedroom, for your final surprise.”

On each rose there was a little strip of paper, I was suppose to read all of them, and come into the bedroom after to get my last surprise. Jeez Grayson I wonder what that can be. I went red at the thought, but I needed to focus on one thing at a time. 

I removed the first strip and it said…

“I love your smile.” 

I felt myself cheesing reading this. I removed the next strip and read it. I continued to do that for all of them. 

“I love the way your eyebrows crinkle together when you’re mad at me.”

“I love when you play in my hair when I can’t sleep.”

“I love that you’re so nice to all of my fans.”

“I love you because you make me feel wanted.”

 I continued to read through each note, trying my hardest to hold back my tears, but this was the cutest thing that anyone has ever done for me. There was only 2 left, and I get to go see what my final surprise is. Although I’m sure I had a pretty good idea. Good thing, I didn’t wear any underwear. 

I picked up the next strip and read it out loud.


Will? What does that mean? Who’s Will? 

I pulled off the last strip of paper from the rose, and placed the small bouquet on the kitchen counter with the rest of the notes. I started walking towards the bedroom door, as I read the last strip of paper.


You? It went from cute to confusing. What is this note an the last one suppose to mean? I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was about to get pranked as soon as I opened this door.

I took a deep breathe, and placed my hand on the door knob twisting it slightly and pushed the door open. 

“Grayson what ar-” I was cut off by everything that was in front of me.

What I saw in front of me was not what I was expecting at all. Grayson was kneeling on one knee. Behind him were the same big red letter balloons from this morning, but instead of saying I Love You, it said Marry Me with a question mark. I looked down at the 2 strips of paper in my hand. 

“Will” “You”  

Oh My God. Is Grayson purposing to me? 

I looked up from my hand, and saw Grayson still in the same postion, but this time he was holding open a little box. My heart started pounding through my chest, when I was able to make out that there was a ring in that box. 

Oh My God. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t say anything. I stood there frozen in my spot with the tears building up in my eyes as Grayson started to speak.

“Y/N. I love you so much. I can’t even put into words, how much I love you. You’ve been in my life for 7 years now, you’ve always been my best friend. But these last 3 years, you opened your heart to me and you let me be something more. I don’t know what I would do without you. You keep me sane through all this craziness. When I’m feeling down, you know just what to say to make me feel better. You take away all my worries, and all my doubts. I’m a better person because of you. You’re the sunshine whenever I’m feeling gray. And I don’t ever want to lose my sunshine.”

Grayson got up and started walking towards me.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” he asked, searching my face for an answer.

I grabbed his face, and crashed his lips onto mine. After about a couple of seconds I pulled away.

“Yes! Grayson of course!” I said, and he kissed me again, as he grabbed my waist and spun me around. 

We pulled away from our kiss, and Grayson held out my hand, and slid the ring onto my ring finger. As if on queue, his mom, Cameron, Miranda, Leena, and Ethan, all came out of the closet, with awes and loud chants. I hid my face into Grayson’s face, trying to hide how red I probably was from all of this. He kissed my forehead, and held me in close to his chest. 

“I love you” he said. 

“I love you too.” I replied. 

Sex Workers: Don't let a Poor Man tear you Down

I just had a “client” call to inquire about my rates, and then tell me I didn’t have “the type of body” for my rates while trying to tell me he still wanted to fuck me to fulfill his fantasies in the future. At first I started letting my neurotic insecurities take over, started noticing the extra pound I gained, examining breakouts from weeks ago, things that he doesn’t even know or see.

Then I got some sense back into me, and reverse searched his number.

Research Stalking: ON

LOL, it’s a bald, middle aged, Hispanic guy living in the hood projects of Los Angeles with 2-3 kids from different baby mama’s. The rusting bucket car in his profile is worth less than my hourly rate.

I sent back “My especially positive reviews online are good indicators that I clearly have an upscale clientele base that deem my figure "worthy”. Unfortunately for you, I only cater to a very selective caliber of men who are successful in life. I’m sorry to hear that you certainly don’t qualify to be part of the lifestyle I cater to. It’s one thing to be poor, it’s another to be bitter about it. I wish you luck in your search for a girl that you MIGHT be able to afford, and who you won’t feel so threatened by simply because women are out of your reach. There’s no need to discuss a future meeting because I’m only interested in successful men with class. Please be aware any messages or calls you send back will be lost in the abyss of blocked numbers. Have a good day.“.

There’s been wealthy men who’ve insulted me but few. In my experience, nobody is as vindictive and degrading as an unsuccessful man after hearing rates or allowances he can’t afford. Whatever he says to tear you down (criticizing weight, curve sizes, facial features, age, etc) is done so HE feels better because he can’t attain what other men he’s jealous of, can. It’s backtracking cause he doesn’t want to admit he wants something he can’t have.

(This is of course, for the ladies that don’t "bait and switch” or catfish POTS or clients.) It’s not unreasonable for a man to say your rates are way too high if you’re falsely advertising something or someone you’re not.

Moral of the story to all SW: If he’s called/texted/reached out to you in an attempt to set up a meeting or arrangement, you’re obviously attractive enough. You are something that he wanted but can’t admit simply because he can’t afford you. It doesn’t matter what your rate is, whether it’s lower or higher than the average; he reached out in hopes of meeting you.

Don’t let a poor man tell you you’re worth less because of his own empty pockets.

We Can Fix This...I Hope

Summary: Lets just hope you can fix your dads prized possession before he gets home

Words: 2000ish

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“I am so dead,” you breath out.

“N-no you aren’t. We can fix this!” Peter tried to cheer you up but that wasn’t going to happen. Oh yes, you were so dead. You would be deader than a doornail. You’re gonna go belly up. You will bite the dust. What ever expression you chose to use doesn’t change that fact that you weren’t going to see the light of tomorrow.

“How are we suppose to fix my dad’s suit! HIS FAVORITE IRON MAN-” Peter slapped his hand over your mouth.

“There are other people in this building. Now I know I don’t wanna get caught and you sure as heck don’t wanna get caught. The only way out of this situation is to just figure out how to repair the thing.” Peter then slowly removed his hand from your mouth and you nodded slowly.

“Ok so we know that Steve, Bruce, and Natasha are around right now. Dad is out with Pepper visiting, only god knows where,  and won’t be around till tomorrow evening. So as of right now we only have 24 hours at the most to mend this stupid rust bucket.” You sneer at your father’s creation that he has only just started teaching you how to build your own.

“Do you think Bruce could help us?” Peter questioned. 

“Could? Oh I think he could help us, but the real question is would he help us.” You state not looking away from the demolished red suit.

“I see your point,” Peter grumbles.

“Hey what if FRIDAY knows how to fix the suit!” Peter exclaims with a grin.

“Hey FRIDAY!” you call out to the ceiling.

“Yes, Ms. (Y/N)?” FRIDAY responded.

“Do you, by any chance, know how to repair or even make my dad’s Iron Man suit?” you question the artificial intelligence.

“Yes I do Ms. (Y/N). In fact your father has made videos on how to make one!” The smile Peter had on his face was the most infectious thing on the planet earth right now.

“FRIDAY would you please pull up all the videos and play them in order? Could you also not inform my dad about what has happened and what is going to happen in the next 24 hours?” You asked and of course you received.

“Well, lets get to work spiderling!” you cheer.


“I think I’m going to pass out,” Peter whined as he slumped down in a chair.

“Don’t bail on me now Parker,” You hummed as you took another sip of coffee to keep you going.

“But I’m so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrred,” Peter mumbled.

“Start a conversation with mer Parker. Keep yourself talking.” You instruct as you light the blow torch.

“Well yesterday I had my first kiss,” Peter mumbled.

“No way! Was it with that Liz Allen girl you always talk about?” You fake enthusiasm.

“Yeah! It was wonderful. I had set up a picnic in the park. It was getting dark and the stars came out and then we just kissed.” Peter gushed.

“That really sounds amazing Peter. I’m happy for you.” You lied right through your pearly whites. Of course you were happy for him. He had his first kiss and he just said it was wonderful. You were just upset over the fact that it wasn’t with you. 

Ever since you first met him being forced to be an undercover student going to Midtown High by your dad; you couldn’t help but be captured by how innocent and all around adorable he was at first glance. Then you got to know him more as the weeks went by and you and your dad finally recruited the spider-boy. You couldn’t help but smile when the budding super-hero, just like yourself, would take time out of his weekend to hang out with you and your father. While Tony would whine and complain about how annoying Peter was you could see right through that tough old fart. Ever since Bruce got a real job and wasn’t around the tower except once out of the month Tony had gotten lonely and frankly bored. While you did retain your smarts from your dad you weren’t always interested in debating whether or not Newton’s 3rd Law can be broken. Luckily Peter Parker was there to save you by actually enjoying the conversations he has with your father. Your dad was secretly excited he had someone else to talk smarts about without being bashed on all the time about ‘being old’ and ‘having to much retirement time on his hands’ as you would say.

“But it didn’t feel right,” Peter sighed. That immediately caught your attention.

“What do you mean?”

“It didn’t feel natural or real. I guess you could say I didn’t feel a spark.” Peter tried to explain.

“I think the worst part is, is that Liz felt something. She seemed over the moon after the date. Should I feel bad that I don’t feel anything?” Peter questioned.

“No, its not your fault that you don’t feel the same. You just…don’t. I can’t really explain it further.” You pull up your mask and turn off the blow torch.

“I don’t know how to tell her or do I even tell her at all,” Peter sighs and throws his arms over his eyes.

“I think that life is to short to do that to yourself and someone else. Why waste time with something that doesn’t interest you and instead do something that you love. Not saying that being around that Allen girl is a waste of time, but being in a relationship that is one sided isn’t really healthy and isn’t fare to her. Like I said about not having a lot of time, need I remind you that we are super-heros and we don’t exactly have a long life expectancy. Except for Capcicle and Buck. They are the rare exception. So is my dad, cause he’s old. And Thor cause his people live for awhile-OH you get what I mean.” you grumble as you get annoyed that you contradicted your statement. Peter just broke into a fit of laughter.

“I’m holding a blow torch Parker. Don’t test me.” His laughter died down and for the first time you saw a look that you had never seen before. That is, it is the first time you had caught him staring at you with adoration. 

“What’s that look for?” You giggled and turned to continue to work on the hunk of metal sitting in front of you, just missing the growing blush on Peter’s cheeks.

“Hey, I’m not going to keep you up any longer since it is two in the morning. Head up to my room and sleep. I won’t be able to till this super suit is working.” You say grabbing ahold of an unknown tool your father used to build his armor.

“No, I can’t-” Peter immediately shut up when you gave him this motherly glare that spooked him into doing as you were told.

“I’ll be back in an hour so you can sleep!” Peter called down the hallway.

“Sure you will,” you chuckled to yourself.


Peter woke up with a groggy grumble then shot up in a bed that wasn’t his. He hissed in annoyance when his vision became a little foggy and got a minor headache. he glanced around the room and remembered that he’s at the tower helping you fix the Iron Man suit you both broke.

“Peter come on! Flying in one of these things is so cool! I’ll even teach you how to fly one!” You squealed in excitement. (Y/N) was tinkering with her work-in-progress Iron Man suit when Peter walked in and started asking a bunch of questions about said suit.

“(Y/N) I don’t think that’s a good idea. W-what if I crash one of them?” Peter stuttered.

“Come on what’s the worst that can happen,” she blew off Peter’s concern and pulled out her and her dad’s favorite creation and stepped right inside it.

“See! Easy as-” (Y/N) was immediately cut off when the suit started to fly out of control and spit her out of the metal skin. It banged left and right slowly losing parts as it crashed more and more. (Y/N) grabbed a metal rod lying on the work table and smacked it with all her strength sending the malfunctioning metal to the ground and dying with a sputter.

“I am so dead,” she breathed out.

“Oh crap,” Peter shot out offed and practically threw himself down the hall and to the workshop when he realized it was nine A.M. He stumbled into the room only to realize you had passed out on top of the wired body barely holding onto a wrench in your right hand. Light snores came from your mouth and he chuckled at you. That was when he, once again, gave you that look of adoration and love. Yes, love. Now is it really all that surprising to see him head over heals in love with you? No probably not. 

I mean you were quirky and smart. He could never get over the fact that you whine when you are proven wrong. You would get annoyed with him when he teased you about not being able to lift up only one eyebrow. He only did to see your adorable face when you did get upset. Your laugh was so different than anything he ever heard but he couldn’t get enough of it. The thing he loved most about you was how kind you were. The first day you met him was something he could never forget. You stood up for him when Flash was giving him a hard time. No one ever stood up for him. The thing that got him was that you didn’t stand up for just him but everyone Flash ever bother. You stood up for what was right in every situation even though sometimes people didn’t favorite the right thing. Peter could only see you as the light of his life, if only he had the courage to say something.

Peter slowly scooped you up into his arms and cradled you against his chest. Right away you wrapped your arms and legs around his frame which only made his smile grow. He moved your up the elevator and to your floor. Prying you away from his body was the hardest and funniest thing Peter has ever done, but once he got you under the covers he stayed for a lot longer than he should of.

“God you are breathtaking,” he mumbled. With that he left the room and let you sleep.


“PETER YOU LET ME SLEEP! ITS NEARLY EIGHT O’CLOCK MY DAD WILL BE HOME SOON! I AM DEAD MEAT!” (Y/N) scrambled into the workshop to find the super suit in its stand and Peter fiddling away at something else.

“W-When did this h-happen?” you panted out of breath.

“While you were sleeping I was able to finish this up so you wouldn’t have your ass handed to you on a silver platter,” Peter turned to you.

“You know that you are the best person in the world ever right?” You giggled.

“Also,” before Peter knew what was happening you had already pulled him into a long awaited kiss that you both enjoyed. You broke the kiss and Peter tried to lean in farther to catch your retreating lips. 

“Thank you for calling me breathtaking,” You shied away but Peter gripped you by the hips and pulled you flush against him.

“You shouldn’t be thanking me when it’s a fact,” you blushed and dug your head into his shoulder to hide it the best you could.

“You did a really good job at repairing the suit while I was asleep,” you spoke to soon as the whole entire body collapsed and scattered across the floor. The two of you stood there astounded at the mess lying at your feet.

“Mini Me! Underoos! I’m Home!” 

Mending Ties & Tying Knots - Phanfic

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about Dan’s actual family life, and this story is purely fictional.

PROMPT: Dan has to go back home for his brother’s graduation, and things still aren’t the best between him and his father. Phil tries to negotiate with Dan’s father the next morning.

TW: family drama, family problems

TAGS: angsty fluff(?), angst, implied smut, phan softness, i love soft kisses

A/N: This phanfic took me like two months to write so I hope you guys like it! lol


“Wipe that fucking expression off your face before I slap it off!” His father screamed, his fist still on the table after pounding into the wooden surface. “Do you hear me, Daniel James?”

Dan tried his hardest to keep his expression neutral, erasing the fear from his eyes as best he could. About an hour before, he had begun explaining his equal attraction to men and women to his mother. She had listened, taking in every bit of information he tried telling her. Things were going well until his father came home. Now that his mother had relayed the information to him, things were about to take a drastic turn for the worse.

His father turned and walked slowly towards the dining chair Dan was sitting on. He leaned in close, speaking lowly. Dan could smell the alcohol on his breath. “Listen to me. Let me make myself perfectly clear. No son of mine will ever be seen holding hands with a man.” He pointed a finger right underneath Dan’s chin. “Is that understood?” His son nodded slowly. “Good. I’m going out again, Karen.”

His heavy footsteps shook the whole house as he walked out the back door. Dan fought back tears as he heard the door slam shut.

The train shook violently from side to side, jolting him awake. “You okay, bear?” A voice questioned. He turned to his left to see his boyfriend Phil sitting beside him, his phone in his hand. Dan was frozen, taking in his new surroundings before replying. “Yeah. Strange dream.” Phil smiled softly, giving the former a quick kiss to the temple before resting his head on the former’s shoulder.

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leather and grease

Pairing:  Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger
For:  Anon Prompter
Prompt:  50s Greaser AU

To look at him, Hermione initially thought he easily spent more time on his hair than on anything else.  But in the time she’d known Fred Weasley, she’d come to realize that his interests took a different route.  

And even if he HAD gotten in trouble for stealing his father’s car, she was one of the only ones who knew that he’d done it to help a friend.  

So, none of that really bothered her.  Because under that tough exterior, that leather jacket, that greased up hair…  

She knew where his heart beat.  She’d even felt it a few times.  

She clutched her books to the front of her, watching as he and his brother finally got their old jalopy rust bucket of a car running in the school parking lot.  Fred looked up and caught her gaze immediately, grinning widely.  

“Need a ride, Granger?”  

She didn’t, she was perfectly capable of walking.  

But she nodded all the same.

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 3

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,575

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You couldn’t sleep that night. Not that you did on a normal basis. The only means of telling whether the sun had risen or fallen was the fist-sized vent in the ceiling of the massive, garage-like room you resided in.

So Chanyeol is his name.

Not that you had any interest in identifying your captor, however, he was a vague, violence-ridden mystery to you. Being from another realm, you had the ability to feel a person’s intentions and emotions after interacting with them rather strongly. A type of emotional radar. Chanyeol, however, was a different story. You were bombarded with a blinding overdose of sensations every time you tried to figure him out, and it frustrated you beyond belief.

So you sat there, hugging your knees on the creaky scaffold of a bed, compromising the perfect plan of escape.

I just have to get these weak-minded people to trust me.

After countless hours left in your own thoughts, you drifted into a tentative state of exhaustion.

Dawn eventually came, and your eyes were met with a burning sensation due to your resistance of sleep. You swung your legs around, earning a milk squeak from the rust-covered bed, and dusted off your white smock. The sound of a door unlocking jerked your attention to the main door of Chanyeol’s room. The cocky vampire himself appeared not long after the lock was broken and sauntered into the room, wearing a simple gray cargo jacket and worn brown jeans.. He didn’t so much as glance in your cage’s direction as he walked over to his large, king-sized bed and placed the large duffel that hung around his shoulder upon it. He continued to unzip the bag and the clinking of metal objects brushing against one another heightened your attention as he drew from it various items. All of them sent alarm bells ringing in your head.

A handgun.

A pair of metal cuffs.

And a chain.

He sniffed nonchalantly before grabbing the assortment of threatening objects and turning in the direction of your confinement. As he began to mess with the lock on the cage gate, you immediately flung yourself off of the bed and darted to the furthest side of its iron walls.

“Easy there, tiger,” Chanyeol placed the items on bed, “I want to take you somewhere outside of this dingy rust bucket for a bit.”

“And what if I respectfully decline?” You kept your eyes trained on the gun that had been thrown on the mattress.

“Then I’ll have to not-so-respectfully use other means to get you there regardless,” He smirked before his face fell, “Now come here.”

You didn’t budge, hands clutching the metal bars behind your back.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way, Angel-cakes.” Chanyeol’s voice lowered threateningly.

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I’m Not Ill ( asylum!au)

//Trigger Warning: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death //

Summary: It’s your first day as an intern in a psychiatric ward. You knew a lot about this place, all the dirty secrets it kept. But you see more underneath its dark exterior as you meet the actual people suffering inside. 

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 2k+

“Ah, good morning Y/N-ssi!” The warm smile from Mrs. Kim greeted you. You smiled at her. It would’ve comforted you if it wasn’t for the daunting building you stood in front of.  ‘Daegu Psychiatric Ward’. You never thought you’d be standing in front of that place, much less working in it. But here you are.

You nodded politely at her. With silence,she led you in the building. The inside was about as interesting as the outside. White walls, and a marble floor that seemed to be more properly taken care of than the patients. You’ve been here in the past a few times when your cousin was admitted with a bipolar disorder. You saw how one of the nurses beat him to get him to calm down. Ever since, you didn’t want to get associated with such a place.

But here you are.

You passed by the front desk and entered a room with an ‘Employees Only’ sign. You reminded yourself why you where here. Just a huge family favor, and a desperate need for money. Namjoon was kind enough to coax his mom to give you a job offer, but you were never really thrilled about it. Even he wasn’t that fond of their business. He knew what their nurses did, but couldn’t tell his mom in fear of having them come back at him.

“Your job is pretty light. Keeping the patient records organized, manning the front desk from time to time, and in some instances, taking care of the patients. Don’t worry though, if that time comes, I’ll make sure that they hand you a much… milder patient.” she said, her smile unfaltering.

You knew what they meant by ‘milder’. Probably some kid who just needs someone to remind him to take his meds hourly. They’d never let you handle any schizophrenics or manic depressives. You wanted to help them, yes. But Namjoon told you beforehand that some of their patients are pretty intense. And he just ‘wanted you safe’. 

“Since today isn’t much of a busy day, I’ll let Jackson tour you around so you get familiarized with the place. Not that you haven’t seen it before.” She led you out into the front desk. “I’ll call him. He’ll be here in a bit.”

She disappeared into the outstretched hallway connecting the front room to the patient lounge. You could see a few people dressed in white moving around, but no one came through the front desk, mainly because of the two guards at the end of the corridor. Mrs. Kim came back a few minutes later, a brown-haired boy following behind her. “I’ll leave her to you.” she addressed him, nodding at you before leaving.

The boy, Jackson, as she has said, gave you a sheepish grin and held his hand out. “I’m Jackson, and I’m a nurse here. If you have any questions about this place, feel free to ask me.”

You took his hand and shook it. You had to remind yourself that not everyone here is heartless. Mark looked genuine enough, and that’s good for you. “I’m Y/N.” You smiled back at him.

He led you through the hallway, the guards parting to let the two of you pass. The lounge had a few chairs and tables. Everything was drenched in white, and it sort of strained your eyes after not seeing any other color for so long. About five people roamed around the room, their only entertainment being a few word search puzzles, some books, and the lone coffee machine sitting beside some of the ‘decorative’ indoor plants.

Curious eyes stared at you as you followed Jackson around. He sat down, and you sat opposite of him. “Anyway, I’ve heard that you knew the owner’s son? I’ve known Namjoon for a few years now. We used to hang out a lot before uni, but nowadays we just text. The patients here are really nice, by the way. You just need to learn how to get with them, you know what I mean?” You nodded.

While he was talking, you couldn’t help but glance at each of the patients. Only two people were sitting next to each other, while the other three went about their own business. There was only one girl, and she was huddled up in a corner, her knees pressed against her chest. Her hair was all over her face, preventing you from having a look at it. 

One boy walked around the couch, muttering to himself. He had dark hair, and a small, rounded nose. If it were under different circumstances, he would’ve passed as attractive for you. Another boy sat at the end of the table you and Mark occupied. He stared straight ahead, seeming to not pay any attention to his surroundings. In front of him sat an untouched cup of cocoa. 

“Hey, you ok?” Jacksn waved a hand in front of you. You whipped your eyes to him, but he already followed your line of vision. “Oh, I see you’re interested in our pati-friends.” He hastily corrected themselves. You stared at him. Maybe he was only new here, at wasn’t comfortable with them yet. Much like you. 

He bit his lip, not wanting to mess up. He turned to the boy sitting at the other end of your table. “Hey, Hoseok. You look a little faint there, buddy.” Hoseok blinked a few times before turning his head to your direction. His eyes widened after seeing you, but his surprised expression was soon replaced by a sheepish grin. “H-hi. I’m doing great. Haven’t blacked out in a few days, so I guess there’s progress.”

You returned his smile. “This is Y/N. She’s the new intern Mrs. Kim has been telling us about. She’s really nice.” Jackson introduced you as you waved at Hoseok. “Want some hot chocolate? Coffee isn’t the only thing that rust-bucket can make.” Hoseok pointed to the coffee machine. 

“Well, that’s mean. That coffee machine looks fairly new.” You laughed at him.

This got the attention of the two boys on the couch. “Jungkook, stop your whispering for a while.” 

“But h-hyung! I swear they’re lying to us. The medicine’ they give us doesn’t make us feel better, does it? They’re all lying, they-”

“Jungkook, sit down, you’re making me dizzy.”

Jungkook obliged, cautiously sitting next to his hyung.

“I’m going to talk to her.”

“No you won’t, Taehyung.”

“Yes I will, Yoongi.”

“You’re more delusional than Jungkook.”

“I’m not delusional!” Jungkook screamed.

Everyone in the room froze. Jungkook brought his hands up to his face and kept quiet. “Yoongi, what you said to Kook isn’t very nice.” Jackson turned around in his chair, facing the pale man on the couch. Yoongi held his icy glare on him, until finally sighing and faced the dark-haired boy from earlier. “I didn’t mean it, Jungkook.” The younger boy sighed at his weak attempt of an apology, but nodded. 

Then you noticed the other boy next to them. He had a golden brown tan and a boxy grin. His eyes met your gaze, and in an instant, he was heading toward you. “Wooaah! I haven’t seen that face yet! Come here, come close, I won’t bite, come on, come here! Waaaah, you’re so pretty!”

He looked like a kid seeing an amusement park for the first time. His smile got impossibly larger, and his eyes widened more. You couldn’t help but become flustered not only because he’s immensely cute, but also because there’s a stranger who can do who-know’s-what quickly making his way over to you. “Uh, h-hi, I’m-”

You were cut off as the guards who were previously by the entrance are now holding Taehyung back. You stood up, shocked by their sudden harshness. 

“Yah, yah, yah! I just want to talk! I’m not hurting anyone!” He began elbowing them, wriggling out of their grip. Yoongi just stared at them, a hint of guilt in is eyes. Jungkook watched in fear as his hyung thrashed around, knocking over a chair in the process. 

“Hey, let him go!” You strode over to them, wanting to help Taehyung, but Jackson stepped in and held you back. “Believe me, I don’t like it either when they do this. But don’t expect them to treat you any different from the patients.” He whispered, eyes avoiding the scene in front of you. 

You couldn’t do anything but look on, silently cursing the guards who were grabbing him too roughly. Another nurse came over soon. She had an injection in one hand, and you very well know where this was going. 

You turned your head to the side, glancing at Hoseok just as the guards were holding Taehyung down. Hoseok was staring at them with sad eyes, eyebrows scrunched. He downed his hot cocoa before stomping out the lounge, heading to his room. In the background, you could hear Taehyung’s yells getting softer. You faced him again, in time to see his body slack at the ground. 

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Yoongi stood behind the guards, his stance supposed to give a menacing vibe, but his voice failed him. He bumped past the guards and kneeled over Taehyung, placing a motionless arm over his shoulder. 

“He was causing a ruckus. And he probably would’ve injured someone, just like the last time.” One of the guards replied, uninterested. They got back to their usual spot. Yoongi seemed as though he was going to yell a snarky reply, but held it back.

“Come on, Jungkook. Let’s take him to his room.” Jungkook walked over to them. He stopped gnawing the white sleeve of his shirt and slung Taehyung’s other arm around his shoulder. He looked at you curiously and said a silent ‘thank you’. 

“I can do that for you.” Jackson spoke up. Yoongi turned to him, the same cold stare on his face. “No, thanks. You might hit him on the way just for fun.” he spat at him.

Both boys continued walking down a corridor, leading deeper in the building. They took a left and disappeared out of sight. You heard Jackson sigh next to you. “Yoongi is still… a bit un-trusting of the nurses, or anyone in general. Jungkook’s worse though. But don’t worry, their getting the treatment they need. They’ll get better, I’ll make sure of that.” he gave you a weak but reassuring smile. “It’s ok. Do you mind, uh, telling me more about them?” you cocked your head to the side. 

Taehyung genuinely got you interested. Plus, you wanted to know more about Yoongi and Jungkook. Even Hoseok, who seemed to have nothing wrong with him, which piques the question ‘why is he here?’ Jackson contemplated for a bit. 

“I think you need to know them more before you know their illness. I don’t want  you to label them as anything before actually knowing them. No offense, it’s just that that’s what usually happens here.” you nodded in response, fully understanding him. 

The day went by slowly. The tension from earlier still lingered, and you didn’t want to spend much time in the lounge anymore. So Jackson took you to see the patients’ rooms. 

You didn’t go in, but as far as you know, the ‘milder’ patients had the closer rooms to the lounge. That part of the building was on the floor above the lounge, about 5 rooms per floor. You let him lead you up the building.

“They’re not all filled, of course. The first five rooms have no one in them, and is for the staff. Every room has a window. We ensure that our patients have proper ventilation, of course.” he paused, giving you a proud smile. “That’s Hoseok’s.” he pointed to a white door. The only thing that distinguished it from the others’ was a small, metal tag, the number written on it. “Where’s Taehyung’s room?” you blurted out.

Jackson lightly chuckled. “Someone’s eager. His is just a few more floors up. Hey look, that’s Jungkook’s.” he pointed to a room two doors away from Hoseok’s. Jungkook’s number read 8. 

You began thinking about Jackson’s previous statement. If Taehyung’s room is around the middle, then does that mean he could actually be dangerous? ‘No’. You thought. He looked like such an innocent child when he first saw you. There’s no way he could physically hurt someone on purpose.

“This one’s Taehyung’s, and next to him is Yoongi.” You stopped in front of doors 18 and 19. You knew that this building had seven floors. 

“My mom thinks it’s good luck.” Namjoon’s voice replayed in your head. It was the summer before this. You were hanging out in his room, listening to music. His mom left you brownies to eat, and told Namjoon to tell you about the ward.


“Yeah?” he turned to look at you. He was sweating from climbing up so many flights of stairs. “If you’re wondering, we’re not going on the seventh floor yet.”

“Yet.” you repeated with a smirk. This made him laugh lightly. “Okay, we’re going back down. This time, we’re taking the elevator, because Jesus Christ, I feel like I’m gonna faint.” you followed him, passing by Taehyung and Yoongi’s rooms. You decided that you like Jackson, since his talkativeness made you feel more comfortable. 

You got inside the elevator with him. Then suddenly, you realized something.

“Jackson, correct me if I’m wrong, but this building has seven floors right?”
“Yes, we covered that earlier.” he said teasingly. “Seven floors, twenty-five rooms. Patients roomed from mildest to, well, where it goes”


“Yeah, why?”

“Jackson… why is Taehyung in the eighteenth room?”

Your question was met with silence. The elevator stopped with a ‘ding’, and Jackson shot out the doors. “Look at the time. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.” he nervously smiled at you, completely ignoring your question. You sighed, deciding to let it pass. You gave him a small grin. 

“See you tomorrow.”  you said to him as you waved goodbye. As you were walking away, you missed the pair of longing eyes, looking at you from room 18.


Months ago my girlfriend and I had a long dinner in a dimly lit sushi joint and began to build a little world, this fine and rusty fellow is the result of that conversation! Humberto here is an ancient rust bucket jalopy, mecha condo crash pad, arcane greenhouse, and live-in mobile risorante on tour! He’s a perpetual work in progress but I was starting to get the feeling he might never arrive if I didn’t push him out of the nest. Call it draft 1- I really want to keep playing in this world- hold me to it? We’re taking this big friend on the road

anonymous asked:

Can I request Wreckers (your choice) reacting to their human friend admitting that they have had a crush on them for a while. Thank you :)

Thank you for giving me a chance to write about my BOY, anon! Honestly I could only think of some stuff for Kup (for now) so I hope this suffices

IDW Kup 

  • You shouldn’t tease an old mech like that, he tells you. He nearly thought you were serious for a second. When you insist that you are serious he falls somber. With a sigh he removes his cygar and pulls you up to sit on his knee. You can do so much better than a rust-bucket like him, he says. You beg to differ.
  • He tries to tell you that you’re too young for him, but you remind him you’re an adult. Kup reminds you that he’s nearly old as rust. You tell him he looks good for his age, and you swear he blushes.
  • It takes some convincing for him to agree to a relationship. He likes you- he wants to have a relationship with you- but he doesn’t think he’d be very good in one. He’s tired and war-weary, what good could he be for you? You have to assure him that you’ll be there for him no matter what.
  • When you do get together, Kup is an old-fashioned gentlemech. He calls you sweetspark, kisses your hand, and opens doors for you. When he introduces you to his Wreckers they are to show you the utmost respect. They even call you ma’am/sir until you insist they use your name. 
  • He adores slow-dancing. Many days he comes home with flowers and puts on your favorite song. He holds you close in his mass-displaced form, swaying you side to side as he gazes into your eyes. At the end of the song he always dips and kisses you.
  • Be gentle with him. He appreciates it more than you could ever know. On days he breaks down he finds solace in your arms, burying his face in your neck, trembling as you rub circles into his back; it’s a weakness he only shows you. 
  • There are times when he randomly kisses you, warm and soft and deep, and his smile glows like the stars. “Thank you for never giving up on me,” he says. “I love you so so much.”

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“Juicy,” a Fairy Tail, NaLu one-shot. Enjoy!

[*Note: I do not as a general rule take and/or write requests, simply because my muse hates my guts and accepting requests is essentially guaranteeing instantaneous writer’s block.]

Request from a Tumblr ask from @nalufever (that Tumblr subsequently ate): Natsu had always wondered what the last straw was for Lucy. Looking up at the hot summer sky, he now knew. A chuckle made his sore ribs grate on each other - and he vowed never to repeat those ill-chosen words. Too bad everyone in the guild had taken to parroting that phrase. He didn’t know it then, but Natsu was a dead man walking. 

If you asked him now what possessed him to do it, Natsu couldn’t tell you. He supposed you could chalk it up to his impulsivity and lack of filter. Or perhaps because of the fact that now that they were officially together, he couldn’t keep his hands off her—and didn’t have to. Not that he hadn’t been touchy-feely before, but it was different now. She was his.

Whatever the reason, his actions and ill-chosen words had landed him where he was at present. Lying flat on his back in front of the guild, staring up at the impossibly blue summer sky and hoping Lucy’s patented “Lucy Kick” hadn’t cracked any ribs. It was bad enough he’d probably have to pay for the damages to the guild doors…

Looks like I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.

He chuckled, and then winced. Laughing was not a good idea.

So what exactly was it our favorite pink-haired dragon slayer did to earn the wrath of his blond beloved? 

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Accidentally Married Prefs // Clones x Reader

Background: You and your clone beau were ‘’married’’ for an undercover mission. Now the mission’s over and there’s a bit of a shock. #surprise motha-fucker


“What do you mean divorce isn’t legal?” The captain in civilian disguise growled at the protocol droid behind the plastic window of the rundown courthouse on some backwater planet.

“We’re not even citizens of this planet, we just got married and put in a request for a certificate.” You chimed in, the lies rolling off your tongue. The droids eyes flickered over to you. What was meant by “flickering” was that the lights behind the droids ‘eyes’ were starting to go out and flickering on and off. Another example of how this planet was wasting dust rock.

“Irrelevant. Your ceremony was on our land and was officiated through our officials.” The droid answered. The engineer in you wanted to strip it for spare parts, but judging by the look of the rust bucket, there wouldn’t be much.

Rex looked over his shoulder and then back to the droid, “And if I was to slide you a pouch of very shiny credits?”

“Then I would call the authorities.” The droid quipped. Your eyes widened and you pulled Rex away by the bicep.

“Thank you for all your help.” You smiled over exaggeratedly as you drug Rex away. Once out of the shoddy court house, you looked up to the 501st captain. “Well, nothing left to do but call for extraction and sort this out on Coruscant.”

A few hours later in a cantina on the outskirts of town, you watched Rex dejectedly clean his blaster. (The cantina wasn’t exactly a high dollar establishment so it wasn’t like this behavior was out of place.) You frowned, watching him half heartedly scrubbed at the ash around the muzzle of the DC 17 pistol. Laying a hand on top of his, you gave him a joking look.

“C’mon, Captain, try not to look so disappointed. Being married to me won’t be THAT bad. I can cook, clean, I’m moved out of my parents apartment, I’m fairly good looking if I do say so myself. I’m a catch.” You listed out with a joking tone. He offered a laugh (that was more like a loud breath through his nose than an actual laugh) as he lifted his eyes up to yours.

“Oh, believe me, I know, and it’s not that we’re married-believe me, that’s not why I’m distraught.”

“Well, get traught.” You quipped back before continuing, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, why are you distraught?”

Upon hearing your question, his cheeks lit up red along with the top of his ears, once again he averted his eyes to his blaster. “Well, I’ve been getting things together for a long while, and I finally got it all done, all I needed was a quiet day somewhere away from everything, and then this mission happened and ruined my chances at what I was planning.”

You were a little disheartened, what was your boyfriend of a year and a half planning that you had gotten in the way of? Regardless you tried not to let it show. “What were you planning?”

He smiled fondly, “Well, I called in a few favors. Paid a visit to Vanqor, and then made a pit stop to Saleucami to see Cut, managed to scrape up a script…” he paused and reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a small velvet… ring box(?), “I had this, had the paperwork (somehow the general helped me with that one), had all my words chosen, all I needed was you and a good chance to ask you…. but now all that’s gone to waste.”

Half way through his explanation, a realization dawned on you. Nervous excited energy bubbled in your belly, your palms started to sweat, and it was becoming increasingly harder to breath. “Ask away. I’m not stopping you. No time like the present. Right?” You rushed out, eager to see what he had in store.

With a smile, he opened the little velvet box; it revealed a ring. It was simple but still absolutely amazing. A shiny crystal(probably from Vancor) secured into a copper ring, held in place by little copper wires. “It’s not much, and definitely not what you deserve, but it’s the best I could come up with. And I had this elaborate speech. But I don’t need all that now, because we’re already married. I didn’t even have to ask.”

As he explained, he slipped the ring on your left index finger, holding your hand once it was in place. All you could was stare at it, the beautiful stone on your finger. Finally you snapped out of it and launched yourself across the table and into his arms, pecking kisses all over his face. Finally, breaking away from him you clarified, “I would have said yes, no matter when, where, or what ring you did or didn’t have.”



Four months. It had been four months since you and Kix had arrived back from the undercover mission. Four months since the general put in a divorce request for you two. Four months in which Kix was becoming increasingly impatient. Like Rex he was waiting for the opportune moment to ask you to marry him (for realsies this time). But it was hard to ask someone to marry you when you’re already married-especially when you’re already legally married to the person you’re asking!

Finally and the four and a half month mark, the request was processed and answered. When Kix got a hold of the envelope, he felt a burden lift off his shoulders and he got a giddy feeling in his stomach. He immediately commed you to tell you he got it.

When you arrived, you both oohed and ahhed over the rather plain envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. (y/l/n). (Using your last name seemed less conspicuous than Fett.) Finally after five minutes of staring at the envelope, you spoke.

“Well open it. I want to be a free woman with my half of the infirmary.” You joked, nudging his shoulder. He laughed and went to open it, gingerly ripping it open and taking out the stacks of paper.
He unfolded the papers and began to read.

A few moments later, his jaw dropped and his hands tightened around the paper. “What? What is it?”

He didn’t answer, but the paper was starting to tear under the pressure of his hands. With no response, you pried the paper out of his hands.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. (y/l/n), I regret to inform you that your divorce request has been denied. Well wishes, the board of marital status.” You mumbled aloud.

“For fucks sake! I can’t wait any longer!” Kix groaned and you snapped your head to him.

“I didn’t realize I was that bad of a wife.” You growled, crumpling the papers into the wastebasket

“No, No, No. that’s not what I meant! It’s just that, well, I guess this is as good of time as ever.” He sighed. He got out of his chair and dropped to a knee and fished out a box from a pouch on his armor’s belt. He opened the box to reveal the ring. A simple band with a small diamond embedded in the silver metal. “I know it’s small and simple, but it can fit under medical gloves and it’s not big enough to be stolen-also all I could afford, but if you’ll take it, maybe you’ll take me as more than just your legal husband.”

“Kix, you’re always enough. Of course!” You cooed letting him slip the little thing on your finger before launching yourself around him.

“Good. Because even if you wanted to, you can’t get away. The Marital status board wouldn’t let you!” He laughed, you just shut him up with a kiss.


“I thought you put in a fake certificate.” You said breathlessly and nervously, looking up at the civvie disguised arc trooper. Searching his eyes, you already knew the answer. He gave you a nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his neck.

“I thought you told me to file a real one.” He confessed. Your jaw drooped.

“Why would I tell you to do that!!” You whisper yelled. “I told you to make sure you DIDN’T do that!”

“Heh.” He fake chuckled, offering a broad smile that was exceedingly difficult to stay mad at.

“Stop that. I’m trying to be mad at you.” You huffed, turning away from him, he could still see you crack a smile. He thought for a moment before cracking

“Meet me at 79’s tomorrow at 8.” With that he left suddenly with you confused.

The next night, you showed up at the clone bar in {insert nice/ going-out outfit here} still confused. It took awhile to find Fives- seeing as he blended in rather well whereas you stuck out like a sore thumb. None of the troopers bothered you though, they all knew you were Fives’ girl.

Finally finding him in a quiet, more private corner, he smiled at the sight of you. “You look gorgeous, babe.”

He didn’t look to shabby himself. Though short, you could tell he combed through his hair and polished up his armor-maybe it was the lighting but he might of touched up the paint on his armor. “You don’t look to bad yourself, soldier.”

After a while, the two of you had been through a round of drinks he took your hand. “At first, I wasn’t all that sure why the marriage certificate was that big of a deal, but then I realized somethings.

“One, you might not even want to marry me.

“Two, every girl deserves to have this special moment.” With that, he slid out of the booth and propped up on one knee. He fished out an inboxed ring and held it out. It was a gold band with five tiny crystals embedded it it.

“As much as I love being married, will you divorce me so I can do it right this time?” He asked as you laughed through happy tears.

“The only time I’ll be happy to breakup with you.”


“So we’re actually married?” The hand-printed arc trooper asked for clarification, staring at the piece of paper in your hand.

“Seems that way.” You shrugged, also gaping at the certificate.

“Well, damn, I don’t even have a ring.” He laughed. “Give me a sec. I can fix this.”

Three seconds later, he reappeared back with a straw wrapper and had detached the hand cover of his armor.

“This is rushed, but since I’m being deployed again tomorrow this is the best I got.” He started as he tied the straw wrapper around you finger. “There’s a ring, but since paper is very short lived, I’m leaving you a piece of my armor. Some of my older brothers in the 212th told me how leaving a piece of armor with your like leaving your life with them. But don’t think of it like that, think of it as a promise that I’ll come back for it assuming you’ll have me.”

With that, he put the plastoid piece in your hand and gently pressed a kiss against your forehead.

“Echo, ring or no ring, I’m yours. And you better come back regardless. I’ll come find you myself if I have too.” You answered, letting him cut you off with a passionate kiss. He only broke away at the sound of his comm chirping.

“I know, sweetheart. I have to go, we’re leaving for the citadel first thing in the morning. I love you.” Though disheartening, he always came back and that was the reality of dating within ranks.

“Be careful. We’ll talk honeymoons when you get back.” With a last kiss and a smirk, Echo left for the citadel. You never did get that honeymoon.

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’m trying to come back, I promise. I’m in spring break now so that should help!

Up next: (Kix, Fives, and Rex) x Reader with a pregnancy scare.
Power Rangers (2017) Classic Superhero AU
  • Jason: Hi, my name's Jason, AKA "Toro Rojo." I was your average high school boy getting into trouble, playing football, and getting into pranks, until one of them went wrong and I crashed into a forgotten Superfund site. Somehow, the toxic waste there didn't outright kill me, and my exposure to a bull earlier that night turned me into a super-strong cow/human hybrid. Now I fight crime for the government in exchange for them trying to turn me back to normal.
  • Trini: Hey, I'm Trini, AKA "Gata Alejandra," and before you ask, no, I am NOT Jason's sidekick, we're partners--besides, I'm the better superhero. Anyway, it turns out I'm descended from a line of Luchadoras--masked wrestlers, except female--and I inherited a wrestling mask that gives me super cool, cat-and-professional-wrestling themed powers. It's pretty lit.
  • Kimberly: Hi, I'm Kimberly, or just Kim, and I'm the reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess "Kali"--well, a partial one, some Really Bad Dudes interrupted the process, so now there are bits and pieces of me all over the world and I don't have nearly as many awesome, destructive Goddess Powers as I should have. Coincidentally, these pieces tend to be found by supervillains, so I fight them and get what's mine back.
  • Billy: Hey everyone, I'm Billy, AKA "Bright Boy"! I'm actually a highly-complex android modified by my "dad" after the company he worked for tried to replace all their human workers with robots. I was meant for the scrapheap until he saved me, modified me, and turned me into the son he never had, except robotic, with a jetpack, drills, and the ability to handle and create high explosives, plus other forms of technology. He died after the robots in the mine went crazy and we tried to stop them, and his dying wish was for me to improve myself and help save other people, so that's what I'm doing.
  • Zack: Sup, name's Zack, AKA the current "Purifier!" My mom had the job originally, until a bunch of vampire-wannabes tried to kill her and poisoned her blood. Unfortunately, she's pretty much incurable, but fortunately, she passed on her kickass sword-of-pure-light and her powers to me so now I'm slaying demons, criminals, and other villains left and right to make sure that NO ONE ever has to suffer like I did ever again. Also, I get to use and shout the kickass names of all my secret techniques like the "Final Light" slash, and carry an entire armoury's worth of firearms on me at all times, so it's not all bad, I guess.
  • Tommy: Name's Tommy. Tommy Oliver. You might also know me as the newest "Justice Rider." Managed to find the last guy's bike in a scrapheap somewhere, put in some long nights fixing it back up from a rust bucket waiting to fall apart to a lean, mean, green machine, and out of gratitude it gave me superpowers, a kickass suit of armour complete with helmet, and lets me ride it even when we're not bringing the hurt to baddies, so now I can ride all around the world in a straight line if I wanted to. It's a PRETTY kickass deal.
  • Zordon: Greetings. My name is Zordon, I am an alien sent by an ancient civilization of warriors to protect this world from extraterrestrial threats, and your own people in the mutual interest of the civilized galaxy at large. I was betrayed and killed by my former ally, Rita Repulsa, so now I use my old ship and my vast amounts of alien technology to help monitor and manage this world's various dangers and direct "heroes" to the appropriate ones.
  • Alpha 5: Hi, I'm Alpha 5, I'm Zordon's robot sidekick doing everything he can't do while he's stuck in a wall!
Lucky Penny (Daryl x Reader)

Wishes don’t always come true, Daryl learnt that the hard way while on a run.


“Goddamnit!” Daryl slammed down the hood of the car, “This damn car won’t work!”

“Are you sure it’s not just out of gas?” You asked, and Daryl turned around to glare at you. “I was just kidding!” And once he turned back around you added in a, “Jeez…”

“Honestly I’m surprised we even got this rust bucket past the gates.” You added.

“Well what the hell are we supposed to do now?” He yelled.

You snorted, “You’re kidding right?”


You pointed towards the small parking lot that was, basically, right across the street.

“Oh,” he blushed, “you just thought to mention that now?”

“I thought you knew!”

“If I did why would I be trying so hard to fix this damn car?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know, you’re pretty stubborn.”

“Lets just go.” Daryl muttered in response.

The two of you walked across the street, and you smiled, before giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“What the hell was that for, woman?” Daryl asked, clearly caught off guard.

“I don’t know, you’re just cute when you get all grumpy.”

“I ain’t cute.”

You just laughed, “Okay Daryl, whatever you say.”


You wiped some sweat from your brow. It was a very hot day, and this parking lot seemed to be right in the sun. Daryl had broken into a car and was currently right in the middle of hot wiring it.

You opened the back door, and sorted through the stuff in the back seat. There were a few books you had never read before, though they didn’t really look like something you would like. You also found a few empty cans of food and a lighter.

You ran your hands through the cracks in the seats and you felt your fingertips run over something metal, stuck between the two seats. You managed to tug it out and once you did you could immediately tell what it was, even though it was covered in dirt and dust.

You heard the engine rev up as you shut the back door.

“Hey Daryl guess what I found?”

Daryl slowly stepped out of the car and turned to you. You grinned and held the thing you found up to him.

He just blinked, and kept waiting, expecting more.

“It’s a lucky penny!”

He huffed, “Ain’t nothin’ lucky about a penny.”

“Alright, we’ll see.”


The two of you rode in silence together, before something out the window caught your eye.

“Hey, look over there.” You pointed.

“Where?” Daryl asked right after stopping the car.

“There.” You pointed again and turned back around to look at him. “Looks like this penny was lucky after all.”


The two of you had found a mall, it wasn’t too big of one, but it was big enough to ensure that not everything could’ve been taken from it.

The two of you wandered around, your guards up, looking for any walkers that were about to pop up.

The two of you lowered your weapons and nodded at each other, you made a pretty good team.

“Hey look, over here.” You pointed to a fountain, that was working anymore.

The two of you approached it, Daryl still slightly confused.

You held out the penny towards him, “Make a wish.”

“What the hell you on about, woman?”

“If you throw a coin into a fountain, you can make a wish.”

“Did ya just come up with that now?” Daryl asked.

“What? No, it’s a thing people do.”

He scoffed, “Rich people maybe.”

You rolled your eyes, “Just make the stupid wish, okay?” He smirked and grabbed the penny from you, “Jerk.” You added.

He thought for a second before chucking it into the fountain. You turned around and walked away.

“You ain’t gonna ask me what I wished for?”

“No, silly, because then it won’t come true.”


Though the mall had already been thoroughly raided there was still enough stuff left for you to take. The two of you were quickly shoving things into your bag.

The two of you both paused what you were doing, when you heard the soft growls of a walker.

“You keep grabbing thing, I’ll go check it out.” Daryl ordered.

You smirked, “Yes sir.”

Daryl walked around the shelf, towards the noise. He glanced around but couldn’t see anything. Suddenly something grabbed his shoulder, which sent him tumbling back into the shelf in surprise. He quickly shot the walker that had gripped onto him with his crossbow. Just then did he realize that him crashing into the shelf had caused it to slowly tilt, and fall towards you.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled, before gripping onto the shelf.

With him pulling, and you pushing, you managed to set it straight again.

Daryl rushed to you but you just raised your hands, while trying to catch your breath.

“I’m fine.”

Then, suddenly, you felt a sharp pain on your back, near your shoulder. Just as quickly as the walker attacked it was killed by Daryl.

“Did it get ya?”

You reached around to the throbbing pain on your back, and once you looked at your fingers again they were dripping with fresh blood, with your fresh blood.

“Oh shit.”


Daryl was sobbing, as he stared at you. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, this was all my fault.”

Your eyes softened at the sight of him so broken. You leaned in and pulled him in for a hug. “This is not your fault,” you whispered, “don’t you ever think that it is.”

The two of you stayed like that, for a while, Daryl still crying into your shoulder.

“Should’ve kept that damn lucky penny.” You laughed at your own joke.

“Shut up about the damn penny! How the hell can you be laughing right now?” His sadness had quickly turned to anger.

“Why shouldn’t I be? Y'know, I always figured I was going to die, but I also thought, since I made it this far I’d get something gruesome, painful , and never ending. But right here, this is quiet, it’s easy.” You brushed away his tears, “Being dead’s easy, and I get to die with the people I love, the people that are now my family.”

You tilted Daryl’s face up, so he was looking at you. “I love you Daryl, I love you so much, and now that I’m dead the only thing I have left to worry about is you.”

You looked him straight in the eye, “You gotta keep going Daryl, I know you, I know this is gonna be hard on you. But you have to make it to the end for me Daryl, and if you do go down, go down fighting, you gotta promise me that ok?”

“I promise.”


The two of you sat in the car in silence, you could already feel the fever starting. You glanced over at Daryl, to see him trembling, as a few stray tears were still stuck to his cheeks .

You softly placed your hand over his, “I’m still here, I’m not gone yet.”

“I love you.” He choked out, “I don’t know if you really know that but I do, I love you so much.” He sobbed, “Please don’t forget it.”

“I won’t.”


He wished you and him would make it, together, until the end. His wish didn’t come true.

You died on the trip back to Alexandria.

we're on the road to nowhere (let's find out where it goes)

He collects them slowly, and mostly by accident. [or, a Critical Role Star Wars AU]

part i / part ii / part iii / part iv

part v: the mechanic [a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma with a decent fashion sense and a knack for explosions]

It happens like this: after a getaway that comes a little too close for comfort, the Cube’s engines give out on a sulfurous mining moon in the middle of nowhere and there’s one mechanic in the system.

The only problem is, he’s in jail.

“For what?” asks Grog when Scanlan returns with the news, lighter twenty creds for greasing a few palms.

“Attempted murder,” he replies, leaning against one of the cargo crates they’re supposed to be hauling halfway across the galaxy. If they don’t get off this rust bucket soon they’re going to miss the rendezvous, and that’s not gonna go over well with Gilmore. Not to mention the couple thousand credits they’ll be flushing down the drain.

Grog looks unfazed. “Sounds like our kinda guy.”

[continue reading on ao3]


Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k (way longer than I expected)

Warnings: angst, heartbreak, teenage love, sacrifice

Prompt: Song fic for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, set from pre-series to season 5 finale.

Author’s Note: So this is my first ever fanfic, I just was listening to Ed’s album and this though popped into my head so I said to myself, “Fuck it.” I figured other Sam girls may appreciate this so if it’s alright let me know and maybe I’ll write more in the future! I understand this is changing some canon events, so I’m sorry in advance. Thanks for taking the time to read and have a wonderful day!!

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