Few Personal Headcanons


2p Italy plays the violin and to me is basically that one guy who looks super cool and awesome from a distance but one you get to know them is literally the worst friend you’ve ever made. Luciano has a low patience and can not handle stupidity even as a joke. If you would act really stupid round him, I can only say he would squint at you judging you silently. Also is super Tsundere. No one can tell me other wise.

Ugh 2p Germany is a huge perv not even gonna lie. He’d make like sexual innuendos and then laugh about them later while you’re probably still wondering what the hell he’s talking about. He is lazy but not lazy enough to have the body of all gods.(acts smooth, but it actually really lame)

2p Japan. Third most sensible of the axis, but can be really irrational in the heat of the moment. Kuro is the one who has the ringtone to his favorite anime opening or ending and most likely has a shrine of Miku in his closet. He is the mother and does not give a shit about anything, like forever poker face. Best cook that has ever set foot on the planet earth and don’t you forget it.

2p Romano is the bigger fashionista there has ever lived. Don’t even get me started on how this boy will angrily type a whole packet about how bad crocs are and why they should be illegal. He is the topmost of all fashion and most of his brain consist on his appearance. Even though he cares much about appearance he won’t look at someone in disgust if they don’t look camera ready. Unless they wear something that isn’t their size(mostly too small) then he might have trouble on telling his friends and not keeping it to himself.

He is the cutest baby of all I can’t even tell how adorable 2p Prussia is. Gillen has really low self esteem, like if you give him a compliment he might either deny it or his self esteem would go up but like +3 and if he gets any negative comments it’ll drop to like -60000. He’s not weak, but is really indecisive about his decisions. For example if someone was picking on a friend of his, his time would mostly be standing there thinking out scenarios of what could happen in the two paths, making him on of the most sensible.He’s more of a picker upper than someone to stop it all together.


2p America is without a doubt an instigator. He’s like the child who never grew up, not really having much of filter or testing people with a goofy smile of his face. Overall just a big kid. Even though he can be really childish there are times where he’s really an adult, like cheering people up or taking serious situations serious while still lightening up the mood. With a s/o, he’d be really gentle and would put them first before himself. He’s a dick though. Is Vegan and haaaaaaaates when any of fast food commercials come on, because it makes his stomach hurt to see so much grease in one food item. It hurts his soul.

2p Canada is the big buff cheeto puff. He’s super blank face and looks really intimating, but is all about cuddling by the fireplace with a hot cup of Cocoa. He does the occasional smoking, but only if he’s really stressed out and needs some kinda quick way to get his mind clear. Matthieu has a “Bros Before Hoes” relationship with Allen even though it doesn’t really seem like they get along. He is the best at making some fluffy buttery pancakes that you would be begging for seconds.

2p France, as we all know if a heavy smoker and drinker. François doesn’t tend to talk much and doesn’t mind having silence. He also tends to have a medium to high sex drive. Not that he needs to be in any kind of sexual act constantly, but probably can’t do it himself after a week or two. He’s like Italy, mafia wise and has plenty of connections to get what he wants when needed. Right now he doesn’t seem so compatible, but does a soft side deep deep deep in his soul and can’t stand the sight of an injured pet. Has to change the channel if one of those animal shelter donation commercials come on.

2p England is the kindest most sweetest loving asshole there has ever been. Sure he is covered with colors and smiles and cupcakes, but can annoy you bad into swearing so he can pull out that swear jar. He cares for everything, but don’t get him to a point where he’s so mad that his kitchen knife won’t just be used to cutting foods. He won’t swear for anything and if he does it’s just words like fudge or butterscotch.

2p Russia is the love of everyone. Vlad is a pacifist and will not fight not matter how gruesome things are. He would sit down and have a civilized conversation about the issue over like some coffee instead of resulting to violence. He has a large library in his home containing over hundreds of books and loves to read and be informed of politics. He is very well cultured on the world and enjoys learning more information and facts. He likes people who are willing to talk about touchy subjects in the world and who wouldn’t turn a blind eye to such issues.(race, injustice, politics, brutality etc.)

2p China is the short angry one, also with zero amount of filters. He sucks a cooking, please do not ask this child to make ANYTHING for you, unless you’re prepared to go to hospital to get your stomach pumped. It may look good, but do not taste it at all cost. When he’s stressed out he’ll just get high and chill with some kid shows and a bag of Doritos. Huge flirt and just because he flirts doesn’t mean he’s all into you though. Just saying.


2p Spain is literally a stone. You will probably never see this guy smile, he barely talks, doesn’t like being touched and doesn’t know the word friendly or gentle. The only person he lets touch him and hang onto him is Flavio. I mean he let him dye a strand of his hair. Anyway, Andres has a “whatever if it’s not broken” attitude and doesn’t care what people think. He does like being inside and just take a nap, so have fun with that.

You know that one kid in high school who had shaved hair, Metallica shirts, ripped jeans and wore the pentagon necklaces and you kinda hated them but still found them alluring in a way? That is literally 2p Austria. Ryszard is all about rock and seems like a “Hail Satan!” kind of guy. He plans on being ruler of the world and treats himself like the king. He tends to smoke for any occasion, sad, mad, happy, bored, just to have something in his mouth. Like binge eating, but with cigarettes. Even though he listens to the hard rock and metal, he secretly has a huge soft spot for classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, so on and so forth.


This woman was one of 19 female suicide bombers that were among hostage takers during The Moscow theater hostage crisis (also known as the 2002 Nord-Ost siege). She was one of the two female suicide bombers who agreed to give an interview to Russian channel NTV. A journalist asked her: “Why did you come here to die? Do you feel sorry for the innocent people?”. She responded that in Chechnya where she is from women, children and old men are being killed everyday and nobody cares. During the interview she was constantly touching wires of the detonator so journalists didn’t forget that she can blow everyone up in seconds. The second female suicide bomber was asked: “Are you afraid to die?”. Instead of response she just giggled at the journalist. Another journalist who was watching the interview wrote that it seemed as if she thought that everything that is happening was funny. The Moscow theater hostage crisis ended after three days and resulted in death of 133 hostages. All hostage takers were killed.




The last stop on my rollercoaster ride of chasing summer in winter would end in Detroit. Seemingly the most unlikely spot for winter athleticism and more commonly associated with American Car manufacturing, I’d never been.  I was excited and hoping for a possible Eminem or Kid Rock Encounter!

The Visa Crew was here to shoot Russian Hockey player Pavel Datsyuk, who on the flipside plays for the Detroit Red Wings, The other sport was Ice Dancing with Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  The latter would end up being one of the most difficult sports I have even shot and the one we would start with. Having two subjects  - moving off axis, changing rhythm, squatting low then lifting high would prove to be more complex than anticipated.  At a certain point while watching Charlie and Meryl rehears, Kat one of the creatives on the set asked how do I know when to shoot while that much stuff is going on? 

Ever since I was a kid, if I saw something once I could shoot it  - I could figure out the decisive moments.  While the lighting was being rigged I spent a lot of time watching their routine.  The tough part was while Charlie would be leading in a straight line or slight curve, Meryl would be spinning off axis so trying to match their facial expressions with good composition was like a homeless person winning the lottery.   A one in a million chance. Having the 1DX Canon made things easier.  It had one of the fastest autofocus I’ve used but finding the right framing and angle was a challenge.

As we got started there was Monte, Mike the cinematographer on skates, Jon the third photographer on skates and I all twirling around Meryl and Charlie.  It was like a pack of wolves surrounding a couple of cute dancing deer… on a slipnslide.

Quite possibly the most peculiar instance of finesse in motion…

I was really surprised no on fell on the ice.

The second portion of the shoot would be spent at the Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings. It was a humbling experience walking in the players entrance, standing in the middle of the ice, imagining thousands of people cheering or the opposite  - mad hockey fans yelling at you.

We started out pretty basic but then Monte suggested “Hey Stan can you get up in the rafters and shoot down to get a different perspective?” which was pretty much music to my ears.

The sketchier the job, the more I like it.

Being hundreds of feet over the ice, all by myself, trying to navigate steel beams, not drop anything on the players or the crew and get a good shot was too much fun. 

Next up were Charlie and Meryl teaching Pavel some figure skating moves and then Charlie and Pavel going thru some hockey drills.  Say what you want about male figure skater and preconceived notion but Charlie White knows how to skate.  I think he even shocked Pavel a bit with his hockey skills. 

Then we shot Pavel doing high speed attacks at the goal. At one point he skated over to Monte and I and said in broken Russian  “lay still.. Don’t move when I skate towards you.” 

We kind of looked at each other and were like, “uh ok..”  The thought of taking a hockey puck to the grill didn’t really appeal to me but I figured follow the expert’s advice.

Nothing like laying on the ice and having Pavel skating at breakneck speeds directly toward me while sending slap shots over my head!

All in all Detroit delivered quite well. I shot some of my favorite images of the campaign, was only momentarily cold and found a new respect for ice dancing, hockey and the motor city.


Starry, Starry, Trek and Beyond

Highlights from Star Trek Beyond

Because I’m so over these people not paying attention to the movie.  And like a tunnel-like vision on Star Trek’s ode.

1) Captain Kirk brokering peace with the Teenaxians. A major development for Captain Kirk and his crew in its missions.

2) Cute Gargoyle-like Teenaxians, 1st new Federation civilization featured in Star Trek Beyond. 

3) Teenaxian, 1st new language featured in the movie.

4) Jim and Teenaxians brawl, it looked like nanny Jim having a handful of kids climbing over him.

5) Two teenaxians got beamed up to the Enterprise with Jim

6) I ripped my shirt again.

7) You look like ****! Dr. McCoy doesn’t mince his words.

8) McCoy and Kirk - drinking and talking. Like real friends instead of nanny Bones with wittle Jimmy.

9) Warp effect outside the window as the Enterprise travels in warp.

10) Jim Kirk will call his mother. They do have a relationship.

11) Everyday life as an Enterprise crew. Fraternization and cammaraderie. Yes, all federation crew that means not only humans are part of the Enterprise crew. 

12) Chekov and his girl, well, ex. 

13) Yorktown, at a glance from the Enterprise.

14) Yorktown, as the Enterprise docks.

15) Yorktown, through a 360 degree lens.

16) Many, many Federation beings living/coming to Yorktown. Co-existing with each other.

17) Sulu family. Demora is cute. Ben is hot. Hikaru is smoking.

18) Jim smiling at the Sulu family. A real honest-to-goodness beatific smile. I’m surprised no one commented about dashing Kirk and his pretty blue eyes and his dazzling smile.

19) HP cloud.

20) Commodore Paris.

21) Kalara’s language. 2nd new language introduced.

22) Universal translator working with real audio. I want this translator to be made in real life. ENGINEERS/INVENTORS DO IT!

23) Rescue mission. Another great improvement for the Enterprise crew mission milestones.

24) Spohck! Spohck! The way Uhura calls to him has a certain softness, it gives me life.

25) The Vokaya necklace. So pretty.

26) You should have this back. It belonged to your mother. The break in Uhura’s voice. 

27) It is not customary for a Vulcan to receive back that which is a gift. Spock refuses to have his heart back.  It is yours, Nyota.

28) Uhura’s expressive eyes.

29) Spock’s expressive eyes.

30) Uhura’s sweet kiss on the cheek.

31) Confused Spock sassing McCoy.

32) Irritated McCoy sasses back.

33) McCoy’s one eyebrow lift.

34) Spock receives news. 

35) Rest in peace, Ambassador Spock. Live long and prosper.

36) Observing the Nebula. No more communication after this point. We are on our own.

37) Atlamid. A class M planet with.. Exploring Atlamid from a far.

38) Uhura gets interference.

39) What the hell is this?

40) Visual of tiny moving dots. Like a meteor shower except its coming right at you.

41) Enterprise is attacked. Attacker ships have powerful arsenal and cuts through the Enterprise.

42) Attacker ships embed themselves on the Enterprise. Nacelles destroyed.

43) Bones and Spock were on a turbolift when it was blown away from the Enterprise and intercepted by an attacker ship. Bones becomes a dashing pilot.

44) Enemies at the gate. Krall has boarded.

45) Ensign Syl.

46) Abandon ship.

47) Crews in escape pods. Pods captured by the enemy ships.

48) Cut its neck.

49) Scotty!!! Ingenius. Going for the torpedo.

50) Krall and Kirk fight. Epic one-on-one. Krall lifts Kirk by the neck. Krall slams Kirk one level down. Kirk crashes.  Ooh, I feel hurt watching them fight.

51) Uhura fights Krall’s men. Takes one’s head off. Its a drone! Guns down multiple drones using their own weapon. My bad-ass Communication Officer.

52) Uhura reaches the saucer separation station. Activates it.

53) Saucer and Neck separate.

54) Uhura, with Krall. Waiting for the Jafar-Jasmine-Aladdin reference.

55) Kirk, in his escape pod, watches as the Enterprise hurtles into Atlamid’s atmosphere.

56) Enterprise saucer crashes at Atlamid.

57) New Enterprise crew uniform. Fit for exploration than their old uniform. Kirk and Chekov rocked the look.

58) Universal translator still works.

59) Scavenging the Enterprise.

60) Kalara is a traitor. She’s with Krall. Wants the arbonath.

61) Lower your weapon. Please. Chekov! I miss you!

62) Kalara and the drones fight brother Kirk and little brother Chekov.

63) Kirk puts the final nail on the Enterprise. 

64) Enterprise kills Kalara and the drones. Enterprise didn’t go down without a fight. She was a mighty ship. 

65) Brother Kirk and little brother Chekov have a talk. How did you know? Chekov is still so naive and Kirk looked ten years older as he felt his past experiences of untrust and bad situations.

66) Scotty meets Jaylah. And other inhabitants of Atlamid.

67) Jaylah and Danny Pudi Atlamid beings’ language. 3rd and 4th new languages besides Federation English.

68) USS Franklin. OMG!  Its prettier than the Apple-styled Lens flare-riddled Enterprise.

69) Scotty finds a daughter in Jaylah.  I like the beats and shouting.

70) Kirk and Chekov are trapped in Jaylah’s anti-theft security.

71) Chekov checks out Jaylah.  Don’t tell me you didn’t see that.

72) Uhura talks to Krall, well, Krall interrogates her. 

73) Krall’s hard eyes. His posturing. His word phrasing. 

74) Uhura, defiant, but a bit of vulnerability surfaces.

75) I am Lt. Cmdr. Nyota Uhura. IN SWAHILI! 5th language though its a Terran dialect.

76) Keenser’s cold viral infection. Finally, Star Trek gives us a sickness as we know viruses/bacteria can live for eons.  And they used his mucus to break free and send an SOS signal.

77) Sulu finds out Krall’s plan for Yorktown. And his family there.

78) Krall threatens Sulu for the arbonath. Syl gives it up.

79) Krall kills Syl, using the arbonath, while Uhura watches helplessly.

80) Spock is injured. Bones does impressive surgery with what little and backyard tools.

81) What’s your favorite color?

82) Spock sprouting lots of life lessons and qoutes. 

83) Spock confessing to Father Bones about leaving Starfleet and help in building Vulcan and Vulcan babies. His desire to continue his relationship with Nyota and babies. And the news of Ambassador Spock.

84) Spock’s one-eyed tear drop. Zachary is impressive.

85) Spock’s tribute to Ambassador Spock. Really, its a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. A great man.

86) Spock laughing. OMG! A Vulcan laughing. 

87) Yoeerr delirious. McCoy’s reaction to a delirious and hurt Spock.

88) At least I won’t die alone. 

89) McCoy boxing stance. Urban should do a boxer character  I think he’d be quite good at it.

90) Rescuing Bones.

91) Rescuing the captured crew.

92) Lt. Uhura wears a Vokaya amulet as a token of my affection  and respect. SQUEEEE

93) Radioactive jewelry. You gave your girlfriend a tracking device.

94) A panicky Spock, Vulcan caught in headlights. 

95) Makeshift map to strategize for the rescue.

96) Lt. Uhura is there. 

97) The Frontier pushes back.

98) I am here to rescue you. Nyota’s heart eyes and little swoony smile at Spohck. Zoe, you sold this subtle swooning.

99) You killed my father, prepare to die by Jaylah to Manus.

100) Kirk catches Jaylah. Transporting sequence looks better on the big screen.

101) Flying the Franklin.

102) Preparation. Sulu and Chekov, helmsman and navigator tandem working to fly the Franklin off Atlamid. One of the best scene of Enterprise crew interaction and technology of the starship.

103) Mr. Sulu, you can, fly this thing, right? 

104) Sulu raises one eyebrow, You kidding me, sir?

105) The power of Franklin’s thrusters.

106) Franklin dives off a cliff.

107) Franklin flies off. Beautiful lift off.

108) Jaylah is out of Atlamid.

109) Franklin goes to Yorktown to stop Krall.

110) Spock talks mumbo jumbo according to Kirk. Uhura translates to Kirk-speak. Spohck is, that’s my girl.

111) Injured Spock says he can stop the swarm. Bones dons his dashing pilot suit once again. 

112) Spohck and Nyota eyefuck each other.

113) Let me do it. Jaylah Let her do it. Nyota

114) Scramble the frequency signal where the drone ships communicate to each other with Beastie Boys. Quite fitting ‘Sabotage’. They are sabotaging the drones.

115) Classical music!

116) Chekov and Sulu feet tapping to Sabotage!’.

117) Swarm crashing into each other. Like a tsunami wave and the Franklin is riding the curl.

118) USS Franklin doing a smackdown manuever stopping Krall and his drones. Master Sulu and Czar Chekov!

119) Uhura identifies Krall’s real identity through her aural sensitivity. Franklin’s Capt. Balthazar Edison. 

120) Krall’s bio-engineering. He’s around 140-ish years old. Using other beings life essences with an ancient alien technology, he can live forever if he wants to.

121) Krall and Kirk fight again. This time Krall is spitting mad. Float-fighting. In broad daylight or Yorktownlight.

122) Federation sucks. You left us. Fighting is living. War is inevitable. Krall

123) Federation is good. Better to live helping people than killing them. Kirk

124) Krall seeing himself on a glass shard. A time when his eyes soften, only to harden back with intent to kill. Elba!

125) Arbonath black liquid.

126) Scotty evicts Parkman to open latch and evict Krall and the arbonath. Heroes reference.

127) Bones and Spock save Kirk from being evicted as well.

128) Krall is floating with the arbonath black liquid clinging to him.  Why do I feel Krall will resurrect because of that black liquid? Yes, sequel, please.

129) Kirk sporting a real black eye.

130) Toast to friends. Chekov! We will miss you.

131) It is more pleasing to be with you, Nyota, than mission reports.

132) You old romantic.

133) Jaylah is a Starfleet Scholar.

134) In Russsia….Chekov!

135) Enterprise time-lapse construction. BEAUTIFUL!

136) The cast reciting Star Trek’s ode.

137) Kirk saying, we make a good team.

138) Spock saying, I believe we do.

139) Musical score is the best!


141) For Leonard and Anton

Conference: January 21st

All Times are in EST 

12:30 - Introduction

1:00 - 2P Nyo
2N Romano: @ask-fem-2p-romano
2N Wales: @ask-the-welsh-dragon
2N Belarus: @revolutionmyarse
2N Canada: @askthatcanadianbloggergirl

2:00 - FACE
England: @ask-cosplay-nyo-lithuania
America: @ask-burger-boy
France: @ask-aph-francis
Canada: @ask-the-canadian-lumberjack

3:00 - 2P
2P Germany: @ask-the-useless-german
2P England: @ask-my-hetalia-cosplay-blog
2P Belarus: @broken-dollhouse
2P Wales: @the-better-brits
2P Louis: @revolutionmyarse

4:00 - Nyotalia
Nyo Estonia: @ask-2p-southitaly
Nyo Poland: @ask-the-fabulous-polska
Nyo Lithuania: @ask-cosplay-nyo-lithuania
Nyo Russia: @askaph-bigsister-ukraine

5:00 - Nyo Ships – RusAme and LietBel
Nyo Russsia: @askaph-bigsister-ukraine
Nyo America: @ask-the-fabulous-polska
Nyo Belarus: @gentlemanlybloodyumbrella
Nyo Lithuania: @ask-cosplay-nyo-lithuania

6:00 - British Isles
Scotland: @awesomerevolutionarytomato
Wales: @ask-the-welsh-dragon
Ireland: @ask-aph-ireland

7:00 - Nordics
Norway: @ask-hetalia-norge
Denmark: @ask-a-dane
Sweden: @ask-the-lion-of-the-north

8:00 - Ancients
Rome: @roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Carthage: @awesomerevolutionarytomato
Finnic: @askfinnic
Kievan Rus: @askaph-bigsister-ukraine

If I see one more joke about the meteor crashing in Russia I’m going to scream. Seriously people, that’s not right. People were hurt by that crash. And all the Hetalians who think it’s funny to apply the character Russia to it, please stop. It’s not funny, and it’s more inconsiderate  than anything else. Taking real life events, especially tragic ones -I.E. 9/11 and pearl harbor-, and using them for your own enjoyment is sick, cruel, and wrong. And Hetalians aren’t the only ones. Homestuckers are to have blame to. Jokes about someone playing Suburb in Russia are, once again, cruel  sick, and inconsiderate. This is just as bad as those two Homestuck cosplayers who cosplayed over a grave labeled 'Butts". So please, stop it. It makes you look immature, stupid, and uncaring. So please stop because this is not a joking matter. This is serious.