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DW Fangirls

I’m kinda tired of all of the “RT DAVIES ERA WHO WAS BESTEST WHO AND MOFFAT SUCKS” crap I keep seeing. Can we not blast one era and ignore the other’s faults? Can we actually be civilized and recognize that both eras have their failures and successes? Can we actually recognize that Russel Davies wrong some SHIT stories during his run? Can we actually admit to ourselves that our Rose-Tinted Glasses (lol Rose Tyler) and our Nostalgia are distorting our views of the past and its actual merits?

Yes, there were good episodes in RTD. But there are also good in Moffat - many of which are actually better than some of RTD’s episodes. Just like there are bad episodes in Moffat. Feel free to like either more than the other, but don’t ignore the flaws of one and rub the flaws of hte other in everyone’s faces. That’s hypocrisy.

Long Story Short - Your fangirlish obsession over David Tennant has clouded your judgement of an era of DW, leading to a misconception that RTD can do no wrong and that it is absolutely perfect and without flaw.

I finally understand Moffat Hate

Before as a person who just watched Doctor who enjoyed the companions but wasn’t so invested in it as to really pay attention to any behind the scenes changes, I just assumed that Moffat had always been the head writer behind Doctor Who.

So when people complained about him on Tumblr I’d just be like “but why?” “he made such good companions like Donna, Rose, Martha, he wrote the master and made 10 the beloved doctor we know, he made such iconic episodes where we learnt about the companions families, some of those episodes used to give me nightmare they were so good”

I appologise Russle T.Davies, because I was giving credit where it wasn’t deserved.

And because of this I supported Moffat I thought, “I know what he can do! I trust him this will be great” and if it wasn’t I’d give him another chance or wonder if I was just being too nitpicky because surely he didn’t mean to do that..

Anyway, now that I understand that the majority of the redeeming qualities I found in Moffat were not his qualities at all, I do understand the hate and the criticism and I’m sorry it took me so long to do so.