russians know how


Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)


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~ And Otabek kisses him again and again. 

*Viktor screams in the background*


What rivalry?

Yuuri in Russia
  • Phichit: So Yuuri Katsuki, human disaster, how does it feel to be the calm rational one?
  • Yuuri: Like there is an upset in the natural order of the universe. Georgi asked me for emotional advice. ME for EMOTIONAL ADVICE. I could list 15 reasons of the top of my head why that's a bad idea

russian composers like guys from high school

Glinka: starts all new trends, patriotic AF, quite good singer, loves to spend his time with his grandma, good guy.

Dargomyzhsky: really likes love-songs, very interested in mythology, huge fan of mermaids, not really popular, reads Victor Hugo.

Balakirev: erudite, lowkey a Shakespeare fan, vegetarian, “jack of all trades”, a leader of The Gang which he himself has founded with bunch of his friends.

Cui: a member of The Gang, bookworm, knows a lot about artillery and military in general, helps his friends by finishing their homeworks.

Mussorgsky: a member of The Gang, always buys alcohol for parties, probably an alcoholic, loves russian history and folklore, writes letters.

Rimsky-Korsakov: a member of The Gang, looks great in glasses, travells a lot, has a collection of small ships in bottles, fancy, manly

Borodin: a member of The Gang, good at chemistry and biology, was in Italy once, loves his girlfriend a lot, hangs out with science nerds very often.

Tchaikovsky: worries a lot, good-looking, knows literally everybody and everybody knows him, lowkey gay, smokes in the backyard.

Shostakovich: nerdy, small, takes part in lots of activities and clubs, has strong moral compass, passionate.

Rostropovich: rolls his eyes whenever people mistake him for Shostakovich, plays the cello, has a girlfriend who can sing really good, receding hairline.

Prokofiev: almost proffesional chess player, writes poetry occasionally, disciplined, knows shit about cinema.

Stravinsky: has 3 brothers, fluent in french, likes fairytales and stuff, Picasso fan, not really into communism, religious

Rachmaninoff: born in musical family, too self-critical, depressions, has uncanny memory, always in suit.




NTs + Russian swears
  • ENTP (m) is teaching ENTP (f) Russian, INTJ is watching silently...
  • ENTP (m): No, no, much too slow. Repeat after me. Пошёл на хуй, я хочу сыр
  • ENTP (f): П-По...шёл...на хуй, я хочу сыр
  • ENTP (m): BAHAHA do you know what you just said?
  • INTJ: She said 'f*ck you' something, right?
  • ENTP (f): I said WHAT now?! And since when did you know Russian?
  • INTJ: I know how to say f*ck you in 7 different languages
  • ENTP (f): wowwww my goal in life is to be you
  • INTJ: *swearing in different languages while laughing*
YoI headcanon

I have a headcanon that Victor is the one that braids Yurio’s hair before the competitions as he’s the only one on the Russian team who knows how to do it, and because he misses his own long hair just a little bit.

I can just picture the stubborn, pouty expression on Yurio’s face while Victor does it but in reality he’s enjoying it a little because who wouldn’t?

Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE

you know what i rly love abt writing natasha ? she’s a former assassin with a shady past & a woman who keeps her secrets well             but she doesn’t take herself srsly & doesn’t push everyone away. i could’ve easily gone down the path of the self-loathing killer who regrets everything she’s done & has to pay the consequences ( middle finger salute @ aou ) but instead, truly tell others that nat doesn’t hate herself or pushes people away. she doesn’t change for anyone to conform & she allows herself to care for those she feel truly deserves her affection, friend and/or lover.  

hallieharp  asked:


Thank you for the ask!

Poetry: If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.

I will always, ALWAYS love Anna Karenina. I picked it up in the 4th grade and ever since then I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve read it. Tolstoy’s writing is beautiful. I have such admiration for my Russian novelists. He knows how to tell a tragic love story full of politics and social dynamic like no other.

Hi guys!
I need your help.
Choose stereotypes about Russian.
Thank you so much!
1. Russian can not joke
2. Russian love bears, and they walk through the streets of Russia
3. Russian slow
4. Russian are alcoholics. They love vodka
5. All Russian take bribes
6. All Russian girls are beautiful
7. It is cold in Russia
8. Russian love of the USSR
9. Russian love Russian creativity
10. Russian only wear boots
11. All Russian know how to play the accordion and balalaika
12. Each Russian has a samovar
13. Every Russian has a carpet on the wall
14. Every Russian has only food with sour cream
15. Each Russian controlled weapons well
16. Russian constantly smoke
17. In Russia, men and women adhere to old stereotypes?

Old Habits

Last night was… nice? I drove to NM to see The Viking and we had a good time. He made me dinner and we went through 2 ½ bottles of wine. We started listening to vinyls and during some Russian Communist Propoganda music, he made the first move (completely new for him) and one thing lead to another and we were tangled up on the floor like when we were together 3 years ago. You know how Russian Communist Propoganda music gets the people going apparently… certainly one of our weirder moments. It was comfortable since he’s still familiar but I have a few more years of experience under my belt and I wasn’t suffering from crippling self consciousness. We ended up in his bed and while we both wanted to have sex, it’s that time of the month so i ended up just giving him a blow job. We still don’t sleep well together, so we passed the night taking turns giving each other bruises like we used to back in the day. His shoulder looks like he was repeatedly shot at point blank range with a paintball gun. This morning he made coffee and we had a cigarette before he had to go to work. He kissed me good bye and then I started my trek home. I haven’t slept much in the last 24 hours and with the 104 mile drive home this morning, I’m much worse for wear. It didn’t mean anything and I’m not going to fall back into feelings with him because I already know how that’s going to play out, but it was still nice to have spent time with him again. Lord have mercy on my depraved soul.