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  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1

87 + 71

I want to be better, like Sid. I want to be better every day. I don’t want to be number one in Carolina. I sign a big deal here because I feel we can win every year. I want to play with Sid a long time.

Eurovision vocabulary in Russian

Well… some people tried to do such a good language post (it’s better to learn any language when you know the words connected with your hobbies)

I’ve decided to do a Eurovision vocabulary in Russian (no matter we don’t participate this year, mentally we’re the part of the biggest music holiday)




Вклад [vklad]– entry, contribution (there are too many meanings and it was a bit difficult to find a proper variant haha)
Публика, аудитория [publika, auditoria] – audience
Многообразие [mnogoobrazie]– diversity
Полуфинал [polufinal]– semifinal
Группа [gruppa]– band
Танцор (m) [tantsor], танцовщица (f) [tantsovshchitsa] – dancer
Европейский вещательный союз[Evropeiskii veshchatelnyi soyuz]– European Broadcasting Union
Конкурс песни «Евровидение» [konkurs pesni Evrovidenie]– Eurovision song contest

Жюри [zhuri] – jury
Организация [organizatsiia] – organization 
Последнее место[poslednee mesto]– last place

Киев [Kiev] – Kyiv
Европа [Evropa] – Europe
Австралия [Avstraliia] – Australia
балл, очко[ball, ochko] – point
Двенадцать баллов/очков [dvenadtsat’ ballov/ochkov] – twelve points
Зритель (m) [zritel’], зрительница (f) [zritel’nitsa] – viewer

Место встречи[mesto vstrechi]– venue
Ведущий (m) [vedushchii], ведущая (f) [vedushchaia] – host 
Национальный финал[natsionalnyi final] – national final
Песня [pesnia] – song

Получить очки/баллы [poluchit’ ochki/bally] – to get points

Сцена [stsena] – stage
Комментатор [commentator] – commentator
Микрофон [mikrofon] – microphone

Трофей [trofey] – trophy
Исполнитель (m) [ispolnitel’], исполнительница (f) [ispolnitel’nitsa] – artist, performer
Флаг, знамя[flag, znamia] – flag
Победитель (m) [pobeditel’], победительница (f) [pobeditel’nitsa] – winner
Представитель [predstavitel’] – representative
Страна [strana] – country
Певец (m) [pevets], певица (f) [pevitsa] – singer
Смотреть, созерцать [smotret’, sozertsat’] – to watch
Проигрывать [proigryvat’] – to lose
Организовать [organizovat’] – to organize
Принять участие в финале [priniat uchastie v finale] – to advance to the final
Танцевать [tantsevat’] – to dance
Участвовать [uchastvovat’], принимать участие [prinimat’ uchastie]  – to participate
Выигрывать [vyigryvat’] – to win
Петь [pet’] – to sing

Украина [Ukraina] – Ukraine

Финал [final] – final
Голосование [golosovanie] – voting
Музыка [muzyka] – music
Внутренний отбор[vnutrennii otbor] – internal selection
Язык [yazyk] – language

Russian Lessons

olicity || ao3 || teen || fluff & humor || 610 || more fics

summary: prompt: oliver tries to teach the new recruits Russian (thank you, @somewhatinvisible)
a/n: i don’t even know what i wrote it’s so silly but i hope you like it

Oliver let out the longest sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You know the older a person is the harder it is to learn a foreign language,” Felicity said from her desk, “Unless of course you’re submerged in the culture.”

“That’s helpful,” he muttered.

She chuckled.

He was just trying to teach Rene, Curtis, and Rory some Russian. It would be helpful in the future, he was sure of it. At least maybe they would have some language skills the next time they travelled. If they travelled to Russia again.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” he said looking to the three men.

None of them looked like they wanted to be there.

“I don’t think this is going anywhere,” Rory said.

Curtis nodded in agreement.

Rene scoffed, “Yeah and this ain’t worth the big belly you bribed us with.”

“Don’t you want to be prepared?” Oliver asked, trying not to sound frustrated and irritated.

“Of course we do,” Curtis said, “But Russian? We’d be better off learning something like Spanish.”

“Don’t even look at me,” Rene muttered, glaring daggers at Curtis.

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Mon-Kishu's Civil War tigger words audio
Mon-Kishu's Civil War tigger words audio
Mon-Kishu's Civil War tigger words audio

Winter Soldier Trigger Words in Civil War (by Mon-Kishu (better ones will come, just follow *shy* pls XD stick me. I promise I will do better when you have faith in me ^^ you know I did worse!) who is totally unpracticed)

difference between Zemo and old version in pronunciation here: xxx

желание (zhelaniye) - Longing

ржaвый (rzhavyy) - Rusted

Семнадцать (Semnadtsat’ ) - Seventeen

Рассвет (Rassvet) - Daybreak

Печь (Pech’) - Furnace

Девять (Devyat’ ) - Nine

добросердечный (dobroserdechnyy) - Benign

возвращение на родину (vozvrashcheniye na rodinu) - Homecoming

Один (Odin) - One

грузовой вагон (gruzovoy vagon) – Freightcar

“Доброе утро, солдат.” (Dobroye utro, soldat.) - ”Good morning, Soldier.”

“Я готов отвечать.” (YA gotov otvechat’.) (subtitles: Ready to comply)



zschelanjie, r-javoi, semnasidts, rassviet, pietsch, dävéet, dobrerskerdischné, wowrerschinje na rottinu, adjine, grosawoi wagon

Zemo says them differently with an accent:

dgelanie, javoi, sämnjasetsch, Raassviet, bietsch, diäviet, dobrerkasdeschni (this one I can’t remember correctly), waswärschinie na ruuvinou, grosowe wagon


(also remember, I’m not good  at Russian. pls, anyone who can do better. I intend to re-play some scenes. pls, give me the proper one >.> *knows shes an idiot*)


Okay this deleted the first 3 times and I’m getting annoyed. Here is my first reaction or scenario thingy and I hope you don’t judge me too much. Btw “y/l/n” stands for your last name. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


“Of course I take care of y/n! What? Kids? Yes, we’ll be working on kids VERY soon, Mrs. Y/l/n.” Your beautiful husband sends a wink your way as you choke on water.

“KIDS??!?!” You scream as you manage to stop choking.

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“Hit me up with that fire mixtape!” Your little sister asks your husband, the Min Yoongi.

“Idk… You’re kind of too young for it…” His voice trails off as he scratches his black hair.

“Come on! I’ll show you y/n’s baby pics and diary?” Your sister bribes the grown man.

“You think I’m going to give you a mixtape in exchange for embarrassing stuff about my wife?” He says while tilting his head.

“There’s pages with you in it.” She teases the young rapper. And just like that he swiped your diary out of your traitor sister’s hand and replaced it with his mixtape.


“Don’t steal my catchphrase…swag”

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“And you cross your arms while wiggling your hips and put your hands up like a "goal” and wiggle it with your hips as well!“ Your amazing husband instructs your mother on how to do the choreography for Russian Roulette.

"You got it! Wow you dance better than y/n!” He exclaims while your mom is still doing the dance.

“Hey! I can do it too!” You puff as you do the exact thing your mom does but towards the end, your Hobi was on the ground dying of laughter and your mom looks worried.

“Baby, we’re you having a mini seizure?” Your mom asks with fake concern and your husband’s laughing so hard tears came out.

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Rap Monster:

“Thanksgiving is not about being thankful. Originally, it was a meeting between the pilgrims and the natives to discuss how to survive and war tactics. The next day they were at each other heads. Their wasn’t even food! The women and children also weren’t around. They were preparing food for the following Sunday feast. So why do we package this day as to be thankful? What are the natives thankful for? Their ancestors dying? Why can’t we just call it family day. Since we all get together as a family and eat. Another thing! If Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have, why a few hours later do you break your legs trying to race to get deals on items you don’t need? Weren’t you thankful just a few hours ago? The hypocrisy! And another thing-” He was cut off by dad shoving the Turkey’s leg in my poor genius’ mouth.

“THANK YOU!” The entire family yells as we continue to eat. You rub your poor husband’s shoulder while he looks down in embarrassment.

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“Do you need help with that, Mrs. Y/l/n?”

“Sure, I can help!”

“I’d be glad to-” You cut off your boyfriend by kissing him.

Gosh, why is he so nice?

You weren’t at the Thanksgiving party yet!

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“Bye!” You wave goodbye to your family with your plate filled with extra food and your belly stuffed.

“Bye y/n!” A chorus of goodbyes are echoed back to you as you walk out the door but then freeze when you realized you forget something, or someone.

You walk back in the house and up the stairs and open the first door and find your boyfriend playing with the kids in your family.

‘He’s so cute’ you think.

Maybe we can stay a little longer? After all, he is having fun.

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“He’ll come, y/n.” Your cousin tries (and fails) at reassuring your boyfriend’s arrival. You knew he had a show today and it’s take him longer to get here, but that still wasn’t enough to make you stop staring at the hot coco in front of you.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around to see your boyfriend, Jungkook dressed cozy with his arms open for a hug. You gladly took the invitation and rushed into his arms. He pulled away and looked at you nervously.

“I hope I didn’t make you wait too long.” He says as he scratches the back of his neck.

“It’s okay, you’re here now.” You smile and look up at your amazing boyfriend. He looks at the ground and drops on one knee and pulls out a black velvet box from his pocket. Your family already had their cameras out and your mom was crying on you dad’s shoulder as they witness what’s about to happen.  

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Russia in 2017


-          María Paseka. Her status is tricky, because seems she has back problems but doesn’t want to get medically treated?? LOL?? I still don’t get the story completely, but V-Rod says she won’t compete at Euros and rest until Worlds, which actually means she will be the 2017 European VT Champion and be retired on a wheelchair by July. Russia really needs her because she is the only vaulter of the team who could be a great treat on VT, because the López+DTY combo is not dominating anymore -and especially with Russia’s execution- not even at European level. It’s not extremely necessary for next year for the team because there are no TF, but the lack of DTYs and strong vaulters is worrying for Russia. But also, I don’t think she’s physically capable to train other events aside VT (definitely not BB), so take one spot again in a 5-persons-team just to have a girl vaulting is super stupid (do I have to remember Spiridoz doing floor at the Olympics?!). So maybe, if the system doesn’t work for her anymore, her body is starting to give her serious problems, and she will probably get killed in a car accident, 2017 could be her swan song?

-          Viktoria Komova. Talking about injured people, the Queen of Munich says she’s not retiring yet (YAS). The problem is that she is de facto retired, because being always injured is basically that :(. I don’t get why she keeps going because it’s clear her body is letting her down, but I can also understand it. Imagine being the best gymnast of your generation, and, knowing that you were a “failure” for many people, even for yourself, that you never full-filled your potential. Then I can get why she would want that gold so much. If I were her I would try to take it calmly tho and try somehow to make it to Tokyo as an event specialist, because the AA is definitely over for her. The truth is that she’s not needed on UB and BB, because if Russia has something is UB workers and people constantly falling off balance beams, so her spot is well covered. Although if she ever comes back to actual competition, her DTY will be helpful.

-          Tatiana Nabieva. Don’t know what she actually wants to do with her career, and probably she neither. Doesn’t matter if she announces her retirement because none will believe her. After Rio she started posting videos of her doing crazy skills, and her barani at Russian Cup looked even better than in 2010. Maybe she’s just training skills because she wants more likes in IG (lol I would do it) or simply help the SP team. Or maybe she has set her goal in a spot in the Universiade team (which I fully support). At least let’s hope she brings back the Nabieva for Nationals, and her eponymous “turn in so-done position” ending pose (I think it is a B in the new code, right Nellie?).

-          Daria Elizarova. She won Voronin with an almost 57 AA score (LOL I love Russia), and also put two beam scores in the high 14’s (LOLx2). Seriously now, it seems she wants to keep going until 2020 and actually looks better than ever (or at least better than since she was a pre-pubescent). She is aiming for a spot in the Universiade team, and probably qualify as an event specialist to Tokyo, which looking at the new qualifying process looks sensible if she becomes consistent on BB and Russia is still a mess in the AA. It’s nice to see her doing gymnastics and have aspirations so many years after she became a senior.

-          Ksenia Afanasyeva. Lately it has been talked that she wants to come back to elite (!!!), but I don’t know if it’s actually a good idea. First her ankles and her kidney are not anymore in the correct status to keep doing elite gymnastics, and if she were a UB girl as Komova, I could get it, but her being currently a VT/FX girl, it seems rather stupid. Her ankles will probably not stand it. Also, she’s a event specialist (as she hasn’t trained UB and BB since maybe 2013 and 2015 summer, respectively?) and the system for this quad is basically AA-centred again. Maybe she just wants to do gymnastics for fun a la Bondareva? I hope so.

-          Aliya Mustafina. Honestly, I don’t have it clear if I want her to continue or retire. I think she could still keep winning medals and making history. But also, she is not the same Aliya she was in her younger years, as a person and as a gymnast. She is now a wife, a 22yo woman, and, sadly, she has lost that “it thing” a little bit. Seems she was SUPER DONE with gymnastics just before Rio, and maybe winning that gold made her be more positive about her career and had her thinking about the possibility of continuing. But I don’t know if she really wants to be the rock of the Russian team one more time, that’s not a good position to be during so many time. Khorkina could basically because she needed it to win that AA title, but Aliya has already conquered and won everything she physically could. She has no regrets, Aliya dixit. Also, Russia needs to get used to living and, more importantly, COMPETING without Aliya, and it’s better to do it at the start of the quad than some months before the Olympics, because, no matter when it happens, it will be dramatic. 5th place dramatic. I will cry a lot, but what’s life if not a trail of tears (quote by Anastasia Grishina).

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Amell Says His Russian Is Getting Better, Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 5: 'We’re Trying to Do It Right’

The Arrow star and his castmates dropped by ET’s Comic-Con suite on Saturday to tease season five of The CW superhero drama, and he adorably admitted that his handle on the Russian language hasn’t always been up to par.

“It’s actually pretty good,” Amell told ET’s Leanne Aguilera. “We have a phonetics coach and a translator on set when I have to do Russian and it seems to be working.”

While Amell’s character, Oliver Queen, has spoken Russian early in Arrow’s run, the 35-year-old actor revealed, “That was all fake in the first season.”

“We’re actually trying to do it properly,” he explained. “[The phonetics coach says] 'This is actually what you’re saying. This is the word that you should emphasize,’ and we’re trying to do it right.”

As for what’s in store for the new season, the cast was pretty tight-lipped, although executive producer Wendy Mericle did reveal that events pick up four months after the May finale. 

*SPOILERS following the cut

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Confessions Pt 5

Notes: Ok so this did come out angstier than I expected…… my fav so far

Turned out I didn’t have to figure out a way to get  Jungkook alone.

When I walked out of my dorm the following morning with Eunbi and the others, he stood up from the nearest stone bench. I could see the nervousness in his big doe eyes.

“I’ll see you in class,” I told Eunbi as I split away

“Hi,” I said.

“What did she say to you?” he asked point-blank.

I cleared my throat. 

“She said she’s sorry,” I told him. “She said to get you alone and tell you that she’s sorry.”

Jungkook blinked.

“She said that?”

“Yeah,” I told him, my curiosity overwhelming. “Why would she say that after what I did to her?”

“I don’t know,” he said shaking his head as she stared past me, he cracked the briefest and the saddest of smiles. “That’s Sojun”

“Are you all right?” I asked.

He shifted positions uncomfortably

“This conversation never happened. It goes with you to the grave”. And he left.


“So, everyone going to the dance on Saturday?”  Mina asked as we sat on the common room on our floor.

“Of course,” Irene said. She pushed herself up from the floor where she had been painting her nails and sat on the couch, capping her nail polish bottle.

“I need to pick out my boyfriend.” She added as if she was talking about shopping for socks or something.

“I’m definitely there,” Eunbi said.

“What about you, y/n?”

I flushed at the very idea of attending a school dance.  I had never danced with a boy in my life. Not once.

“I don’t know” I said. “I actually have a lot of work to do.”

“Back up, ladies—we have a party animal.” Yeri said.

 everyone laughed.

“Don’t bother with the reverse psychology, Yeri. There’s no way she’ll go” Irene said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“It means, you’re a sheep. There’s no way the Bangtans are going to go because they think they’re above any and all school functions and we all know that whatever they do, you’ll do. Isn’t that what sheeps do? Follow the herd?”

Someone should definitely to put a fist to that face.

There were about a million things I could have said.

I could have pointed out the fact that she was just jealous that the Bangtans knew I existed.

I could have reminded her that she was the one who
was sooo looking forward to being a Bangtan girl next year, and if she soooo wanted to be one, then why was she even going to the dance?

But I knew that whatever I said would come off as a defensive rant, so I just stood up without saying anything and calmly walked back to my room, wondering why I had ever craved the friendship of other girls.

The night of the dance came all too fast.

My mind was practically screaming at me to get back to the dorms.

I had come for exactly three reasons: 1) because Eunbi had begged me to, and I knew she would never let it die until I said yes 2) because Irene had publicly declared there was no way I would show so naturally I had to and 3) because I myself had nothing to hold me back other than a stack of homework and my social phobia.

So I put on the only semi–decent dress Eunbi owned.

Semi being the keyword.

It was just a little too short. 

and just a little bit too tight.

It seemed to clung to my body like a second skin, hugging curves that I didn’t even know I had. And don’t even get me started on those damn deathtraps she called Heels. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be able to get very far away in them without breaking my neck in the process.

 “Are you going to talk to him?” Eunbi asked me breathlessly.

I stood against the wall, staring across the room at Yoongi, who was surrounded by people. Freshmen and sophomores mostly, since it seemed that most juniors and seniors had avoided this, the first school dance, including -as predicted- the Bangtans. 

 What I didn’t get was why yoongi was there. If the Bangtans were too good to be here, then what the fuck was he doing here?

“I might” I said.

I would if he wasn’t so clearly otherwise occupied.

I watched with a tiny bit of jealousy as a pretty, petite brunette laughed at something he said.

Ever since that look Yoongi  had given me outside the cafeteria, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. Even though I knew he was probably trouble, I just felt a deep pull towards him and a sense of connection that was weirdly powerful considering how few times we’d actually spoken. 

All around the room, people kept to the walls, talking and laughing or staring out at the empty dance floor while the DJ spun random dance hits of the last ten years.

“Why don’t you just go ask him to dance?” Eunbi said.
“Uh, no one else is dancing” I pointed. 
“Well, then, at least go say hello! We need some romance around here and it can’t be me since I have, you know, a boyfriend, so I need to live vicariously through you.” She said.

“Look, I never even said I liked the guy,” I said.


She scoffed. “Yeah, right. It’s so obvious.”

Oh, God. Was it? 

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Irene said, horning in on the conversation. “Go up to him already. He’s just a person.” 

Then you go talk to him.

Actually no don’t go. stay away from him, oh god what’s happening to me

“um.. just a person who’s coming over here” Eunbi said under her breath.


I looked up. Slowly, Yoongi was making his way across
the room. He looked right into my eyes and smiled the whole way.

He stopped right in front of me and tucked his chin. “Where are your companions?” he asked.

“My companions?”

“The Bangtans he said. “I thought you didn’t leave home
without them.”

Behind me, Irene snorted.

Was this why he had come over here? To mock me?

“I do what I want to do,” I said, lifting my chin slightly.

“Good,” he replied.  “You don’t need them anyway.”

  like you’re not a part of them you wanted to retort.

But yes, I did need them. And if he didn’t realize that, he was a lot more clueless about this school of his than he knew.

“Well, someone should be dancing” he said. “And I think that someone is y/n”

He smiled slowly and offered both of his hands.

“But … no one else is dancing,” I said.

“What’s the matter? You scared?” he asked giving me a gummy smile.

I narrowed my eyes.

“Please.” I took his hands and he backed toward the dance floor, watching my eyes the whole way. Everyone in the room stared. They almost looked disgusted that someone actually had the nerve to dance at this dance.

The guys seemed merely intrigued, but I could practically taste the jealousy radiating off the female population.

The hottest guy there, the only guy with the guts to actually dance, had chosen to dance with me.

Yoongi paused.

My heart pounded in my every pore.

Without a word, he lifted my arms and placed them around his neck.

Then he slid his arms around my waist, his hands resting lightly just at the small of my back.

His eyes never left mine.

As we started to step from side to side, my breath grew short. Every inch of me ached to touch him, arms and hands were not enough.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me, his voice making me flutter.

I flushed. “Nothing.”

Yoongi lifted one corner of his mouth, bringing out a small


“Yes, you were. You were thinking something naughty.”

My skin sizzled. He brought his cheek to mine and his breath felt hot on my ear.

“Tell me your naughty thoughts, y/n __”

Oh, God. My palms were sweating. My head swam. My whole body throbbed.

“Do I make you nervous?” he asked.

I shook my head.

He pulled back slightly, looked me in the eye, and smiled.

“Liar.”  He said as he let go of me, only to twirl me around and press my back against his chest, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, swaying us to the sound of the music.

 I couldn’t think. I couldn’t even breath properly at this point. I was pressed way too tightly against Yoongi and our chests were heaving up and down almost at the same rate.

“You look.. really good” he said as he turned me around again, licking his lips with a smirk.

My face flushed.

I didn’t look any different except for the eyeliner with some shimmery gold eye shadow. My mass of hair was no longer a untamed but had proper volume and body as it fell down my back with a center part.

“Thanks you um.. you look good too”

Smooth. I wanted to punch myself.

The song ended and it took a few seconds for the next one to start.

He chuckled as he placed one hand at the small of my back and escorted me to where my friends were waiting.

“I’ll see you around new girl” he said with a wink as he walked off.


I had been hoping that Yoongi would actually show up on time for morning services, wanting to see me as much as I wanted to see him, but he sneaked in ten minutes late as usual and slided down his seat with his sunglasses on. Result? I couldn’t even catch his eyes.

How he got away with that stuff, I had no idea, but no
one seemed to bother him about it. He was just that type of guy.

I spent the rest of the morning “studying” out on the quad in the sun with Eunbi, since I had to do something about my not-so-stellar academic record.

When I presented my art history project my teacher critiqued it right away as she had all the others, calling it mediocre and under-researched (unlike all the others). She gave me a C and told me to do better next time.

An oral report in russian didn’t go much better. Although my pronunciation had improved (mostly because I started from zero), the teacher said I was still too hesitant and that my lack of confidence was distracting.

And finally, there was the history quiz. I didn’t even want to think about the number of blanks I had left on that page.

I wanted to focus. I really did.

But most of my time on the quad was actually spent scanning my surroundings, hoping for a glimpse of Yoongi’s bright mint hair.

All I could think about was that dance. The way he had touched my face with his fingertips. The way his hands gripped my hips. My back against his chest.

I wanted more. Now.

“You’re thinking about him, aren’t you?” Eunbi asked me during one of my many space-outs.

“No. I was just … trying to figure out this equation,” I said looking down at my trig book and blushing.

“Yeah, right. You’re so in love you can’t even stop smiling,”she said.
“I’m not in love,” I said flatly. I barely know the guy.
“Yes, you are!” she teased.
“Let’s just study,” I said.

Eunbi’s face fell and she went back to her work without a
word. I instantly felt guilty for shutting her down, but didn’t know what to say. When was I going to learn?

I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate. I really did. But five seconds later, my mind was with Yoongi again. I definitely had it bad.

Lunch hour could not come fast enough. Yoongi always showed up for lunch, however briefly.

I was salivating at the thought of seeing him.
I approached the Bangtan table uncertainly as I always did, waiting for them to tell me it was all a joke and to go away.

When I slipped into my chair without incident, I let out a sigh of relief.

Jimin looked up briefly from his game and gave me a warm smile.

“Hi y/n!” Jungkook said brightly as he always did

“Hi,” I replied with a smile.

“How’s everything going? How are your classes?” “Did you do anything interesting yesterday?” he asked.

“Fine, fine, and no. Not really,” I said lightly.

I was getting used to jungkook’s questions and learning how to answer them as vaguely as possible.

“Yeah, right. I hear you and Yoongi got nasty last night” taehyung said amused.

My mouth opened slightly, but nothing came out

“Min Yoongi?” seulgi said raising one perfect eyebrow.

“There’s a good idea.” Sooyoung added sarcastically.

“Did you know that the Mins donate two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars to the school every year? That’s on top of his
tuition,” Jungkook offered.

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars? Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars?!  How rich were these people?

“Jungkookie, Really?” Jin scolded. As if talking about money was just that wrong.

And as always, jungkook clammed up.

Just then the double doors opened and Yoongi walked in with Hoseok and namjoon.

My heart caught and immediately began racing.

I was expecting to maybe catch him in the last ten minutes of
the meal when he usually appeared, grabbed food, and bailed. But there he was, trailed by his friends. Right on time.

I told myself not to expect anything. Maybe the dance meant
nothing. Maybe he had forgotten I existed. Maybe he—

“Hey new girl” he said, sliding into the chair next to mine.

He pushed my hair back from my face with his fingertips and when I turned to him, kissed me right on my cheek. “I guess I should start calling you y/n now.”

 I could feel taehyung and Jin whispering across the table.

“So, Min. Found yourself a new victim?”  Jimin asked.

 My breath caught. What did that mean?

“Ironic statement, coming from you” Yoongi retorted glaring at him.

Jimin’s face reddened.

 “I’m surprised you even know what ironic means.”

“Shut it, Park” Yoongi snapped.

 “Hey. Hey. watch it dude,” Jin said, from across the table.

 yoongi glared at them for a second, then laughed snarkily and

kissed my cheek.

What was that all about?

I cannot wait for parents’ weekend,” Taehyung said, tearing into his sandwich.

Yoongi blew out a sigh and slidded down in his chair.

Instant attitude shift.

“Why? What’s so great about parents’ weekend?” I asked.

“Tae is referring to the fact that it’s the best meal of the year,” seulgi explained.”His world revolves around his stomach.”

“And areas slightly further south,” Tae added, laughing and looking at her suggestively

She scrunched her face in disgust and muttered a simple “gross” before focusing again on her luch tray.

“I just can’t wait to see my mom,” Jungkook said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here he is. The only boy who thinks the worst part of boarding school is being away from his parents” Hoseok announced.

 Everyone laughed except Yoongi. “Can we talk about something a little less boring please?” he asked.

“Touchy, touchy,” Tae said

“You just sound like a bunch of losers” Yoongi grumbled. “It’s a stupid tradition. I don’t know why they even bother anymore. Why disrupt everything for an entire weekend?”

“Dude, chill. It’s not our fault your parents are assholes,” Tae said.

“Screw you ,” yoongi snapped.

Clearly Yoongi had parental issues. He had grown blotchy around the neckline of his shirt and looked skittish, as if ready to run at the first loud noise.

“Are you all right?” I whispered at him.

“I’m fine,” he said, taking my hand. He looked at me with
pleading eyes. “Let’s get out of here.”

Yoongi shoved through the cafeteria doors, stormed over to the
closest tree, and slammed his fist into the trunk.

“Yoongi” I shouted. He didn’t even seem to hear me. He pulled back and smashed his fist into the tree trunk again. And again and again.
“Stop it!” I shouted, grabbing his arm. He resisted me at first, but then stopped when he saw how scared I looked.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Pointless question. But my heart was pounding and I felt almost
weak with fear and concern. I had to say something. 

Yoongi blew out a breath and dropped down on a stone bench.

“Sorry. I’m Sorry,” he said, stuffing his damaged hand under his arm.

“It’s okay,” I told him. It wasn’t as if I’d never witnessed a meltdown before. “Just take a deep breath.”

He shot me a grateful glance and did as I said, looking away from me.

Clearly he was holding back. Whatever the freak-out was about, he hadn’t gotten it out of his system.

“Dammit,” he said under his breath.

I put my hand on his back, but he flinched away. My face felt hot. Did he want me to go? Should I go? I didn’t want to leave him alone. Just in case.

In the midst of my self-contradiction, I heard someone


One of the teachers strolled down the path toward us. I
cursed under my breath.

“Don’t say anything,” Yoongi pleaded, sounding very much like a little boy afraid of getting in trouble. My heart went out to him.

“Don’t worry.”

“Everything all right here, Mr. Min?”

“Fine. Fine, Mr. Kwon” Yoongi replied.

“Shouldn’t you be in lunch now, Mr. Min?”  he asked.

“My friend here was feeling a little nauseous so I brought her

outside to get some air,” Yoongi said so composed you never would have known he’d had a mental breakdown two seconds earlier.

“This is y/n Mr. Kwon. She’s a sophomore.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Miss y/n” the man said, tipping his head toward me.

“Don’t stay out here too long.”

When he finally strolled off again, Yoongi and I were able
to breathe.

“Are you okay?” I asked, glancing at his hand. His knuckles were bright red.

“Yeah. It’s fine,” he said.

His breath seemed to be slowing and he leaned his elbow on the arm of the bench. “I’m sorry,” he said, I just get so pissed sometimes.”

I smiled slightly.

“Hey hey its okay” I said cupping his face with my hands “you can trust me”

He sighed “If you really want to know ….Where do i even begin. Dad’s a tremendous drunk. When he drinks he gets loud and obnoxious and fucks everything up. We’re talking birthdays, vacations, Christmases, my 8th year graduation, even the maid. And don’t even get me started on my mother. She’s a drunk too, except she likes taking pills with her bourbon. Prescription ones. All kinds. They come up here every year and the whole school kisses their asses because of their money. They get to act all high and mighty for two days and order me around and act the perfect parents and it just makes me sick,” He looked up again and took a deep breath, blowing it out. 

I felt my heart tighten in my chest. He sounded Sad. Disappointed. Embarrassed.

I looked up at Yoongi. All I wanted to do was hug him and protect him.

But I also knew that I couldn’t endure another scene like today. Another tense lunch. Another smackdown with a tree trunk.

 “Wow yoongi i- I had no idea! But it’s not your fault at all, you know that right? If it hurts you so much.. did you think about asking them not to come to the dinner? Maybe if you ask calmly they’ll… ”

“Have I told you I’m glad you came here?” he interrupted me.
“No” I replied, feeling a smile form on my face.
“I am. In fact, I think we should eat lunch together alone from now on,” he said. “Just you and me.”

My stomach twisted slightly. “But what about-”
“The bangtans?” he said. “Could someone please tell me
what’s so great about the freakin’ Bangtans?”

I raised my eyebrows. That was pretty hypocritical of him

 “Why do you need them when you’ve got me?”

Because they have everything I have ever wanted. Because if I’m with them I will have a future.

Because I cared about them.

“I can’t believe you’d choose them over me,” he said shaking his head. “You disappoint me, y/n. I should go get this cleaned up,” he said, raising his bloody knuckles.

“Want me to go to the infirmary with you?” I asked.
“Can’t go there. The nurse will have to inform the parents about something like this, and that’s the last thing I need,” he said, standing. “You go inside. Go back to your precious ‘friends,’” he said, air-quoting with one hand.”

“I’ll see you later?” I said.
“Most definitely,” he replied.

That should’ve been my first warning.


Scusate per la dubstep.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you know any good websites that would give me facts and figures on things like land ownership, social classes, industry and agriculture etc. during the late tsarist rule, like 1900 to 1917? Sorry to ask, it's just I know you know like everything about Russia, and I can't find anything useful where I'm looking!

hmmm this is a tricky one…

and thank you for the compliment!! if you need any more just message me again as i have access to ebsco which has solid information :)