Wolfie - The Wolf of East Berlin?

Alright, this makes perfect sense to me, but it still came as a surprise. Our Wolfgang the head of the East Berlin Mafia? 

Well, let’s look at the facts.

Post WWII occupation of Germany left behind a lot of Russian influence on the country, specifically east of what was the Berlin Wall. I won’t bore you with the history of it all, but it makes complete sense that ‘East Berlin’ is the territory in which Wolfgang could inherit as his own. For several reasons.

One: Did you ever take a close look at Steiner’s tattoos? If you hadn’t, a refresher:

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Mmm. I love this GIF for many reasons, but take a look at Steiner’s hand. You’ll notice he has an eight pointed star on the back of his palm. This is a beacon for anyone familiar with Russian/USSR culture, as it’s most infamous as a symbol for the братва - Bratva in Latin script. The Bratva is the largest mafia in Russia,  and has ties in politics, government, money laundering, sex rings - really, anything you could think of.

Next, Wolfie’s last name: Bogdanow. Wolfie’s relatives pronounce this as ‘Bogdanoff’ the traditional Russian sound. Fun fact, Bogdanoff is not only a derivative of the traditional ‘Bogdanov’, but also means ‘gift of God’. Nice.

Lastly, Sergei’s name and the way all of Wolfie’s relatives speak screams Eastern European influence. Even the way Wolfgang’s aunt dresses - fur wrap, impeccable makeup, short coiffed hair - well, I can taste the vodka and kompot from here.

In conclusion, Wolfgang’s meeting with his relatives turned his life 10x more volatile and dangerous (if that’s even possible).

TL;DR: Wolfgang is a literal gift from God, one that was basically just offered half of Germany. Steiner has shit tattoos (but we knew that), and Wolfgang is quite literally throwing away an empire because he’s a cinnamon roll that (not) secretly still loves Kala.


P.S. If you speak Russian, Привет!

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