Russian tattoo artist turns childhood fears into permanent works of art

Skulls, snakes and ravens are not usually the first thing you think of when choosing a tattoo. However, Russian tattoo artist, Alexander Grim, takes these dark images and turns them into breathtaking pieces of art that will make you reconsider everything you’ve ever feared.

It’s no wonder he has over seventy thousand followers on Instagram. His work ranges from intricate snakes designed with heavy use of negative space to large owls with round eyes flying on human canvases.

Have a look at these dark and fascinating images and see for yourself.

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Print No. 11, Sergei Vasiliev, 1991. Strict Regime Corrective Labour Colony No.40. Kungur, Perm Region.

“The tattoo on the neck reads ‘I don’t need happiness’, beneath the neck 'I live in sin, I die laughing’. The scar on this criminals face is usually forcibly applied as a punishment to any convict who has informed or betrayed his fellow inmates.”


Hey guys, also I do minimalistic stick-and-poke tattoos! 

(They are made by hand, like in old times, when there were no tattooing machines)

PS: Its written “A place for your sketch” in Russian.