Russian bullshit about LGBT+ safety

• I’m fed up with Russian people ignoring all the mental and physical harm lgbt+ community suffers in Russia

• I’m fed up with Russian celebrities and V.Putin lying to the camera that there’s nothing for lgbt+ to be afraid in this country or like attitude to lgbt+ is completely normal (hell no)

• I’m fed up with the government producing shitty laws which have nothing to do with basic human rights and the Constitution

• I’m fed up with the fact, that there are dozens and hundreds of cases of public humiliation, bulling, threatening and violence based on sexual orientation or gender in the capital that are not even talked by socal media (so try to imagine what kind of shit happens in regions etc. without people knowing)

• I’m fed up with old generation in educational system spreading hate and bullshit on lgbt+ which is so common that nobody even tries to rebel or just inform the power-keepers

Russia does not deserve the name of a free, equal and progressive country.

P.S.: I’m a teenage girl unfortunately living in Russia. So I am responsible for my words. I know some shit and I’m extremely fed up with it. Why are you, Russian people, so blind and scared to make a step forward? Why am I so scared? Maybe cause I can be put in jail for expressing non-traditional opinion or taking part in lgbt-parade which will never be accepted here? Maybe cause of real probability of being physically and mentally punished or simply killed for saying those words out loud?
I feel helpless, useless and done. Every year I feel more unsafe.
People, open your eyes for lgbt+ problems in Russia. We need your help. Amen.


THE BLACKLIST – 3x02 – Marvin Gerard

Synopsis – THE FBI CORNERS LIZ AND RED – Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) is hot on the trail for Liz (Megan Boone) after she escapes to the Russian embassy for safety. There is no one left for her to trust but Red (James Spader), who enlists a lawyer named Marvin Gerard to get them out of a sticky hostage situation. Meanwhile, the FBI tries to force Cooper (Harry Lennix) out of the task force.