I had hope you may have come to have a tenderness, at least. Kindness even.


listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme

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#WHERE IS MY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AU!!!!! .... Now, I'm not *saying* you should write it, but you should write it. I would read the *hell* out of it.

I’m not even gonna lie - I read that post by @lavenderprose and was immediately overwhelmed with UTTER FURY that it did not yet exist. So much so that I dug my copy Jane Austen anthology out of storage and started brainstorming.

Initial thought: Viktuuri is more suited to a Sense & Sensibility a/u. Can you not just IMAGINE that #iconic scene going down between Yuuri and Viktor. Like, oh my god:

Viktor: I come here with no expectations, only to profess that my heart is and always will be… yours.
Yuuri: *uncontrollable sobbing*

IT WRITES ITSELF!!! Yuuri is the internal, self-sacrificing eldest daughter of the family. His younger brother, Yuri, is the headstrong, belligerently romantic one and the youngest of course is Phichit aka the one everyone wants to take care of who really takes care of everyone else.

Due to their stepfather’s death, they have no money and no prospects. Rather than bemoaning their family’s fortunes, Yuuri devotes himself to making sure the house runs well and that their family has as many little luxuries and happinesses as they can afford. Even when he meets second-cousin-by-marriage Viktor Nikiforov, he resolutely does not think about the heartfelt conversations and the meaningful looks that they share, especially not when Yuri meets the dashing and daring Otabek Altin whose aunt lives near their humble cottage and Yuuri has to prevent Yuri from doing something utterly ridiculous.

Alternatively: P&P au where Viktuuri are Jane/Bingley and Otayuri are Lizzie/Darcy. (Oh god, do each of those roles fit perfectly or what.)

ALTERNATIVE ALTERNATIVE AU (bonus round): Persuasion au where Viktor/Chris are Anne/Frederick (OUR LOVE AFFAIR IS IN THE PAST!! IT’S OVER ENTIRELY!! Except… maybe… it… isn’t???? Angst ((lots of it)) ensues.)


My Persona 5 OC who doesn’t have a name yet. Al Capone is his persona and his codename is Moon.

Why is it so hard to believe that when Tony Stark acts like a douche he’s literally just doing it as a defense mechanism and because that’s how he was raised, when the exact same thing could be said for Bruce Wayne. “You don’t get it, Bruce Wayne is the mask” well so is Tony Stark. Tony Stark has to live up to a legacy by his abusive father to a crowd of people who will pounce on any weakness. Is it really so hard to believe that he puts on an act? Really?