Russian Machine Never Breaks is proud to announce the debut of our new webcomic, Shinny

Brought to you by writer Peter Hassett and illustrator Rachel Cohen, Shinny! is a weekly comic all about hockey fandom. It’s the story of how hockey breaks and mends hearts, how it brings people together and smashes people together, and how there’s a place for everyone in it. Plus: hockey jokes.

Shinny is a spunky, twenty-something hockey fanatic. Beside her dad (an oldtimey hockey purist) and her boyfriend (a fairweather fan noob), Shinny sees every side of the hockey world and eventually finds her own place in it.

As a comic, Shinny! is both topical and lasting, telling stories about both current events and timeless hockey milestones. It’s about the people as much as the game, but with reverence for neither and jokes on all. Fans of every team (or no team at all) will find something to enjoy in Shinny!

New comics come out every Tuesday on, as well as here on Tumblr! We’ll also be using this Tumblr to post extra content not seen on RMNB. Stay tuned!


(Also, someone should let Ovi have a go at the hockey fandom’s robot trope for once, but instead of the usual emotionless hockey playing robot shtick, he’s the first self-developing AI or something like that because robots are way better when they’re funny and figuring out the excess of humanity. Case in point: Bender from Futurama, Aaron Stack from Nextwave, R2D2 from Star Wars…. do we get to count Jarvis from the MCU movies?)


Because my cappy is a Superman.