Russian Machine Never Breaks is proud to announce the debut of our new webcomic, Shinny

Brought to you by writer Peter Hassett and illustrator Rachel Cohen, Shinny! is a weekly comic all about hockey fandom. It’s the story of how hockey breaks and mends hearts, how it brings people together and smashes people together, and how there’s a place for everyone in it. Plus: hockey jokes.

Shinny is a spunky, twenty-something hockey fanatic. Beside her dad (an oldtimey hockey purist) and her boyfriend (a fairweather fan noob), Shinny sees every side of the hockey world and eventually finds her own place in it.

As a comic, Shinny! is both topical and lasting, telling stories about both current events and timeless hockey milestones. It’s about the people as much as the game, but with reverence for neither and jokes on all. Fans of every team (or no team at all) will find something to enjoy in Shinny!

New comics come out every Tuesday on, as well as here on Tumblr! We’ll also be using this Tumblr to post extra content not seen on RMNB. Stay tuned!

A Description of Each Game of the Postseason Thus Far

Round 1 vs Toronto

  • Game 1: The one where Justin Williams brings the team back from the dead and Willy wins it in OT
  • Game 2: The one where Nicky ties it late but the Caps lose in double OT
  • Game 3: The one where Holtby goes to the fucking blueline but the Caps still lose in OT
  • Game 4: The one where Willy plays goalie and scores 2 goals
  • Game 5: The one where the Russian machine never breaks and Justin Williams wins it in OT
  • Game 6: The one where Mojo wins the series

Round 2 vs Pittsburgh

  • Game 1: The one with Kuzy’s bird celly (but the Caps still lose)
  • Game 2: The one where the Caps just play like garbage
  • Game 3: The one where Crosby gets hurt and the Pens get Shatt on
  • Game 4: The one where Schmidty scores but the Caps still lose
  • Game 5: The one where Burky scores and Holtby saves the season

Ovi’s “Russian machine never breaks” is funny to me because he probably says it all the time as a dad joke whenever he’s mildly injured. But then one day he’s chasing his and Nicky’s kids around the lawn and he trips and skins half his knee off or something, he just waves his worried children and husband off.

“I’m okay! I’m okay! Russian machine never breaks,” Ovi says, limping back into the house, his knee bleeding profusely. “Who want ice cream?”