Insurance Policies:

Our insurance covers anyone who identifies with any of the following:

- Is 15 years of age

- Writes in Comic Sans

- Is a Sagittarius

- Has more than 2 goldfish

- Is suspected in the murder of a distant family member

- Has accidentally consumed a raw orange

- Enjoys russian death metal with accordian accompaniment

- Professionally eats sand

- Is employed by Coalition Insurance

- Is Canadian

ambienmusic  asked:

Judging by your online persona, one thing I've always liked and assumed about you is that you are mostly musically oblivious outside of 80's metal. Do you actually pay attention to modern music and/or know much about 20th century music history? Or do you really just listen to early Possessed demos all day?

I listen mainly to heavy metal and classical music. I keep current with metal for the most part, and I keep abreast of stuff that seems interesting or good to me in the classical world; I think Michael Hersch is incredible, worth listening to. I do have a pretty good knowledge of 20th century music, sure – my dad played/plays jazz, and I was listening to rap when it was a new thing, used to listen to KDAY and buy new 12"s as soon as they hit the shelves back when things felt like they were changing so fast that it was either keep up or get left behind. I’ve gone through various obsessions with singer-songwriters, Streisand, Judy Garland, Liza, regional soul scenes, new age music, Thai pop, etc etc etc. I still try to have a sense of what people are listening to and what’s news, I used to be pretty rigorous about that but I’m not any more.

However about my listening habits of late you’re still largely right. But here, why don’t I just copy and paste the “best of 2014” list I’ve got going on right now:

hail spirit noir

v/a, russian death metal

behemoth, the satanist



tuomas holopainen, the life and times of scrooge mcduck

Let’s break that down: six albums, all metal, one a Greek metal act, one a compilation of Russian bands, one a Polish death metal act, then a Greek symphonic metal act, then a death metal band that’s been around since way early, and then the power metal concept album about the Scrooge McDuck comic book. I haven’t been keeping the list up as carefully as I might; I would, today, add to it Prayer: Voice and Organ by Magdalena Kozena & Christian Schmitt and From Spain to Eternity: the Sacred Polyphony of El Greco’s Toledo by Ensemble Plus Ultra, which is probably my album of the year. High hopes for this Anubis Gate album in my Haulix folder. If I sort my iTunes by “last played” the scope broadens to include that D'Angelo mixtape “Lynwood Rose,” Funerary’s “Starless Aeon,” the Stan Ridgeway comp “Songs that Made America Great,” some Lou Rawls, Epica, Crooks on Tape, and a Cat Stevens album. 

So, yes, basically early Possessed demos. Also I’m on a Candlemass kick right now. YOU ARE BEWIIIIIIITCHED

void24779578359  asked:

hi john, was just wondering if there was any black metal that you have been listening to lately that you would recommend if its not an inconvenience? peace

I haven’t heard any black metal I cared about in a long time. Necrophagia’s White Worm Cathedral is a real late-in-the-year winner, it’s death metal though. when I open the “best of 2014” document I keep on my laptop this is what comes up

v/a, russian death metal

behemoth, the satanist

septicflesh, titan

autopsy, tourniquets, hacksaws, and graves

horrendous, ecdysis

necrophagia, white worm cathedral

tuomas holopainen, the life and times of scrooge mcduck

death penalty, s/t

conquering dystopia, s/t

strand of oaks, heal

morbus chron, s/t

there’s a lot of death metal there and one power metal and one indie rock record. get the morbus chron record if you want something with incredible staying power, I’ve listened to that thing over and over.