russian word of the day

word of the day #3

▪English - forgiveness

▪Portuguese - perdão
▪Swedish - förlåtelse
▪Welsh - maddeuant
▪Icelandic - fyrirgefning
▪Faroese - fyrigeving
▪Afrikaas - vergifnis
▪Dutch - vergiffenis
▪Bulgarian - прошка {proshka}
▪Frisian - ferjouwing
▪Galician - perdón
▪German - vergebung
▪Hawaiian - kala
▪Irish - maithiúnas
▪Greek - συγχώρεση {synchóresi}
▪Italian - perdono
▪Latvian - piedošana
▪Luxembourgish - verzeiung
▪Maltese - maħfra
▪Romanian - iertare
▪Russian - прощение {proshcheniye}
▪Spanish - perdón
▪Swahili - msamaha
▪Xhosa - uxolelo
▪Yoruba - idariji
▪Zulu - ukuthethelelwa, intethelelo, isiyekelo
▪Catalan - perdó
▪Polish - przebaczenie

Vocabulary list: Напитки/Drinks

Безалкогольные - Non-alcoholic

чай - tea
кофе - coffee
сок - juice
апельсиновый - orange (juice)
яблочный - apple (juice)
грушевый - pear (juice)
персиковый - peach (juice)
абрикосовый - apricot (juice)
вишневый - cherry (juice)
смешанный - mixed (juice)
грейпфрутовый - grapefruit (juice)
молочный коктейль - milkshake
вода - water
минеральная вода - mineral water
питьевая вода - drinking water
молоко - milk
кефир - kefir
сливки - cream
лимонад - lemonade
кока-кола - coke
какао - hot chocolate
квас - kvass (a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread)

Алкогольные - Alcoholic

пиво - beer
вино - wine
водка - vodka
текила - tequila
ром - rum
виски - whisky
коньяк - cognac
бренди - brandy
мартини - martini
ликер - liqueur
шампанское - champagne
коктейль cocktail

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’

Word of the day

1. to encourage, to stick by  2. to maintain 3. to support 4. to back up

Example sentences:

Давай поддерживать связь.
Let’s keep in touch.

Она поддерживает свою семью.
She supports her family.

Russian Language Apps

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I’ve been meaning to make this post for months, but here it is. When I started learning Russian four years ago there weren’t many apps out there, but now the app market is bigger and there are some great apps. Here is what I recommend and like. Since I am an Android user, I’m not too sure about recommendations for iOS only apps.

Write it! Russian

  • Cost: Free
  • Link: [Android
  • Thoughts: This is a nice app to practice writing cursive cyrillic letters.

Tengugo Cyrillic

  • Cost: Free
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This is an amazing app to learn the alphabet and it is made by linguists so you know it is good. I liked their approach and it makes learning Cyrillic simple.


  • Cost: Free 
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: I think everyone knows this app. It is great for vocabulary and when first starting a language. It is fun to play and allows you to practice pronunciation. 

Mondly Languages

  • Cost: Free with in-app purchases , code MONDLY
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This is a great app, similar to duo/Rosetta Stone. It teaches you starting with the basic themes and builds up on that. You can choose to learn with Latin or Cyrillic letters and it has a heart system if you get a wrong answer. 

Mango Languages

  • Cost: Free , need a US or Canada library card
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This is a great app for learning languages if you are more of an auditory learner. Their approach is more conversational compared to the two above and the lessons are fun to go through. 

Russian Verbs Pro

  • Cost: $5.99, but the demo version is free
  • Link: [Paid] [Free] Android Only
  • Thoughts: This is my favorite app on this list. It has over 1000 verbs and conjugates them for you, shows you imperfective/perfective forms, participle forms, you can look up verbs in English or Russian, has a favorite function, and I just find it 100 x’s more convenient than that 555 Russian verbs book. 

LangApp Russian

  • Cost: Free
  • Link: [Android Only]
  • Thoughts: I like it as it provides different methods to help you with Russian. It has a word of the day feature, you can read short news articles  in Russian, has a glossary, and a memorizer feature to help you learn words. This is best suited for beginners that can read Cyrillic.

Yazh Russian Case Declensions

  • Cost: $1.50 for full ad-free version, free for ads
  • Link: [Paid] [Free] Android Only
  • Thoughts: If you are struggling with case endings or need some practice, this app is perfect for that. It presents you nouns, adjectives and pronouns like a quiz and you have to either choose the correct declension based on what is asks you or you can type it out if you want a harder challenge. This is great for beginners as well as advanced learners. 

Russian Idioms

  • Cost: Free
  • Link: [Android Only]
  • Thoughts: If you are at an intermediate level or above and want to know more about Russian idioms, this is for you. There are cute drawings that illustrate the idioms with the translation and definition.

Learn Russian 6,000 Words

  • Cost: Free with in-app purchases
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This is a nice app to help build your vocabulary. The interface is good and you can choose to learn from Cyrillic or Latin-based letters. There is a large selection of themes and subtopics to learn from. You can learn from writing the words, choosing the image, matching games, and listening. My only con is the fact you have to pay for advanced vocabulary or the ad free version.

Learn & Play Russian

  • Cost: Free with in-app purchases
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This is a nice app for learning vocabulary. It helps you learn vocabulary by presenting a word and the picture, then you can either play by choosing the right word for the picture or by spelling. This is mostly for beginners that want to improve their vocab.

Russian Class

  • Cost: $2.99, Free Demo
  • Link: [Android] [iOS]
  • Thoughts: This app is a great grammar reference.  It has vocabulary, listening exercises, phrases, grammar tips and tables. A great addition to duo or a class.


  • Cost: Free
  • Link: [Android] ios coming soon
  • Thoughts: This is another app to be able to read Arabic texts with translation side to side. The great things is that it has audio and you can choose the source language.

Also, if you don’t have them, download  Anki and Memrise.

Have an annebell sketch bust, and the satellite OC spootnick singing Surprise! with a friend.

also in interesting dishonored/russian fact of the day, I’ve seen the word Бездна in Dishonored fic to mean the Void, except I just read it used in Dostoevsky to mean “the abyss,” or hell.

I’m pretty sure though that’s what it’s translated to in-game, instead of something like Пустота, since it’s very consistent across Russian Dishonored fic, which is super neat if you think about it.

It implies the void is somewhere below? There’s like, some implication of downness, and also the religious connotation, instead of emphasis on its emptiness.

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JJ has a high fever and spills all his secrets about how he just wants people to like him and he's crying and all the skaters rlly feel bad for shunning him

If anybody had thought that last year’s banquet has been bad. they had yet to see the situation at hand at this very moment. Last year, between the drunken Yuuri, delighted Viktor and annoyed Yuri, it had been the media’s absolute field day. But this? This was definitely something else. 

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