russian wooden architecture


Views of the Russian North by Yuri Ushakov, 1960s. 

The wooden churches from the paintings are very old - most of them were built in the 16th-17th centuries. In those times the Russian North was a wealthy trading region, with numerous cities and villages. 

Wooden architecture is traditional to the Russian North; and the best examples of it still survived. Despite nowadays the situation with the economics and population in the region is merely disastrous. 

(By the way Zvyagintsev’s movie “Leviathan"is set  in the Russian North) 


A wooden house in Suzdal. by Oxutka
Via Flickr:

Часовня Богоматери всех Скорбящих Радости. 18 век

Деревня Еглово

Традиционное заонежское строение. История его создания во многом не ясна. До 1882 года в документах Кижского прихода часовня не упоминается. Возможно в конце 19 века её перевезли сюда из другого места, дополнив тесом и кровельным железом