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I’ll let everyone react to this as they please.


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Friday 21 October 2016

Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian vine, mile-a-minute vine) is an extremely vigorous deciduous climber and rapidly becomes invasive. Here this relative of Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) is climbing into a tree and producing a cascade of white flowers which contrast with the autumn foliage. Avoid planting this species and admire other people’s rampant plants!

Jill Raggett

Russian vine is so wild yo, there was a vid abt how a boyfriend was angry his girlfriend was wearing male clothes and to “get revenge” he wore a dress like??? I feel like ive been teletransported into the 50s like he wasnt even wearing an ugly dress??? It looked rly good on him n he had a lil purse n hat to compliment it and everything n the colour scheme was good,, y is russia like this

im gonna laugh myself sick

so some russian director is making a movie about nicholas ii’s relationship with matilda kschessinskaya (which was before he got engaged to alexandra and is pretty much not remotely scandalous by most modern standards)

and certain people are UP IN ARMS about this because apparently acknowledging that nicholas had sex with more than one person in his life is like…sinful and treasonous or something

and now apparently this group, which is a weird crossover of hardcore russian orthodox and monarchist fanboys, have taken to bashing matilda kschenssinskaya for being allegedly “mousy looking” and half polish and comparing her looks unfavorably to alexandra

like…mayhaps get a life?

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I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.


Fallopia baldschuanica is in the family Polygonaceae. Commonly known as Russian-vine or mile-a-minute, it is native to Eurasia but is planted in temperate climates as an ornamental vine. Russian vine is a perennial vine that can grow up over 30 feet long, producing dense racemes of 3-merous flowers. While ornamentally this species is ideal for use to cover fencing and other structures, it has escaped cultivation in some areas and is considered highly invasive. Russian-vines invasive nature is due not only to its fast, profuse growth, but also because of its ability to produce large amount of seeds. This is exacerbated by its pollination by honeybees, which visit the flowers for nectar and subsequently pollinate thousands of flowers on a single plant.

Starter for little-russian-doll-svetlana (Closed)

Vine had returned from another one of his long strolls, returning home with a woman of course, limp in his arms. When arriving to his dank abode he placed the girl upon the chair were every other victim sat before her. He examined her a moment, viewing her delicate features, her unnaturally red hair and heavy make up. A pity she had quite a few piercings, though he could fill the little holes with clay and hid it with paint and make up.

However, he was could not find the paralyzing agent her used. So he then tied her wrists to the arms of the hold wooden chair and stepped into one of the other rooms as he searched for more of what he needed, leaving the girl there. The girl whom would be waking soon.