russian twist exercise

daily ab routine!

for all of you who wanted to start a daily ab routine with me, here you go!

before starting your daily exercise, make sure you are listening to your body & making any neccesary accomodations for your body. (accommodating your body is good! that does not mean you are weak by any means. i always have to accommodate my shoulder in plank positions & various exercises)

disclosure: i am not a certified health/fitness professional. listen to your body & do the best you can! make the workout your own

plank workout

1. 60 second plank (full or elbow plank okay)

2. 45 second plank

3. 40 second side plank (left)

4. 45 second plank

5. 40 second side plank (right)

6. 35 second plank

7. 30 second raised-leg plank (left)

8. 35 second plank

9. 30 second raised-leg plank (right>

if the planks are too long, don’t give up! cut it down by 10, 20, 30, (etc) seconds

basic ab routine

1. full sit ups for 40 seconds

2. russian twists for 60 seconds

3. v ups for 40 seconds

4. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

5. v ups for 40 seconds

6. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

7. russion twists for 60 seconds

8. full sit ups for 40 seconds

(if you want a challenge, add weight to russian twists + v ups)

anonymous asked:

Can you share your workout routine?

my routine is given to me by the team’s strength and conditioning coach. It’s 3 days a week, each workout about an hour, and focuses on five main elements: push, pull, bend, explosion, and core.

Push= anything where weight is going away from your body (bench press, dumbbell push press, push-up, etc)
Pull= anything where weight is going toward your body (ring pulls, dumbbell rows, pull-ups, etc.)
Bend= hip/glute activation (back extensions, good mornings, RDLs, etc.)
Explosion= a quick, explosive movement (box jumps, hang cleans, jump shrugs, etc.)
Core= ab exercises (russian twists w/ 20 kg plate, physioball crunches, etc.)

these components are combined in various ways to create a total body workout. there’s usually an activation set, a warm up set, then three working sets. usually, an activation set is 3-5 exercises, a warm-up set is 1 exercise (usually explosive), and a working set is 2 exercises (and where the five key elements fit in)

oh, and some cardio in there, too. (which, admittedly, i need to do better at)

anonymous asked:

Any good exercises to get rid of love handles?

Unfortunately you can’t reduce fat in a specific place, however, you can still tone the muscles in that area by doing things like leg extensions/raises, box jumps, russian twists, burpees…

These exercises are mostly dynamic and require your torso and lower body working together. Our 3 day mens and womens intense workout routines include a few of these.



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