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Солнце. Это то, что я называю вас каждый день, потому что вы делаете мой день ярким, как солнце. Это звучит странно, но я думаю, что люблю тебя, Джереми. Я пишу по-русски, чтобы обвинить перевод в том, насколько глупым я звучу. Но если вы потратите время, чтобы перевести это, вы узнаете, что я был взят с первого дня. Я был бы очень рад пойти на свидание, если вы тоже заинтересованы. Боже, я должен казаться очень драматичным. Ошибка перевода. - Любовь (да, любовь), Райан

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Where the fuck is–

He grabbed his phone, scanning the note and letting the translation load up. He grinned at the contents, chuckling and shaking his head. A blush bloomed on his cheeks as he read over the words again.

What an idiot. Could have just texted me if he wanted to go on a date.


“I think my mom really likes you,” Happy commented as he shut the truck door.

Smiling, you hopped off your little perch on the small back porch, “And what makes you say that?”

“Well,” pe pulled his shirt back on, “when I told her you’d be coming up here with us, she got all excited.”

You were beaming uncontrollably.

“And she told me she really liked you.”

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Keep Your Gloves Closer (2x06 missing scene speculation fic)

Summary: Placed in episode 2x06, while Oliver, Felicity and Anatoly are waiting for the Russian mob that is supposed to sell them a truck for their mission. Felicity forgets her gloves. Inspided by this lovely picture.

Tagging: olicitykisses sentence-fragments redpendreaming diggo26 smoakspeedy alsaheemsmoak thebelovedsaralance smoakinamell (anyone else wants to read my lousy attempts at fic writing?)

They’ve arrived at the randez vous spot early. There was still about 15 minutes till the appointed time, so they waited in the car quietly. Except for Anatoly. Anatoly being his hot blooded Russian self, was standing outside. The cold obviously wasn’t bothering him. Felicity was nervous. Not because they were supposed to meet with Russian mob. She was with Oliver. He could protect her. She was nervous and worried about John.

“You’re sure John’s alright?” she asked glancing at Oliver’s profile. He was staring broodingly out the window. His jaw twitched slightly, but when he looked at her, the corners of his lips lifted. “He’s fine, Felicity.” Oliver affirmed her and squeezed her hand to calm her down. She nodded slightly, but she was still worried.

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