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reading your updates from russia makes me excited. i really hope you like it there and get well soon ♥

well apart from the food, i think everything is really nice! the people are really kind (and especially other foreigners), university staff is doing their best to help, the transportation is super efficient, the prices are really good and there is an abundance of products i always wanted to try but they weren’t accessible to me in serbia and moscow is moscow do i even need to explain how pretty things here are

generally i’m really enjoying it here except for not having a fridge yet and thus being unable to store food and cook something with a bit more spices than russian food 😂

Herb of the Week-Galangal


Common Names:

•Gao Liang

Parts Usually Used


Legends and Myths:

Lovers of the Middle Ages (not middle-aged lovers) used galangal as an aphrodisiac.
Galangal is a peppery, aromatic, and gingery flavored root spice that was popular many centuries ago, but apparently does not suit most modern tastes. In Europe galangal is used to flavor vinegar, beer, aperitifs, and liqueurs.

A 1525 herbal recorded the use of galangal; used as a catarrh snuff (powdered form) and as a cattle medicine. It is said that Arabs use this botanical to make their horses fiery.
Used to spice a Russian liqueur, known as “Nastoika”.
Tartars flavor their tea with a pinch of this root.

Galangal is a root in the rhizome family, which looks similar to ginger. Commonly used in traditional eastern medicine, galangal shares several healing properties with its cousin ginger. Galangal warms the body and aids in digestion. Also like ginger, galangal is a powerful anti-nausea remedy. Galangal is also a spice used frequently in East Asian cooking, from India to Thailand, offering a mildly spicy heat that is very fragrant and aromatic.

Galangal root has yang properties and as such is thought to be warming. In traditional Chinese medicine, galangal is used to aid in digestion and to help with abdominal discomfort and indigestion. It is also a potent herb in fighting nausea like its cousin the ginger root. Galangal can also help to prevent or to stop vomiting. Chinese medicine also holds that galangal is effective in treating diarrhea, which is believe to be a result of too much cool foods being eaten.

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Stars and the Universe // Pet Au // Maggie/Sanya

Sanya groaned and gently shut the hood of his rental car. It would just be his luck to break down on a stretch of road where there was nobody around. It would also be just his luck that there was no service on his cell. He glared at his little sedan and resisted the urge to pound on the hood. He was a Knight of the Cross, and he would act like it. He remembered a building not too far back, only about a mile, he could go there for help. He picked up his Blade from the back of the car, grabbed his long coat to cover it, and went on his way. 

Once he got to the place he had to keep the bile from rising up in his throat. The sign on the building read Pet Adoption Center. Just the place he didn’t want to be after finishing a long and difficult Job. But they had the only phone for miles. He adjusted his coat and went inside. 

“Hello sir, how may I help you?” Chirped the receptionist from behind the counter. Behind her was man, shirtless with a collar around his neck, levitating some leaves with his Magic.

“Are you here to adopt?” He tone was careful but Sanya could see that he wasn’t welcome here; this place catered to up-scale clients. People who could afford Magically powerful Pets. He felt out of place in his old boots and dusty jeans with a bit of blood on them still. If this was a place for rich clients, perhaps they wouldn’t allow the atrocities that Sanya had heard of in other places; Pets being kept cold and chained and naked, being given drugs to enhance their Magic, and forced into sexual submission. 

“No, no. My car broke down a mile up zhe vay, and my cell phone has no service. I vas vondering if I could use your phone to call a tow truck?” He asked, slouching and trying to make himself seem as small as possible. He smiled at her lightly. Before she could respond a scream tore through the back of clinic; a high scream of a woman in danger. He acted without thinking; he jumped the counter and ran in the back. 

He saw a young woman, naked, being held in place by two people as she struggled while a third person approached her with a full syringe. She screamed out a Word and a gale ripped through the room, papers flying and glass shattering. He could see her panic and her anger and it was horrible. 

“Stop, STOP.” Sanya roared as he pulled the man with the needle back. “Vhat, is going on here?” He demanded. 

“She’s been tonguing her suppressants.” Said the startled man with the needle.