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OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver

Designed by Igor Stechkin, manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau c.2002-today.
7.62×42 mm SP-4 five-round moon clips, swing-out cylinder, six o’clock barrel, integral laser sight, double action, manual safety.

A very interesting design brought to us by the Stechkin automatic pistol guy, the OTs-38 was developed from an earlier model designed for Vietnam tunnel rats, which fired tungsten birdshot rounds for some reason. This revolver’s rounds are only similar in that they are completely silent, using a low amount of gunpowder located behind a piston inside the case, meaning no gas is actually released when firing the gun, producing no sound or muzzle flash. The gun itself being a revolver also means no spent cartridges can be heard dropping on the floor.

ID #59071

Name: Charlie
Age: 17
Country: Russia

Hello, my possible friends. I’m in need of communication because of certain changes in my life. I can deal with them, but I need more people to talk to. Also, I would like to practice my English, since it’s not as good as I want.
Currently, I study in the Czech Republic, so snail mail isn’t a possibility, sorry. However, I would really like to talk to you on tumblr/skype/e-mail/facebook/etc.
I’m into a lot of stuff like Transformers (MTMTE, LL, TFP - those three mainly), Overwatch, Borderlands, WTNW, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Warframe, etc. I roleplay, too, but in Russian. I would like to try in English or Czech, tho.
I don’t read much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like books - Ray Bradbury, Isaak Asimov, George Orwell, and lots of others. You can recommend books to me - that would be really cool. (and fanfics)
Films and series are also my way of spending time with friends or alone.
Also, a warning: I’m shy and too silent sometimes, I poorly communicate with people, love memes, tumblr trash. Sometimes I swear and reblog nsfw stuff, so if you don’t want to see these things - you can tell me.

Preferences: Any age is ok, but I don’t want to see homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist people. Too tired of them.
All genders are welcome.
Language - czech, english or russian.


Characters from “Aelita”, Russian fantasy movie of 1924. 

The films tells about an expedition on Mars, which discovered there an advanced and ancient civilization. Here you have a bit of a Marsian fashion.

The costumes were designed by Alexandra Ekster, a leading construstivist artist. 


This was not just a man who has left us. This was youth, beauty, a first love, scarcely awakened… This was a young man who personified all the hopes which a million brave men place in the future. This was nobility, goodness, friendliness, the spirit of justice and fair-play. This was the symbol of all that is dear and sacred to us on earth.” Stassioulevitch

April 24, 1865 – Death of the Tsesarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich

On Easter Monday 18 April, the Tsesarevich was dressed and place in an armchair to receive communion. News of his illness had drawn specialists from all over Europe, and one Professor Rehrberg from Vienna produced the first accurate diagnosis: cerebro-spinal meningitis. It was too late. Within days Nikolai was slipping into periods of delirium, when he could recognize no one. On Thursday Grand Duke Alexander arrived. Nikolai was pleased to see the brother whose gifts were apparent to no one but himself. Dagmar reached Nice on Friday with her mother, and at 2:30pm the Tsar himself came to the Villa Bermond. The Tsaritsa woke her son to tell him that his father had come; he kissed her hand, taking each finger in turn, and asked what she would do without him. It was the first time he had mentionned death, and his father knelt by the bed in tears. 

Nikolai was sleeping more now, thought the slightest sound would wake him. On Saturday he was Dagmar come into the room and whispered to his mother, “isn’t she beautiful?” Dagmar spent a long time beside him that day, arranging his pillows and stroking his hand, talking softly all the while; for some time Alexander also stayed by the bed, holding his other hand. Later the legend grew that Nikolai had joined their hands and told them to marry after his death, but there is no suggestion of this in the early eyewitness accounts. The end came on the evening of Sunday 24 April. Outside, in the sunshine of early spring, French infantru and cavalry and Russian sailors mounted silent guard on the Villa Bermond, while the family, their suites and the doctors filled the Tsesarevich’s room, and the clergy chanted prayers for the dying. Nikolai was beyond speech now, but a single tear was seen on his cheek. The tragedy chaged the future for the whole dynasty. 

|The last century of Imperial Russia : Romanov Autumn by Charlotte Zeepvat |

Johnlock Roulette

Five times John spun the wheel, and one time he came out a winner…

1.  Roulette

The spinning of the wheel echoed the spinning of John’s thoughts as he watched Sherlock flirt with the croupier.  He was a good actor.  But was he this good?  Or was he actually interested in the man?  And why should John care, either way?  It was for a case, right?  And even if it wasn’t for a case, John had no claim on Sherlock.  Did he?  Perhaps more to the point, did he want to?

It was after midnight by the time they stepped out of the Grosvenor Casino onto Maid Marian Way.  Too late to catch a train back to London.  And every hotel in Nottingham seemed to be booked up with tourists in town for the annual Robin Hood Pageant.

“What on earth is a Robin Hood Pageant?” Sherlock demanded.

“You know, Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest.”  At his companion’s blank look, John continued, “Prince of Thieves?  Men in Tights?  No?  Everyone knows Robin Hood.”

“I must have deleted it.”

Unfortunately, thousands of others had not deleted the existence of Robin Hood, and were now stretching the city’s lodging capacity to its limits.  After several fruitless attempts, though, they finally found a vacancy at The Walton Hotel.  

“I’m afraid that our Bridal Suite is all that we have left for tonight, but I’m sure you’ll find it comfortable.”

John shuffled through several possible responses before settling on “Thank you,” and accepting the key.

The door to number 19 opened into a lounge area with two comfy armchairs and a table.  To one side there was an en suite bathroom with a huge tub, and to the other there were four steps leading up to a sleeping area with a king-sized canopy bed.

Sherlock immediately sprawled across one of the armchairs, and John sat opposite him.

“So, how did you know the croupier was our murder suspect’s accomplice?”

“I caught him top hatting.”

“Top hatting?”

“Dropping extra chips on winning bets placed by the man we’d tailed to the casino.”

“Oh, that’ll make a good title for my next blog entry.  Top Hatting and Tails.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes, but John thought he could detect a slight twitch at the corners of his lips.  

John grinned, and then suppressed a yawn.  He glanced toward the inviting bed.  This doesn’t have to be awkward, he told himself.  Just bite the bullet.    

“I’m knackered.  Are you ready to turn in?  It’s a big bed, and I don’t mind sharing.”

“As I’m sure you’re aware, John, I find the amount of sleep you require to be tedious and unnecessary.  I’m not tired.”

“Suit yourself.”

You always do, John added silently.

2. Russian Roulette, 3. Chat Roulette, 4. Dirty Roulette, 5. Boys Roulette, and +1. Roulette of the Heart (NSFW) under the cut.  Or read it on AO3.

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hashi-cat  asked:

15-Yuuri to Viktor❤

15. a kiss to the temples

“I like this,” Yuuri says as Viktor reclines so his head is resting on Yuuri’s shoulder. “It makes me feel tall.”

Viktor chuckles. “You are tall.”

“Not as tall as you,” Yuuri counters. “I wish I were a little bigger.”

“I think you’re plenty big, Yuuri.”

Yuuri feels a blush creep into his already flushed cheeks. It’s definitely a different experience when he’s the one inside Viktor, and not the other way around.

“How are you feeling?” Yuuri asks to avoid the topic of his size. 

Really, he should be fine with this kind of talk considering what they’ve just done, but a tiny part of him still thinks he should be speaking more politely in Viktor’s presence. It’s not that dark part of him that still thinks he’s a slave. No, not at all. It’s more like he still can’t believe that Viktor wants someone like him, and he should be trying his damnedest to show how smooth and suave he is.

Which he’s not. At all. At least, not all the time.

“A little sore,” Viktor admits with a laugh. “I didn’t expect you to give it that much gusto.”

“I’m sor-”

“Oh, Yuuri, it’s a good kind of sore. That, I can promise you. We have to do it like that again. If you liked it too, that is. If not, there are plenty of other things we can try, because I absolutely must feel like that again. You’re the only one who can do it, Yuuri! But don’t feel pressured or anything, I-”

Yuuri tilts his head and presses his lips softly against Viktor’s temple. The Russian man falls silent, but Yuuri can see him looking quizzically from the corner of his eye.

“I love you,” Yuuri whispers.

Viktor’s pale cheeks turn a warm pink colour.

“I love you too, Yuuri.”

Yuuri kisses his head again

The “Hands Off Syria” crowd has been notoriously silent of russian and iranian imperalism in syria. They are only “anti-imperalist” when the target is the assad regime. When trump bombed a regime airfield that was literally used to chemically attack civilians, did the Hands Off Syria crowd go nuts? Of course they did, plz dont touch their precious assad (the airfield was literally being used the next day lol). When trump kills civilans in raqqa did the Hands Off Syria throw a fit? Of course not, why should they, its not like its the regime being attacked.


Witchcraft just released the video for their song Silent Hill and I am losing my shit. IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!!!! The visuals are absolutely stunning and the song is amazing. Yes. So much yes.