russian sambo


Sambo Not For The Faint of Heart Part 1 

A look at the unique blend of throws, takedowns, submissions, and techniques within the Russian art of Sambo. Featuring a number of highly regarded instructors and practitioners. Enjoy. 


Illya’s FIle

Name: Illya Kuryakin

DOB: 25, July 1931 in Moscow Russia

Country of Origin: Russia

Other Addresses for the past 15 years: New York, Zelenograd

Specialist Training:  Serveillance Cert, X1 level, Tech, Comp FACT/COBOL

Other Skills: Power Boat Chamption (silver medal 1958), Chess IM- Elo rating 2401

Combat Experience: Russian Sambo Champion RNS 1953, Judo 4th Dan

Psychological Profile: B3 Volatile personality disorder; APA; associated with disturbed childhood. El Oedipus Complex

Sparser on the info here.

The Thai developed Muay Thai - the art of utilizing 8 different body parts to strike, along with various clinching techniques to bring your opponent down swiftly.

The Russians developed Sambo - The art of accurate and devastating striking and throws to mangle your opponent.

The Israelis developed Krav Maga - the art of disabling an opponent as quickly as possible, no holds barred.

The Japanese developed Jujitsu - the art of defeating an armed and armored opponent using various joint locks and body manipulation.

The Brazilians developed Capoeira - the art of defeating an opponent using dance and acrobatics.

The French developed parkour - the art of running away as quickly and efficiently as possible.


SAMBO The Biography


Can I move to Russia and train with these guys!


Takedown into shoulder lock from Russian Sambo. I haven’t actually seen this takedown before (probably because it isn’t from jiu jitsu), but it looks so simple and yet so effective. I’m liking the shoulder lock too! Short and sweet. Maybe I can incorporate this into my BJJ game.


I really would love to learn this.