russian rock music

Прощай (Goodbye)
  • Прощай (Goodbye)
  • Мельница
  • Алхимия

Originally posted by luccorvus

…When, among the coals of morning, you will become a stranger to me
When I will become a stranger to you, my soul:
Hold on to the icy air,
The sharp and steel air,
It rose between us like a wall, all that is left is to breathe 

Beyond the edge of the eternity, the nonchalance, the limit of the blizzard —
When the dreams were not with us, when we did not close our eyes;
We will not wake up, not return, not to each other, not to anyone else
From the other side of the mirror glass…



Peter Zinovieff  

“British engineer and inventor of Russian ethnicity, most notable for his EMS company, which made the famous VCS3 synthesizer in the late 1960s. The synthesizer was used by many early progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and White Noise, Krautrock groups like Kraftwerk as well as more pop-oriented artists, including David Bowie.”

- Wikipedia 

Воин Вереска (The Heather Warrior)
  • Воин Вереска (The Heather Warrior)
  • Мельница
  • Дорога Сна

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

…Like a wounded beast, I’ll silently pass over the string,
I never worth the tears you’d cry over me,
I never worth your trailing my blood in darkness - like trailing the foxberries in moss.
Trailing up to gates, there are only darkness and cold behind them, - you don’t know but there are darkness and cold. 

And it is impossible to close the ring of grey hills,
And the path along the rain’s blade is narrow,
And don’t try to look for - you won’t find the traces,
The traces the Heather Warrior left behind, while going away… 


Оборотень (Werewolf)
  • Оборотень (Werewolf)
  • Мельница
  • Дорога Сна

Originally posted by eristhenat

…Drink - maybe something will come of you,
You’ll find yourself,
You were a pup - shall be a wolf,
Wind, blood and silver. 

Such is life - don’t cross yourself -
Forging gold into claws,
You were a kitten - shall be a lynx,
A velvet glove, an iron fist!..


Опасное лето (Dangerous summer)
  • Опасное лето (Dangerous summer)
  • Мельница
  • Дикие Травы

Originally posted by devils-drop

Like blades, wings cut the skies
To fly - if only to the sea
Like golden dust of the road
Covering dreams and freedom
Swallowtails float over the world
Summer silently gets into the soul
In the heart my old lyre
Wakes up a source of melodies

…Go your own way
Iron goes with santalum there
All is yours, I only get crumbs
Someone’s unfinished song…


Овечка (Sheep)
  • Овечка (Sheep)
  • Мельница
  • Рождественские песни

…How far do you go?
Where do you lead
The black songs
On a woolen harness?
I follow you,
Not opening my eyes, not knowing the road -
During a bright short summer,
And with the first snow -
Do you hear me, my dear -
I will search every nook and cranny,
I will wear down seven pairs of shoes,
And i will forge seven rings,
Not just any kind, but out of tin,
And i will bring home
My trouble-sheep…


Тристан (Tristan)
  • Тристан (Tristan)
  • Мельница
  • Алхимия

Originally posted by theillusivewoman

…Tough metal rang in your arms.
You saw and knew but couldn’t believe.
Is she your lyre or your blade?.. 

…My silver one, my living metal.
Were like a heartbeat; at nights you read
Between the strings, between the lines:
She is a blade, it is she who is.