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I hope this list helps you to learn some new Russian words (I know it helped me). I made this list because I love Disney and I know most movies by heart. So it is an easy way to learn a new language I guess. Tangled is by far one of my favourite Disney movies and I saw it for the first time in Russian when I was in Moldova with some friends. My friend and I are working on these lists together. Check her blog for the Portuguese version! 
birthday - день рождения
braid - косà
castle - замок
chameleon - хамелео́н
cradle - колыбель
crown - коро́на
dream/hope - мечта
duckling - утёнок
floating lights - горящие огоньки (in the Russian version of the movie they are called burning flames)
forest - лес
frying pan - сковорода
golden/magic flower - золотой /волшебный цветок
guard - охрана
hair - вaлосы
horse - лошадь
king - корaль
kingdom - цaрство
lantern - фона́рь
light - свет
marketplace - рыночная площадь
mother knows best/ mother is smarter - мама умней
princess - принцесса
queen - королева
satchel - ра́нец
scissors - но́жницы
star - звезда
sun - солнце
tavern - таве́рна
the chase - преследовать
thief - Вор
to be obedient - быть послушным
to glow - свети́ться
to kidnap - похйтить
tower - бaшня
window - окно
witch - ве́дьма

thank you to @ghostfinder for the corrections

Rapunzel was one of my favorite fairy tales as a kid, augmented by the Peck Gandre Rapunzel paper doll I had then!  My reason for wanting to retell the tale, aside from my love of it, was that the original (as with most fairy tales) really smoothes over a bunch of complications!  My idea was to create something a little bit more epic…and I’m really hoping to finish it this year (since I’ve learned after beginning the project that Disney is coming out with Rapunzel Unbraided next year).