russian olympic team

Matt Anderson

Height: 6′10″

Most Famous For: American volleyball player and member of the United States men’s national volleyball team and Russian club Zenit Kazan

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The top 5 most surprising things Victor has ever done?

  1. show up in hasetsu and declare himself to be yuuri’s new coach buck naked like the extra piece of shit he is
  2. kiss yuuri at the cup of china, one protective hand at the back of yuuri’s head as he flings them both backwards onto the ice
  3. choreographed his marriage proposal to yuri with the entire russian skating federation and russian olympic hockey team in pyeongchang after yuuri narrowly takes gold.  
  4. stayed sober on their honeymoon.  “i get to remember this forever,” he says, leaning down to kiss yuuri, who is folded in half, calves over his shoulders. 
  5. cries when their daughter decides to pursue something entirely unrelated to figure skating.  “i was always worried she would turn out like me,” he says, pressing his wet face into yuuri’s shoulder as they help unpack all of her belongings into her dorm room.  “she’s so smart.  she’s just like you.  i’m so happy.”
fic: you know you’re supposed to keep it (parse/tater, past discussed jack/parse)

@des-zimbits wanted “fic where Tater tells Kent that Jack has a boyfriend he’s joyously in love with and telling his team about/introducing them to, and then Kent and Tater process the news and what it might mean for them?” and I thought… if Tater was so sure about Jack having a girlfriend earlier (obviously that could’ve been for show but go with me here), then that’d mean he and Kent are together but he still doesn’t know about Jack in Kent’s past… and then this story happened. Probably both more angsty and more about Jack/Parse than the prompt.

secrets you keep for so long they become a part of you

warnings: not sure of more exact tags, but Parse’s mental landscape is a Mess.  //  ~2k, also here on ao3.

“You never guess what Zimmboni just told me,” Tater says as soon as Kent opens up his Skype request. It’s funny: for years any mention of Jack would’ve stolen his attention, but right now all he can think about is his boyfriend, and how he fills up any space he’s in so attractively with his boundless energy. He’s bouncing on his bed right now, making the camera of his laptop jump, and Kent aches to be there, to feel that enthusiasm. He curses the length of almost two months that are marked out on both of their calendars until they’ll be able to see each other again.

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how about a scenario where the reader is on a date w some guy, but the date is going poorly and it's really uncomfortable. So then Yurio (a complete stranger at the time) comes in and saves the reader. and after they're away from that weird guy, Yurio asks if they want to try the date again but with him this time?

Sorry I took so long to answer! Uni has been slowly killing me and I hadn’t had the time to sit down and answer to all the requests I have! If you want you can make another request so I can make it up to you ^-^

Oh boy, this day couldn’t get any worse. You had finally finished work and you were exhausted. You had even considered bailing on the date you had tonight. But, since you were such a good person, you went despite being so tired. But oh, right now you were wishing so much that you had stuck to the original plan and had bailed on this douche bag. He wasn’t polite and would only talk about himself. You made a mental note to delete that stupid dating app.

“Hey, um, John?” You said interrupting one of his many narcissistic rants. 

“It’s James” Said your horrible date in an annoyed tone.

“Yeah, James, whatever…Uh, I gotta go, I have to get up early for, uh, work tomorrow…” 

“Tomorrow is Sunday” You sighed and shot him a glare.

“I work everyday of the week. Goodbye, John!” You mocked, but he wasn’t having it. As you grabbed your purse and stood up, the man who turned out to be a disaster grabbed your wrist, holding you back. You looked at him, trying to pull your arm away but to no avail. You started to feel afraid. What if this guy was some sort of psychopath and now you had made him mad?

“Where do you think you’re going? This date hasn’t ended!” He practically yelled. People were looking from the corner of their eye and whispering, but not one of them came over to help. 

“Excuse me, but I think the lady wants to leave.” Said a blonde man with a thick Russian accent. You turned around, feeling glad that somebody had come over to help you. When you looked at your hero, you found him very attractive. His long blonde hair, sharp emerald green eyes, and his tall and built physique, there was no doubting that this man was a god. But your date also noticed how you looked at him, and his anger only grew. The jerk stood up, looking at the Russian man in a menacing way. 


“What?” But before you could understand what was happening, the Russian man kicked your date in the genital area, grabbed your hand and ran out of the restaurant. You could hear angry yelling from behind the both of you but as you kept running the voice got fainter. When you could no longer hear anyone following you, you stopped holding back your rescuer and making him fall. 

“Oh! I’m sorry!” you helped the man up, inspecting him to see if he had hurt himself. The man threw you a small glare, then chuckled.

“Thank you for helping me,but I should get going now. Is there any way I could repay you?” You said, although what you really wanted to do was ask for his phone number. But you decided otherwise since you didn’t think it would be very polite after literally having just run away from your freaky dating app date.

“How about you go on a date with me right now? My name is Yuri Plisetsky” Yuri extended his hand towards you while wearing a very sexy smirk on his lips. You looked at him rather confused. When you processed his words, your heart skipped a beat. This hot guy had just asked you on a date after saving you from another disaster of a date? 

“Hell yes” You didn’t give it much of a thought. It was only when you guys were making your way towards a festival they were holding a few blocks down that you started thinking that this guy could be the same, or even worse than the one you just escaped from. But you put those thoughts aside, telling yourself to just enjoy life and that if he were to kill you, at least you would go by the hands of a very sexy murderer.

After you both got to the fair, you enjoyed yourself so much. It was so easy to talk to him, he had this cute expressions he would do when he was embarrassed, but he was also a gentleman. He was actually very shy and didn’t like showing his emotions, but that made him much more cuter to you. He had told you about how he was a professional figure skater for the Russian national team, an Olympic gold medalist, and much more. You had hit the jackpot.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with you, Y/N” You were both holding hands, walking aimlessly around the fair, just enjoying your time together.

“Me too, Yurio” He scowled in response.

“I told you not to call me that!” You giggled. You both sat down on a bench, looking at the people pass by.

“So I don’t suppose you would want a small dinner now? I heard you work tomorrow.” He said in a sarcastic tone, earning a small laugh from you.

“I can just call in sick” You responded, following his sarcastic remark. You both laughed. You didn’t know how you went from a horrible date to such a spectacular one, but right now you didn’t really care. It was amazing.

I hope you enjoyed!

Note: NEVER TRUST ANYONE YOU JUST MET! THIS IS JUT FANTASY, NEVER DO THIS PLEASE! Just want to make sure I’m not the cause for any deaths or disappearances. ^-^

More Worldbuilding doodles for the Kaitou on Ice AU! (And yes, that’s what I’ve decided to tag it as from now on)

When Minako’s dance troupe touches down in St. Petersburg, they’re granted permission to use the same recreational studio as the Russian Olympic team, meaning their daily practices are occasionally visited by famous local athletes; including Gold Medalist Victor Nikiforov and his protege Yuri “Yurio” Plisetsky. They usually don’t get to share more than a few words before heading off to their own practice, but Victor does begin to show some mild interest in one of Minako’s senior troupe members; despite the daily criticisms of Yurio that he needs to focus more on practicing and choreographing their programs for the next winter games. (Yuuri would probably mind it less if Phichit didn’t constantly tease him for Victor’s wandering eyes…)

At nighttime, the two Phantom Thieves come out to play their games; namely stealing the artifact before the other can, while doing their best to distract the other in order to gain the upper hand. This more than often leads to the two exchanging witty and playful (sometimes borderline flirtatious) banter that takes up more of their night than actually stealing whatever artifact they’re after in the first place. They never go as far as to use one another as bait for the police, however, since their challenge would suddenly stop if one were to be arrested, and the nights would consequently become less fun as a result.

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Well if you want have some fun, then go and see new Team Russia Olympic outfit, coz Russian ROC signed contract with ZASport company, instead of Bosco :( it's looks ugly as ass of elephant and much more worse then Rio Qual leos :( Why Russia!? www(.)vedomosti(.)ru/lifestyle/galleries/2017/04/13/685577-zasport#/galleries/140737493226493/normal/1

‘Ugly as ass of elephant’ Bless you lmao. More to the point, WHY! I loved the Bosco gear, both 2012 and 2016 (except 2016 leos tbh)! Ughhh. The new outfits are definitely… something hahahah

I don’t see any leos in the link, though, but if they’ll show up to meets wearing the shirt below, it’s probably gonna be the highlight of any competition for me.

According to google, ‘ A new collection from the outfitter of the Russian Olympic team. T-shirts with the inscriptions and “elements of patriotism” from Zasport’.

‘The designer and owner of Zasport Anastasia Zadorina (pictured) presented the first collection of the brand in the status of general partner and licensee of the Russian Olympic Committee’

‘When forming the style for the national team Zadorina will “proceed from a variety of considerations, including current trends,” explained the designer in her interview to ‘

It was Chihoko’s first time at Ice Castle. Kids her age were skating around the rink while her mother, Minako, waves her off and tells her she’ll pick her up after three hours.

“Mom said a tall man with white hair would meet me here.” she mumbled to herself, looking around the lobby. 

Upon seeing a flash of silver hair from a tall man in a red and white jacket that said ‘Russian Olympic Team’ at the back, she skipped to the edge of the rink and tugged on the hem of his jacket.

“Hi, I’m Chihoko!” she gleefully greeted, eyes sparkling as hers meet the blue ones of this man.


Okay but can we just acknowledge that Victor Nikiforov is actually an Olympic figure skater?

Now, we all know that Victor is an amazing skater. However, he’s not just the one of the best in the figure skating world, but he’s also one of the top in the Olympic world. His jacket is a jacket for the Russian Olympic figure skating team. We know that to win major competitions as many times as Victor has is an extremely large achievement, but even to be considered a place on an Olympic team for anything is a huge fucking deal. Only the best of the best of the best can do this, and Victor Nikiforov fucking has.

Just think about how much he left behind to coach Katsuki Yuuri. Not only did he leave behind his status as five-time consecutive world champion and his own home, but he also left behind his status as a potential Olympic champion. Frankly, I don’t think I’d be able to leave behind the first two, let alone the third one. But Victor did. He gave it up because he saw his crush skating his routine and thought that maybe his feelings weren’t unrequited after all and that he should coach him. Victor fucking Nikiforov left behind everything he had achieved throughout his entire career as a successful figure skater, and even the fact that he was willing to do this is overwhelming.

Basically, I’m just implying that Victor was willing to give up the highest honour any sportsman could get just to coach the drunken Japanese boy he met at the Grand Prix banquet, and, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Natasha Romanoff: ‘‘ Did you know… I once tried out for the Bolshoi… And the Russian Olympics gymnast team, too…? …And I made both? ’’

Victor wears the 2014 Sochi Olympics uniform during the first Grand Prix Finals Yuri qualifies for.  I can’t find anything official/canon, but this suggests that he may have taken part in the 2014 Olympics in this universe - but they’re also readily available for purchase through specialty stores as collector’s items. 

Given that Victor is something of a shining star, 5 time worlds champion and medalist in the European circuit, too - it would not surprise me if he were there during the 2014 Sochi olympics. If he didn’t participate, it might seem a bit pretentious to wear the Russian Olympic Team jacket as a competitor if he hadn’t actually taken part (somehow) in the Olympic games at Sochi. 

Given his age, that was only 2 years ago, he was 25, and it’s entirely possible. 

Or maybe I just missed a source somewhere. But I’d like to think, given his rock-star career as a Men’s Single Figure Skater, that he was part of the Russian Olympic Team in 2014. 

During my visit to Team USA House in Sochi today, I raised a glass of wine to toast their Olympic success but the funny part is that I actually wish them zero success. In fact, I am secretly wishing them negative success. Also, I am using my left hand to place an FSB listening device under the chair I am sitting on.