russian nightmare

Dear Tanya, you’re condemned to perish;
But first, the dreams that hope can cherish
Evoke for you a sombre bliss;
You learn life’s sweetness, and with this
You drink the magic draught of yearning…
—  Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin (tr. by Charles Johnston)
Olicity fic

In the last five years, no one has seen or heard from billionaire Oliver Queen. At some point, it was rumored that his parents Robert and Moira Queen had disowned and sent him away.  Recently,  rumors say that Oliver Queen was back to Starling City, but no one has seen him. Oliver’s little sister Thea Queen is the manager of"Verdant" nightclub along with her long time boyfriend Roy Harper and long time friend Walter Steel is still CEO of Queen Consolidated after Moira and Robert Queen died.

A.R.G.U.S  agent, Oliver returned to Starling City to recuperate from his injuries after five years undercover as Bratva member. Rather than going back to his childhood home, Oliver asked his sister to buy him a secured apartment for him to live. Oliver Queen barely leaves his home due to the extent of his injuries and everything he had to do to survive as a member of the Russian mob (guilt and nightmares). One day, a little girl (no more than 7 years)  with glasses knocked on his door selling candies for a “boring” school project and next day, the little girl came back to say “hi”  and make him company. Soon after the little girl had Oliver Queen wrapped around her little finger. 

The little girl lived with her mother Felicity Smoak and nanny Rose a few floor down. Everyone knew and adored little girl. 

haaaa all y’all thinking bitty could learn enough russian to get by (or become fluent, hah!) just by getting yelled at by his figure skating coach have definitely never actually tried to learn russian

ozzery  asked:

i dreamed that i gave your Russian Boyfriend short story a bad review on goodreads and you sent me hate. in russian. which i understood, for some reason. woke up all sweaty and scared, so congrats on starring in my first nightmare in years, comrade

I have officially become The Stuff of Nightmares, that’s it, I’m done with this blog, you can all go home, it’s not getting any better than this. 

It’s Just Breakfast! Part 3

A collaboration with @dontstopwiththelyin.

Summary: You and Bucky bein all cute and domestic and fluffy after the shenanigans that brought you together. 

Warnings: Swearing, Kissing, Fluffy bucky, mentions of nightmares, grown men acting like children. 

A/N: So I just found out that most of the tags for part 2 didn’t work so I am trying to fix that now. Therefore if you have been tagged in part three but not part two, You will be tagged in part 2 shortly! Without further ado, Enjoy!!!

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Well, This Side of Mortality

A/N: just something I started when I was having a bit of a bad night myself, based off an awesome anon’s idea of a ‘russian nesting doll’ style nightmare and some vent writing. (Huge thank you to that lovely anon for your amazing idea!) Where would I be without an unnecessary heaping of Sans angst? Thanks again to @bananacracker33 for helping me out with the idea and editing! There’s going to be a sort of companion fic to this later on, but for now, enjoy the sad times.

Word Count: 3870

Characters: Sans, Papyrus, Frisk

Warnings: depression, some body horror and violent imagery 

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