russian muff

いつもお世話になっている根岸孝旨さんのJUNK FUNK PUNK用ボード。
Red Panda Rasterが楽しくて最近ハマってます。
Green Russian Muffもスティングレイとの相性抜群です。

My vintage tone monstrosity…

Korg Pitchblack Tuner > Russian Big Muff > Reuss ET1 Evil Twin > Fulltone Mosfet 2 Overdrive (set to vintage) > Vintage 70’s Electric Mistress > Moogerfooger Ring Modulator > MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay > Hall of Fame Reverb > Ditto Looper >…
> out of the board and up to a 1976 Roland DC50 Chorus > 1979 RE201 Roland Space Echo > Amp

Footswitches: Original footswitch for my 1968 Super Reverb, and a cheap-ass Hosa footswitch to on/off effect-control the Roland head unit effects.

Submitted by wednesdaychildhasfartogo

Yooooooo. This is really sick. I still want a real space echo. Thanks for sharing, dude!