russian montage


A re-creation of this Under Armour ad ft. the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastic Team. Replaced the Under Armour logo with the Russian Coat of Arms that the girls wear on their leotards because not all of the girls are wearing Under Armour (the Nike logo is glaringly obvious in some shots).
Vulture TV Awards: The Year’s Best Comedy Is Bob’s Burgers

Loren Bouchard’s great Fox comedy about a family-run burger joint snuck up on people. It’s much quieter than its Sunday-night time-slot companions, The Simpsons and Seth MacFarlane’s laff factory, but over the last few years it has come to feel like the heart and soul of the evening. Every now and then there’ll be a flurry of cinematic daring, such as a Hayao Miyazaki tribute, ridiculously drawn-out slow-motion action sequence, or a musical number scored like a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta and cut like a Russian constructivist montage. But for the most part the animation is charmingly simple — like the late, great King of the Hill, it truly is a sitcom that just happens to be drawn. 

Thank you, Vulture!