russian mafiya

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Things Sameen Shaw has survived: 

  • A car crash that killed her father when she was 10-12 years old. 
  • An ambush from her fellow ISA operatives where her partner was murdered, and then jumping out the window using said ISA Tac Team as a cushion. 
  • A gutshot and Shaw proceeds to dig the bullet out of said gut. 
  • Oh, and did I forget to mention after waking up from passing out, she takes down big dudes threatening to kill her? 
  • The ISA operatives track her down, zip tied to a chair and almost poisons her but she shoots her would-be killers with their own guns. 
  • Actualfax died for a few minutes because Spy Dad Hersh poisoned her, the Team arrives in time to give her an antidote to restart her heart.
  • Joss Carter tells Shaw she met her when she was dead, Shaw assures Carter ‘She’s had worse’.  
  • Shot in the shoulder, duct taped the wound and proceeded to do a one woman army track down for Gen on the way Shaw takes down Peter Yogorov’s –head of the Russian Mafiya– guards and proceeds to takes his blood. 
  • Control has her on her knees and orders Shaw’s death. Shaw smiles in the face of impending death. Root manages to save them, happens again in the bank, after she makes things go boom. Fortunately, Reese arrives. 
  • Trapped in a building crawling with Vigilance operatives, manages to fight her way out with a pipe she used as a bo staff. They had guns, Shaw didn’t. 
  • And, finally, in a last stand to get her team out of the basement under the New York Stock Exchange, Sameen Shaw was shot multiple times in the shoulder and torso. Wakes up to see the wrinkly face of Greer and still managed to sass: “If this is the afterlife, it sucks.”