russian little bows


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Here are some of my best hamsterography photos of my second hamster Suki along with few words about her.

Suki was my female Russian dwarf hamster. I’ve gotten her in June 2012, after my first hamster Nyla passed away and they told me she was 2 or 3 months old back then. I didn’t plan on getting a new hamster so soon, but when I got to the pet shop to observe hamsters, something happened and I ended up not going home alone. Suki was standing away from the rest of the group and when I came close to the glass cage, she also came closer to me and stopped. We just stood there looking at each other for at least 4 minutes which, you all know, is a lot in hamster time. I knew she was going with me that moment and even while my bf went to call one of the workers to pick her up, Suki still stood there staring at me as if waiting to be picked up. I couldn’t believe she didn’t walk away for all that time. I like to believe it was meant to be.

At home, it took her quite some time to get used to me. I’d say about 2 months. Suki was constantly hiding, but never bit anyone; a trait she kept ‘til the very end. She wasn’t really a cuddler, but liked to play with me whilst in her cage; grab my finger with her teeth and pull, but never even close enough to actually hurt me. There were some medical problems during her life, but nothing serious until the very end.  Suki went to play at the rainbow bridge in May 2014.