russian lass


so I’ve done a studyblr intro post, but I haven’t done one as a langblr yet and I thought it could double as day 1 of the langblr challenge! I’m Amy, 22 (a Real Adult), undergrad in German and Russian, and I study Japanese as a hobby. I love German and Russian literature, and Japanese culture like J-fashion and certain manga, plus I adore kanji. I’d really like to graduate with decent marks, get my N5 (or even N4) in Japanese, and maybe move there to teach my native English for a while. I also have an A Level in French, which I’d like to pick up again casually.

If you study any of the same languages as me, let me know so I can check out your blog! I don’t mind if you post other languages - I have a few on my list for after uni…

Also I really like cats and minimalism and I’m a vegetarian.

My favourite langblrs are 

and I’ve recently found some others through this tag, who I’m looking forward to getting to know! I actually don’t follow many pure langblrs (and/or I’m forgetting lots), and I definitely don’t post enough langblr stuff myself yet. Let’s change that!

よろしく!Mach’s gut!