russian is very hard

Has anyone stopped to think about how child!Otabek felt while training so far away from home and anyone from his family, even his childhood friends, to be doing a very hard training with perfect skilled russian skaters? And how Yuri was someone that despite everything he remember and he wanted to be friends with? 

So, when they were lil kids, Yuri probably shared his grandpa amazing food with that sad, lonely, and hurt child from another country and until this day Otabek is grateful for giving him strength during such a hard time. That must be one reason for him to think of Yuri as a soldier. ♥ 

Cute! >_<’ 

To anyone that knows Korean/Russian/Finnish/Japanese

For the past 3 years, I’ve been trying very, very, very hard but failing miserably to learn Korean, Russian, Japanese and Finnish. If you already know one or more of them could you please give me some pointers?

Also, if by any chance you know of any fun games that can help me learn Korean, Finnish, Russian or Japanese, could you please tell me? I have some severe learning disabilities, so learning new things is extremely difficult for me, so it helps me significantly when I’m having fun. Also, because of those learning disabilities it’d be best if the games are aimed at kids, but I am definitely willing to give games that aren’t for kids a try, what’s most important is that it’s fun, that way I can learn and understand a bit easier. I’ve already tried every app in the iTunes App Store that I can find, with no luck so far.

If you can help me even just a little bit if be so grateful.

One more thing, if you read this, even if you don’t know any of the languages, could you pretty please reblog this? That way more people will see this post and the more people who see this the better my chances of finding someone who will be able to help me.

Thank you very much!