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Русский - Russian Music Masterpost

A little starting point for anyone who is looking for some new russian music, either for an immersion aspect or otherwise! Hopefully this helps :) 

*  Marks my personal favourites at the time of making this list

A link on an artist’s name will bring you to their wikipedia page. Likewise, there are outgoing links to youtube videos of any song title that you click on.


Полина Гагарина - Polina Gagarina


Григорий Лепс - Grigory Leps

Стас Пьеха - Stas Piekha

Слава - Slava

Ёлка - Elka 


Винтаж - Vintage

ТАТУ - t.A.T.u

Ария - Aria

Кипелов - Kipelov

Кино - Kino (and Виктор Цой)

Потап и Настя - Potap and Nastya


Наутилус Помпилиус - Nautilus Pompilius

I apologize if I have missed one of your favourite artists or songs, you are always welcome to add to this list! 

anonymous asked:

I want to know your theory on JFK's assassination! I wrote a 20 p research paper on the CIA in the 20th Century and I have a hunch they did take part in the assassination along with others ofc

OKAY. So the Soviets and Cubans were working together on a nuclear weapons programme and the soviets were installing nuclear weapons in Cuba and these were pointed at the US. Many of the higher ups in US government were looking for a reason to invade Cuba and overthrow or kill Fidel Castro. Kennedy however, was more diplomatic than this. He employed a naval blockade around Cuba until they withdrew these weapons. Whilst this is regarded now as a positive thing and people will generally agree that Kennedy’s approach did avoid World War 3, at the time, there was talk by the CIA and FBI that this was a sign of weakness. And it was after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion which Kennedy also didn’t support, and also had people calling him weak for. The CIA also had many operations attempting to assassinate Castro, the most famous of which is Operation Mongoose, which obviously failed, and again, Kennedy didn’t support.

So Kennedy is getting in the way of the CIA carrying out the things they want to do in Cuba. And Cuba is working alongside the Soviets who are the biggest enemy of the US in 1962. On the radar of both the US and the Soviets is this guy Oswald. Now he has been quite vocal about his dislike of Kennedy and of America, and his desire to become a citizen of the Soviet Union. He sought multiple times to be given a visa into Russia and at one point after being declined, he attempted suicide in a Russian hotel. He was then moved to a bigger hotel and kept there where it’s believed the KGB surveilled him. Then, in September of ‘63, Oswald is in Mexico City where he meets with the KGB in a location that is almost entirely surrounded by CIA safehouses and surveillance locations, meaning the CIA would have been able to see or hear what was happening at that meeting. 8 weeks later JFK is killed.

He’s supposedly shot from behind, but it appears more like the bullet entered from the front of his skull, which would mean that where Oswald was positioned wouldn’t line up. My theory is this. The CIA work alongside the KGB in setting up the assassination. They need a fall guy, and Oswald has made it very clear that his alliance is with the Soviets and he hates Kennedy. He would be happy to go down in history as the man that killed JFK. However when it’s done, they know they can’t leave Oswald alive, it’s too much of a risk having a loose end like that. Especially one that’s as much of a loose canon as Oswald was who was reportedly “prone to psychological meltdowns” according to an ex-KGB agent who met with him in Mexico City. So they get Jack Ruby to shoot him 2 days later. Jack Ruby who conveniently dies before he can go to court to appeal his sentence of the death penalty.

On top of this, the CIA were told not to answer any questions about Oswald “on the record”, which, why would that be a necessary precaution if there was nothing incriminating to say? And also there’s a woman called Silvia Duran who was arrested as a Key Witness to the assassination the next day, the 23rd of November, and the CIA never spoke to her. They never got a testimony from her. In the 2 million documents that are currently declassified on this case, not one of them includes a testimony from her. And she’s still alive and living in Mexico but refuses to talk. In fact when ex CIA agent Bob Baer tried talking to her, she first refused to open the door saying “she didn’t have time to talk” and later, after agreeing to meet with him, did a runner before he arrived.

Listen. The CIA were involved. In the orchestration and the cover up.

for auld lang syne, my dear

Otayuri Week Day 2:  Social Media or Celebrations

Words: 1.7K

Featuring: a group chat, an inconsolable instagram fandom, and a new year’s engagement

AO3 link

Skating Gays

–10 Dec, 14:32–

Christophe: So what’s everyone doing for new year?

Katsudon: …why?

Christophe: I’m going to London and wondered if any of you wanted to join me


Katsudon: We will?

Victor: I’m booking plane tickets now so yes, pack a bag

Phichit: This is going to make for some great Instagrams I can see it now

Phichit: I’m in

Kazakhstan’s Hero: I’ll go if Yuri goes

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Angery Hotel Russian

Please don’t hate me 4 this. I used google translate and kinda rushed it but also I think it’s very cute and like 3000 words. Shoutout 2 @nightwalker6200​ for the idea!

“NO!” Yuri shouted and slammed his fist down on the table. “I refuse to share a room with these two disgusting blubber lovers! They will keep me up all night with their ‘hahaha-ing,’ and their stupid secret jokes! Not to mention the fat one snores!”

“I’m sorry sir but there just aren’t any other rooms available, the entire hotel is booked,” the girl at the front desk explained.

Yuri leaned forward so he was face to face with the lady, elbows propped on the desk and fists clenched. They were going to be staying there for a whole week and he was not about to put up with this. He was the ice tiger of Russia and he deserved his own god damn room.

“Listen up…” Yuri looked down at her name tag, then continued, “…Julia. I don’t know if you know who I am, but-“

“Okay!” Yuuri interrupted while pulling Yuri back by his shoulders.  “Looks like somebody is a little jet lagged.” He laughed nervously, still trying to pull him away from poor Julia.

“Get your hands off of me!” Yuri pulled out of his grasp and took a few steps away from the desk.

“Yurio…if she says they don’t have any more rooms then there aren’t any more rooms. Let’s just try and make the best of this, you can even have your own bed! I’ll sleep on the pullout couch,” Yuuri said, trying to diffuse the situation.

“It’s true! We really are booked for the next month.” Julia said. She turned her computer screen around so they could see the schedule.

He stared at the schedule for a minute. It was a big excel spreadsheet that he couldn’t make head nor tails of but he pretended to look it over. He glared at her, then at Yuuri. He didn’t like it but it looked like there was no other option.

“Fine. But if I miss even a MINUTE of sleep because of you two then I’m kicking you out on the couches in the lobby.” He huffed and pulled his hood up over his head, popped the handle up on his suitcase, and stormed off towards the elevator.

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