russian high society

Barbara Hutton, wearing the Vladimir emeralds as a tiara together with a pair of emerald and diamond pendent earrings, the Marie Antoinette pearl necklace and the Pacha Diamond ring, photographed by Cecil Beaton at Sidi Hosni in Tangier, 1961.

I love how Mandalorians operate on an aristocracy...

Soooooo, thinking of something like Anna Karenina Russian high society, do you think Mandalorians hold balls where they gossip and socialize and waltz and eat cheese and crackers, all while wearing Mandalorian armor and weapons? All while an orchestra of Mandalorians playing fancy suite music wear armor and helmets for whatever reason?

Mandalorian: Countess Ursa, you have arrived! So lovely to see you! Try the chocolate!

Ursa: Have you heard? This other Countess has insulted the Wren. (Randomly takes blaster and shoots the Countess behind her without looking.)

Everyone just continue socializing as the body falls.

Ursa: Honor restored, now to take some chocolate-covered cherries.

Mandalorian: Countess, I most congratulate you. Now, yesterday, I insulted another countess and today I have duel with-. (Gets randomly shot)

Ursa sips her tea.

Ursa: You! I challenge you to a waltz off.